OSI Group McDonalds Reveals its Hamburger-Making Best Practices

There has been a lot of concern from critics over the hamburger-making process of OSI Group McDonalds. Some of the critics were concerned that as a result of the high burger demand, the company may be cutting corners in making them. This company published in one of its reports recently that it was selling more than 75 burgers every second on its outlets globally. In response to critics, OSI Group McDonalds invited the media for a tour of one of its biggest burger processing factories. The burger factory is located in Gunzburg, Germany and it’s the largest facility the company has in the region.

Excellent Meat Processing Techniques

Guiding journalists during this factory tour was Eunice Koekkoek, a representative of McDonald’s who went to point out the company was using excellent meat processing techniques in its production. The methods used put a lot of emphasis on hygiene and quality of the burgers produced. Eunice Koekoek mentioned that around the factory in almost all work stations there was advanced handwashing equipment. This encouraged the employees to wash their hands regularly. The OSI Group McDonalds representative added that ornaments such as earrings and other plastic stuff weren’t allowed in near the meat processing machines. This meant that the chances go meat getting contaminated by foreign objects was significantly low. Just to make sure that all was okay, the meat was also passed through metal detectors.

Maintaining Industry-Leading Quality

One of the reasons why OSI Group McDonalds burgers are so popular is there industry-leading quality. To make sure that this top-notch quality is maintained, the company has committed itself to testing and tasting the standards of every batch it produces. The company’s burgers usually have a 20% fat content. Samples are taken from every batch to make sure that the fat content matches the company’s standards. A deviation from this fat content can massively affect the quality of the burger. To make sure that everything is right, some samples are also grilled. The grilled burgers are tasted to make sure they also meet the company’s standards. Eunice Koekkoek emphasized that the company does not compromise quality in any way.