JD.com Awarded the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award

It was recently announced that JD.com will be awarded the 2018 SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

JD.com, also known as Jingdong, is one of China’s technological focused e-commerce and retail infrastructure services. It began in 2004, but Jingdong made several accomplishments within a span of only 14 years. In May of 2014, Jingdong Group was listed on the NASDAQ Stock Exchange, making it China’s first large-scale integrated e-commerce that went public in the U.S. In July of 2015, it was selected for the Nasdaq 100 Index and the Nasdaq 100 Average Weighted Index because of its high growth. By 2017, JD.com reached a market transaction volume near 180 billion USD. Soon after in July of 2018, JD.com would be ranked the Fortune Global 500 for the third time, ranking at the 181st place. Now, as announced in November of 2018 their next accomplishment will be receiving the SEAL Business Sustainability Award.

This award is evidence of a company’s commitment to sustainability, environmental achievement, and contribution to social innovation. By receiving this award, Jingdong Group joins companies like Apple, Impossible Foods, Nike, Patagonia, Samsung, and Seventh Generation. In the past five years, JD.com CSR team has created and implemented programs that promote sustainable development. JD.com held standards that made sure the creation of a product, its packaging, and sale and delivery had a positive impact on society and the environment.

JD.com’s head of corporate social responsibility, Libo Ma, responded with gratitude in receiving the award. He noted how JD.com will continue to commit to the cause of sustainability for the long term. He said that this award is recognition of their platform of environmental protection, poverty alleviation, social innovation, and education. Libo Ma believes that a company should be measured by how much they contribute to society rather than by the traditional business metrics.

The Founder of the SEAL Awards, Matt Harey, spoke about how JD.com’s recycling initiative received the highest possible score for environmental impact from the judging panel. Their impact covered 47 cities throughout China. For that, The SEAL judges applaud JD.com’s leadership towards sustainability improvement.

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