How Sahm Adrangi’s Kerrisdale Capital Management is Ripping Benefits from Short-selling Stocks

Investors of Kerrisdale Capital Management recently placed a bet on a single share of Kerrisdale’s unnamed company. The bet amounted to $100. Kerrisdale Capital, which was created by Sahm Adrangi, is now regarded as the first hedge fund manager to raise such a fund. Hedge fund managers refer the fund to as a “co-investment” fund. Kerrisdale plans to utilize the fund in shorting a single stock of the soon-to-be-announced publicly-traded company.

Sahm Adrangi wrote to the investors regarding his firm’s future business objectives. He told them that his company made history when it raised a huge amount of money in a short time. He also informed them that Kerrisdale is on a mission to let everyone understands its present and plans. In reference to the email Adrangi sent to investors, Kerrisdale Capital is reported to be worth over $10 billion.

Besides Sahm Adrangi, Kerrisdale’s management team also comprises of an analyst by the name Shane Wilson. Adrangi and Wilson have joined forces to develop an informative campaign targeting Kerrisdale’s clients, investors, and partners. This campaign is expected to be amplified by a new website, video, and report.

Kerrisdale Capital Management currently has assets with a worth of $500 million under its belt. The company has gained critically-acclaim severally for inviting investors to bet against publicly-traded companies. Among the companies that Kerrisdale’s investors betted on include Zagfen and Sage Therapeutics. Kerrisdale Capital earns yearly returns of over 28 percent of the betted stocks.

About Sahm Adrangi

Sahm Adrangi has been part of Kerrisdale’s investment management operations as the chief investment officer. His strengths lie in shorting stocks and carrying out short-selling research. Adrangi also earned popularity due to his efforts to expose firms that failed to abide by the regulations of the SEC. These companies included China-Biotics and China Cast Education Corporation.

Through Kerrisdale Capital Management, Sahm Adrangi carries out and shares research on the mining and biotechnology sectors. His recent research interests were on biotech companies like Zafgen, Pulse Biosciences, and Bavarian Nordic. In the mining sector, he has focused on companies like Northern Dynasty Minerals and First Majestic Silver. He also shares his views regarding telecom companies like Path Communications, Dish Network, Viasat, and Globalstar.

Jason Hope Search for Anti-Aging Disease Cure

Despite the advanced technology used in the current millennium, there’s still very little research on age-related diseases. However, Jason Hope, an Arizona based entrepreneur is using his fund to sponsor research on anti-aging ailments. He has focused his philanthropic might to SENS; a nonprofit organization developed in 2009 with the sole purpose of investigating age-related diseases. SENS has been using regenerative biotechnology as the basis of their research.

In 2010, Jason Hope donated half a million to SENS to build a Cambridge laboratory that would implement the finding of the diseases. Over the years he has also funded the organization further thus underlining his commitment to the course. Jason opted to invest in SENS because Jason has faith in the research they are conducting and believes that the attempts will change the healthcare industry in years to come. He information generated will have huge impacts in the pharmaceutical and biotech companies in the future. For the SENS, the institute to grow, it requires combined efforts from as many people as possible. Jason has taken upon himself to initiate outreach programs rather than being the sole contributor.

The approach in the rejuvenated technology is visionary because it is attempting to treat the diseases while enhancing more understanding on the topic. Research in rejuvenation will help extend the lifespan and create a quality life experience for the aging. According to the study, aging is due to damaged cells from healthy metabolism, and this further creates an opening for attack by diseases. SENS is, therefore, working on repairing damaged cells with much efficiency to counter the effects of metabolism.

The program efforts have picked the interests of various individuals in the on the notable contributor is the founder of PayPal, Peter Thiel who has donated a reasonable amount to the research. SENS is the brainchild of Aubrey de Gray a Ph.D. holder who is famous for his research on aging. De gray has been able to bring out his ideas about aging in a perspective which other scientist hadn’t considered. He has also been a critical contributor to the organization’s finances along with the founders of Google.

Jason Hope was born and raised in Arizona. He earned a finance degree from Arizona State University and had a second degree from Carey school of business at Arizona state university. He has built his reputation along with his futuristic investment ways. Jason Hope has an immense curiosity about the tech world and hopes to challenge the modern methods of scientific research. He resides in Scottsdale Arizona and spends most of his earning on philanthropy.

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Clay Siegall Made Significant Achievements In Medicine Industry

If there is a man who has excelled in therapy industry, it is none other than Dr. Clay Siegall. He is the founding father of Seattle Genetic, a biotech therapy firm which has gained so much fame among the Seattle community. Dr. Clay Siegall has led this firm to become one of the most reputable firms who develop the most efficient therapy drugs used by millions of people globally. These drugs have enabled many patients to survive long-term illnesses that have not found a cure for the time. His efforts made the firm to develop one of the most popular antibody-drug conjugates which were the first of its type to be approved by the FDA. He was able to steer up the development of more than 20 other drugs with the collaboration of various drug manufacturers.

Dr. Clay Siegall has more faith in his work in that he aims to replace the old models of therapy treatment via a robust combination of technology to adopt an invention of modern equipment and drugs. He has always been interested in the field of medicine since he was a student and this was the motive behind that made him have the idea of developing his business. He was interested in the power of technology, and he knew that when concentrates his skills, he could be able to come up with effective measures to curb fatal diseases like cancer. At one time, he was so much disturbed when a family member became sick and received a brutal chemotherapy process that was so painful where he almost died, and this made Dr. Clay Siegall swear that medicine was his way forward.

Clay Siegall says that his efforts bore fruits after some time as their first drug was efficient and became so popular whereby many people were able to purchase it, and it was approved for three indications. This way he was able to sell the drug and make significant sales. With more commitment and hard work over the time, Seattle Genetics now develops many drugs which they sell and has brought a lot of income to the firm. The firm also gets income fro partnering with several drug manufacturing firms and also leasing, licensing the technologies they have developed and also offering several various procedures that are expensive to the needy patients but also helping them by reducing the cost as his desires it to help patients fight these fatal diseases and live longer.

The Amazing History of George Soros and His Philanthropy

George Soros is one of the largest donors to charity in the world. He started the Open Society Foundations around thirty years ago to help out the poor and the oppressed. The Open Society Foundations have done a tremendous job and have accomplished a lot of good work in the world. George Soros has been donating a lot of his own money to the Open Society Foundations. He has donated over thirty two billion dollars to them overall. He has been donating eight hundred million a year to the Open Society Foundations for a long time, but he has recently taken his donations to a whole new level. As part of his estate planning, George Soros donated the amazing sum of eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations for charity. This is an unprecedented donation, and donations by private individuals to charity have almost never been this large.

George Soros cares about the poor and oppressed. He wants to help them because he knows how they feel. He himself has been a victim of oppression. He lived in Hungary when it was occupied by the Nazis, and he only managed to escape the Nazis by hiding the fact he was Jewish by using false identity papers. His family did the same thing, and they helped other families use false papers as well.

After moving to London, where he worked at night to support his daytime studies at the London School of Economics, George Soros moved to New York. He got involved in Wall Street and became very successful. He started Soros Fund Management and became one of the most successful investors in the United States. He made a one billion dollar bet against the British pound in 1992 and made a large fortune for himself while doing so.

George Soros is actively involved in the Open Society Foundations. He is in contact with the management over there and the president of the foundation. He is involved in their decisions.

The Open Society Foundations have a goal, which is to promote an open and free society. They work against discrimination, hate crimes, abuses of power by police governments, and help support minorities and the LGBT communities. George Soros is against the way the war on drugs is being handled, and he does not believe that things are being done properly in a way that actually helps out the people who are victims of addiction. and more information click here

George Soros has donated money to many other foundations  charities that are not his own. Wherever George Soros decides his money should go to, there is one thing that remains the same about George Soros and his charitable donations. He always fights for the things he cares about, and he often fights for causes that other people would have thought hopeless and lost. George Soros is not afraid of what people say, as long as he makes sure to focus on what is right. He is independent because of his extreme success in the financial market.

Equities First Holdings Offers Many Loan Products

There are many loan products offered through Equities First Holdings, and the company ensures that they have the highest level of customer satisfaction of anyone in their industry. They know that they may offer their clients something that will help them save money, and they will help people feel much better about the choices they have made when selecting loans. Each loan that is taken must be chosen to ensure that it will be as cheap as possible, and someone who is hoping to keep the loans as cheap may use this company right away.

The company has offered may select loan products to customers around the world, and they have opened up a number of offices around the world that are in South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. Each of the people who comes to this company for help will save money when they take out their loan.


Things You Should Know About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas inmate communication firm and was founded in 1986.Some of its regional offices are in Allen, Carrolton, and Atlanta. Securus has a 24 hr working both at technical support team and the call center. Its products and services have made it easy for the inmates to talk to their relatives more often. Securus offers crime prevention technology that makes it easy for the law enforcement agencies to catch the offenders easily.

Securus is a high-tech software that provides best criminal justice solutions. Securus software also provides the connection between inmates to technology, friends, and family of those incarcerated; it also connects the dots for investigating leads.

Securus Technologies helps in connecting the dots between loved ones, inmates, and correctional personnel in the country. In the United States, the company serves over 300 correctional facilities with unique approaches to solving the crime.

Securus Technologies is involved directly with the correctional agencies to solve the existing crimes and also plays a vital role in preventing the future occurrence of the crime. Recently the company has received positive reviews for the expertise in solving crimes within the law enforcement field.

The company provides critical information that enables the officials to solve cases and also help them obtain the search warrants that aid in gathering additional evidence. The company has a Phone Monitoring Software that assists the officials to get phone evidence in court against the defendant. Phone Monitoring Software helps in preventing crimes and fraudulent activities in future.

Besides getting the phone evidence from the Phone Monitoring Software, it also helps in solving drug-related cases. The software reduces the chances of inmates from obtaining the drugs from the outsiders and other prisoners.

Securus Technologies offers inmate monitoring services. The services are meant to monitor the inmates on a daily basis. In case of any suspicious activity, an investigation is conducted immediately.

Securus Technologies play a significant role in crime prevention. It has Securus software’s and security monitoring services that help in crime prevention.



The Charismatic Greg Secker

Greg Secker is a prolific forex entrepreneur who operates with myriads of companies whose affiliation has built him monumental acclamation. He does own many companies that present sufficient and reliable nuggets of information that suffice for issues on forex trading. Greg Secker comes from Norfolk in England. He possesses a degree in Food Science and Agriculture from Nottingham University.

He has served in different dockets with the Thomas Cook Financial Services. He later received insight from that job and then decided to plunge himself into forex business. He initiated the forex trading market so as to materialize his aspirations in the industry. The ideas and concepts he obtained in the previous job was to become a boon in his future ventures.

Greg Secker started the very first live, online trading platform in foreign exchange which he coined the Virtual Trading Desk. He has offered numerous trading coaching and trainings to multitudes of people through workshops and seminars. There are around twenty-thousand aspiring entrepreneurs he has coached in a period spanning over thirteen years.

Greg developed a software called Smart Charts which has become the most intuitive and effective software for forex exchange in the market currently. He has given numerous tips on how to undertake forex trading. One has to get the best grasp of the trading basics and methodologies by learning the terminologies employed in the process. That provides a solid basis on where to begin the process.

One is supposed to acquire a charismatic mentor in the business. This allows the individual to emulate the methods used by the experienced trader in question. The trading strategies should be inculcated effectively within oneself and then stick to them. The emotions should be kept at bay in order to avert unnecessary stress or panic.

One should be realistic in all the forex transactions. There should be full scale dedication and persistence. One’s goals should be well demarcated in order to avoid overtaxing oneself through a detailed plan of action. Greg Secker managed to hold position of Vice president in the Mellon Financial Corporation. He initiated Greg Secker Foundation and other projects that target giving back to the society.

Dr. Mark McKenna is set to Enhance His Contribution to the Development of Elective Medicine with His New Venture, OVME

McKenna finds it helpful to surround himself with people who are more skilled, with the aim of learning a thing or two from them. He has also learned the trick of thinking through any ideas, which help in their actualization. These two life lessons have played a big role in his development as an aesthetic surgeon and entrepreneur. His background training in medicine and health at the Tulane University Medical School has also been very instrumental in his career. His dedication has always lied in his patients and how he can consistently offer them good service.

Career Growth

Unlike other medical professionals, his career began in the real estate development sector. He had started a company in New Orleans named McKenna Venture Investments. His interests would then cross over to finance which led him to establish two firms in the field, Universal Mortgage Lending and Uptown Title Inc. All the while, he was involved with his father’s medical practice where he also worked. His life made a turnaround in 2005 after he incurred losses as a result of the Hurricane Katrina. This event made him concentrate fully in medicine, relocating two years later to Atlanta. He immediately ventured to aesthetic medicine by starting ShapeMed which he sold to Life Time Fitness seven years later. His skills could not be overlooked as the company gave him the privilege to be the National Director of ShapeMed, a post he left in July last year.

Over the duration of his career, he was keen to notice the areas in aesthetic medicine that needed improvement. As a dedicated medical practitioner, he desired to change the situation thereby launching his practice, OVME. The organization that launched in July this year is set to redefine the aesthetic and wellness medicine industry. It is technologically equipped to give patients an unprecedented experience.

About Dr. Mark McKenna

Besides his official duties, he has generously contributed to the development of the communities. It is notable that after the Hurricane Katrina, he volunteered in the restoration and rebuilding of the victim’s houses.

He has also shared his wisdom on the boards of several organizations such as the New Orleans Industrial Development Board and the New Orleans Jazz Festival.

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Rocketship Education Students Promote Gratitude

Among calling out to our parents, saying thank you is one of the first things we learn to do. Gratitude is within all of us and has no preference in terms of race, sex, age or financial status. It is unfiltered and truly comes from the heart. Not only does showing others gratitude promote positive, it has a way of making us feel good as well.

At Rocketship Education, leaders are focused on more than education. Leaders, teachers, and staff work together to promote sharing and gratitude within the schools tight-knit community. Rocketship has four core values that are shared across the network of schools and ask each school to individually decide on a fifth. Students, or Rocketeers, recite these values daily, and are expected to practice them throughout their school day, and in their, every day lives.

In February, Rocketship United Academy announced their fifth core value: gratitude. Parents, students, and teachers say they picked this value because they believe it will help strengthen relationships both in and outside of the school. Using a bit of creativity, the staff at Rocketship United Academy came up with a great way to help students show their gratitude. Gratitude Grams, introduced by the schools Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Team simple way for students to express themselves and show their appreciation to their peers.

For seven days, students were given a small piece of construction paper with a different students name each day. In short notes and pictures, Rocketship students showed their appreciation for one another and worked together to promote positivity and gratitude.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools for the early learner. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the network currently operates sixteen schools in various cities across the US. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007, the network of schools has experienced significant growth since their start in a San Jose church basement

Karl Heideck Breaks Down the Salary History Law in Philadelphia

Philadelphia earned itself a space in the history books as it was the first municipality in the country to enact the Salary History Law. The controversial Law bans potential employers from inquiring into the salary history of a potential employee before they hire them. The law has been lauded by advocates for workers’ rights as a major step towards having a more transparent hiring process hence protecting particularly the traditionally marginalized groups since it limits the information an employer can gather about a potential new hire.

However, that’s not to say that the law has not had its fair share of challenges as Attorney Karl Heideck recently explained. There have been reports that some companies require job seekers applying for jobs disclose the salary they were being paid at their previous positions. The job applicant’s denial to give the information or give a green light to have their previous employers release the information basically meant that they won’t get the job. With this information, employers can decide on how much they are going to pay them hence creating a bias.

Karl Heideck said that the law was meant to reduce the salary earnings gap between male and female, by closing the loophole where men have been earning more than their women counterparts in the same salaried positions. Philadelphia’s lawmakers took an initiative of closing the gender pay gap by passing a law that will bar employers from inquiring about one’s salary history.

Having said that, Heideck is also quick to point out that not everyone is in agreement that the law is progressive and will bring equality to the workplace. One of the fiercest critics of legislation is The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who even went to court to have the implementation of the law delayed. Karl Heideck is however quick to mention that not all employers are opposed to the law.

Who is Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is a James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University class of 2009 graduate. Being an expert in business law, Karl has been heavily involved in most legal developments. Heideck has authored several articles and blog posts in an effort to educate employers and the public at large on the need for compliance with the law and the major changes in business law. Karl Heideck currently practices in Pennsylvania as a legal advisor both to individuals and businesses.

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