Lip Care Brand Evolution of Smooth Is Making Lip Balm Fun Again

Sometimes it seems like lip balm is boring. When you were a kid you got to wear lip balm that tasted as sweet as a slice of your favorite cake on your birthday. There were even lip balms that reminded you of your favorite soft drink. Now that you’re an adult lip balm can feel like a rather boring affair. These days you might find yourself running over to the gas station to get a medicated tube of chapstick that is white and smells generic. Fortunately for you things do not have to be this way anymore.

Thanks to the emerging skincare brand Evolution of Smooth you can indulge in a lip care product that is more mature than lip balm that tastes like ice cream but that is playful enough that it is fun for you to use. What sets Evolution of Smooth apart from other lip balm brands is the time that it has put into designing its product. The spherical shape of the lip balm is unusual but it is also very utilitarian. The founders of the company that make the product took the time to figure out what female shoppers’ experience was like when they used lip balm. According to Fast Company more than a few of those shoppers found that when products were shaped like a short tube they became difficult to find. That product design often led to a perfectly good tube of lip balm getting lost underneath furniture or being hard to get a hold of when it was in a purse.

EOS lip balm’s unique shape means that the likelihood of you being able to find it when you want to use it is much higher. The company has also put a lot of thought into the flavors it has developed for its products. Customers that prefer flavors that are reminiscent of fruit might like the Strawberry Sorbet(, Summer Fruit, Blueberry Acai, Honey Suckle Honey Dew and Passion Fruit flavors. Customers that prefer more muted scents and flavors will probably like the Vanilla Bean and Sweet Mint flavors. Shoppers that have used these products have noted that the scents feel natural which is an attribute that falls in line with the organic formulation of Evolution of Smooth’s lip balm.

EOS lip balm products are available on the shelves of stores such as Walmart, Target and Walgreens. The products are also available for online purchase via, eBay or Amazon.


Nathaniel Ru’s Strategy of Sustaining Sweetgreen

Nathaniel Ru graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Finance from the McDonough School of Business at Georgetown University in 2007. Soon after his graduation, he and two of his friends who had graduated from the same university co-founded Sweetgreen. Today, Sweetgreen is in 40 locations spread over various states.


The Inception of Sweetgreen


While studying at Georgetown University, Nathaniel Ru and some of his friends could not find food joints that offered healthy recipes in a fun and easy way. At semester to graduation, their urge to establish an eatery which integrated these aspects was so overwhelming that they began looking for business premises.


They started an eatery in a tavern on M street and named it sweetgreen. Today, sweetgreen has become a chain of restaurants with stores in the major cities and the suburbs of the Northeast such as New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia. The restaurant provides healthy food, sourcing ingredients from local farmers and suppliers.


According to Theresa Dold, the head of digital marketing, sweetgreen’s marketing is social, smart and local. Nathaniel Ru adds that each of their stores has to uphold the company’s core values, and has to serve the society around.


The Core Values


Their first value is a win for all. The partners make business decisions which benefit the company, their customers, and the community. Second, they believe in sustainability. Therefore, they make long term resolutions.


The third principle is that of keeping it real. Everything has to be authentic, from the ingredients sources to the performance of the employees.


The fourth value is adding sweetness. Surpassing customer expectations means retaining clients and attracting new ones. Lastly, sweetgreen has to make an impact, and they work hard every day to achieve this.


Connecting With the Community


Sweetgreen has a clever way of connecting food to music. During their first two weeks at Dupont Circle, Washington, they could not get any customers. They bought some speakers, put them at the entrance, and played music every weekend. The music won the company new clients. Sweetgreen sponsors sweetlife, a music and food festival which attracts over 20,000 people including food purveyors.


Apart from paying with cash or credit cards, sweetgreen has an app which earns points when clients use it to pay. After spending $100, the company contributes a certain percentage to sweetgreen in school. This program teaches disadvantaged students about healthy eating habits.


Sweetgreen hires the best and encourages teamwork. They often reward their employees as a way of motivating them. For instance, they organized a wedding party for two employees who were engaged.


They also work in close collaboration with gyms and yoga clubs, where they refer potential clients to each other.


Joining Magnises with Billy McFarland

Research has shown that the most successful people in life are those that follow their passion. While most people have passions, not all have succeeded in life. It requires some persistence, hard work, and knowledge.

This is the life that Billy McFarland has lived since dropping out of college. After a short spell at Bucknell University, Billy realized that education was not for him and he decided to follow his passion of being a tech entrepreneur.

Earlier on, he had established a venture called the Spling, a venture that proved quite successful. This acted as a source of confidence and ventured out on his own.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland is from Short Hills, New Jersey. He has spent some of his life in New York City where he was born. From a tender age, he showed passion for entrepreneurship when he founded his first company. This was at the age of 13 years.

This acted as a stepping stone for him as he mastered the art of coding. At Bucknell University, Billy McFarland was specializing in computer engineering. During his first year at the University, he acted as the chief executive officer of the Spling Company. Spling specialized in changing the appearance of URLs.

He is credited with the establishment of the Magnises after leaving college. Magnises should not be confused with a credit or a debit card. Instead, the Billy creation is a card that allows its users to enjoy discounts at various joints such as hotels and restaurants.

Prior to its establishment, it would require a millennial over $500 to access a co-working space in New York City. Billy slashed this to just $99 a month. Also, the cost of spending a night at a hotel in New York was reduced from $500 to just $74 a night. To understand how amazing Magnises is, you would require only $65 to access the most exclusive clubs in New York for a month.

Magnises is a referral only club, and a new member has to be vetted like fraternities do. You would have to part with $ 250 annually to become a member. However, its services are available in only two cities, New York and Washington DC.


Bruce Levenson Leads Lawsuit Against Former Insurer

Bruce Levenson, a philanthropist and the the former owner of the basketball team, Atlanta Hawks, is leading a lawsuit against the insurer of his ownership company. Mr. Levenson was the leading stakeholder in the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. This company was in charge of managing the Hawks, the team’s stadium and also the Atlanta Thrashers NFL team.

The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC, led by Bruce Levenson, is suing the New Hampshire Insurance Company in Fulton County Superior Court. The lawsuit alleges that the insurer has failed pay Bruce Levenson and his ownership company compensation for the parting of Danny Ferry. According to the lawsuit, the New Hampshire Insurance Company had a policy with the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC., that would cover workplace laws and wrongful termination.

Danny Ferry was appointed to run the Atlanta Hawks basketball team and signed a multiple year contract worth tens of millions of dollars. Mr. Ferry got embroiled in a controversy where he supposedly said some racially insensitive things. He was later cleared of any and all wrongdoing that was alleged against him.

At the Time of the Ferry incident, the Atlanta Hawks was being offered up for sale. The new ownership company did not want to retain Danny Ferry as the manager. The Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC. were thus forced to buy out Ferry’s contract and dismiss him, although he did nothing wrong. The insurance company never paid compensation nor acknowledged that a claim was made by Bruce Levenson. This is why they are being sued by the Atlanta Hawks Basketball and Entertainment LLC.

Bruce Levenson is the CEO and co-founder of United Communication Group. This is an information and analytic company that provides key data and real time analytics to companies in the finance, energey, mortgage banking and telecommunication industry. He also served as a board member at Tech Target, which spun out of UCG. Information on this article an be sourced from Wikipedia.

George Soros to Stop Trump

George Soros is a Hungarian-American entrepreneur and political activist. He was born in the 1930s in Hungary during a pro-Nazi reign. He eventually moved to London to study then moved to America where he found wealth and political influence. In 1984, he founded the Open Society Foundation, which provided copy machines to libraries, universities, and other groups so the people can reprint books that were banned by the government. He had struggled with authorities in not only Europe but in America as well, especially in more recent years.

Soros has taken many stances against President-Elect Donald Trump throughout the 2016 election, starting in January of 2016 that Trump, along with Ted Cruz, is “doing the work of ISIS.” By this, it can be evident he is about the fear and hate they were spewing during the election on, more so from Trump. He had also stated that ISIS and Al Qaeda wanted Americans to be afraid; that if Trump and Cruz cause us to have fear towards Muslims, more and more Muslims would likely join ISIS and Al Qaeda. Soros had stated that not to let ISIS and Al Qaeda have their way; the public should not give in to Cruz and Trump’s tactics of fear-mongering, to not give in to their “siren song.” By ignoring the tactics Trump and Cruz used, the country could battle the two terrorist groups effectively and efficiently.

During the first half of the 2016 election, George Soros donated $8 billion USD to groups supporting Hillary Clinton. This is much less than what he spent in the 2004 election to help John Kerry defeat George W. Bush in the race for the Oval Office. As of July of 2016, George Soros returns to the political front as a “leading funder of Democratic politics.” He planned to attend a Democratic convention to watch Clinton accept the Democratic nominee as a presidential candidate, but had canceled due to a situation in Europe regarding the economy.

Soros, along with other wealthy liberals of the Democratic party, met in November to determine how they would fight back against Trump during his first 100 days in office. This three-day conference was sponsored by the Democracy Alliance donor club (DA) on The meeting was called to protect Obamacare and prevent Trump from overturning policies enacted by President Obama throughout his eight years in office. The DA talked about how they could take back power during the Trump presidency. In this conference, Soros used his own life and experience while living in Nazi-controlled Hungary as an example to prepare for when Trump takes office on January 20th. Soros has devoted himself to protect countries from threats of Naziism and Communism that threatens the U.S. with a Trump presidency. Trump had promised to build a wall to prevent immigrants from entering illegally and to send back all illegal immigrants to their home country. This is almost like Naziism, the one thing Soros fights to prevent in the U.S. Another example that proves Soros’ point against Trump is Trump’s ban on Muslims, labeling them as terrorists. These are a few of the things that Democrats are striving to fight back against since this causes fear, hate, and division in the country.

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Nathaniel Ru – article recap

Sweetgreen is offering a healthy alternative for men and women who eat out every day and want food that tastes good, is healthy and reasonably priced. Sweetgreen customers have found that for about the same price they pay for a hamburger and fries they can enjoy a healthy, and nutrition filled meal.


Nathaniel Ru, the co-founder of Sweetgreen, believes that how and when the company enters a new market is just as important as the number of locations they open. After the general demographic studies, Nathaniel feels the timing is critical to the companies real estate strategy. As an example, he cites the timing and location of their first restaurant in New York. They opened the first Sweetgreen in a chic neighborhood close to where several tech and media companies had already located, not in the usual strip of fast food chains, making Sweetgreen stand out among its competitors. Not necessarily only looking for convenience and hoping to build a dinner and weekend trade the company opened three more stores in affluent and upbeat neighborhoods in the New York area.


Sweetgreen uses only farm fresh produce and will often meet with local farmers, to make sure they can establish a reliable supply chain, before opening a cluster of new locations. Nathaniel Ru states that by relying on the farmers to deliver what they are growing, rather than asking them to produce certain items assures their customers of a wider variety of vegetables, including some they might not try usually. Nathaniel hopes the first thing patron’s notice is the open kitchen; he wants customers to see the ingredients used, and the cooking process. He feels it is better for a client to see the kitchen process rather than trying to explain it to them. The atmosphere is friendly and helpful; an associate will guide you through the ordering process this should take no more than two or three minutes for the walk-in customers. The company has developed an app, that roughly 30% of its customers use, that will cut the wait time dramatically.


Nathaniel Ru is a 2007 graduate of the Georgetown University’s McDonough School of Business. Less than three months after graduation Nathaniel and two college friends founded Sweetgreen. Since opening its first location in Washington, DC in 2007, the new restaurant chain is now operating in forty locations in New York and California and plans on expanding into Boston and Chicago. Their idea of a new concept in fast-casual dining, focusing on sustainability and local produce has created an environment where the company wins; the customer wins, and the community wins.


Keith Mann Fights for What is Right

Keith Mann is someone that knows when something is not right and when something is not right, he does something about it as soon as possible. He believes that time is of the essence and the sooner someone acts, the sooner they can have results that are positive. Right now, he is completely behind the police. He knows there have been some unkind things said about them in the media and all over various outlets. He does not believe them for one second. Keith Mann is of the belief that one or two bad cops should not speak for the whole entire lot. There is a bigger picture here, and he is fully aware of it.

He knows that cops are putting their lives on the line, each and every day, so that all of us can be safe and live our lives to the fullest. Without the police out there, the world would be mass chaos, that is for sure. They are truly here to serve and protect and they stand by that, each and every day they do their job. It must be incredibly difficult on them to face all of this heat right now and feel underappreciated and undervalued. It is draining, one would imagine.

Yes, cops are built to be strong and tough, but at the end of the day, they are human beings too, and that oftentimes gets overlooked. People only see them as robots. There is a lot more to them than meets the eye. That is why Keith Mann of Dynamics Search Partners went out of his way to treat them to lunch not once but twice. This was for the NYPD 54th precinct. He is all about being positive and doing positive things. He knows that is the way that things change in world.

He knows because he has an uncle that is a detective. He also knows because he looks at the eye test and their history. There are far more good stories about the police as opposed to bad stories. However, the media loves to focus on the one bad story and really run with it.

The Success of Bruce Levenson

Bruce Levenson is many things including a businessman, an entrepreneur, a family man, as well as a philanthropist who created his billion dollar corporation with the intention of helping others by making their lives easier with just a simple act of improving overall communication. Bruce Levenson has always loved business and has always been interested in combining the importance of maintaining traditional values with new and innovative experiences for each and every customer of his company. Bruce Levenson is considered to be an inspiration in the world of business and has become a role model for many aspiring business individuals around the world.

According to Wikipedia, Bruce Levenson is specifically the co-founder of the United Communications Group, a business that was created in order to specifically help other individuals by making their life a little less complicated by adding easy communication. This company is able to provide information on many different industries around the world and is able to provide insight on investment opportunities within each of these industries. The goal of Bruce Levenson is to combine business in addition to providing the incentive to learn more about world problems and how they affect a day to day exchange in other parts of the world.

In recent Time news, Bruce Levenson has announced his plans to an insurance company due to a breech in contract that Bruce Levenson and his team do not take lightly at all. The lawsuit continues to be pursued specifically due to the fact that the insurance company still has not acknowledged a breech in contract. Bruce Levenson will continue to fight for justice and hopes that other clients of this insurance company will see benefits as a result of their persistence. As a successful businessman, Bruce Levenson believes it is right to help fight for others due to a breech in contract.

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Marc Sparks And Mentoring Others

Given that Marc Sparks has seen a lot of success in the fields that he has worked in, he wants to help people achieve their success. He has a lot of lessons that he wants to teach others. One very important lesson that he wants to teach people that are aspiring entrepreneurs is to not let anyone or anything stop them from what they want to accomplish.

Often times, people will be faced with at least one person who wants to stand in the way of their goals. There are tons of reasons someone would take it upon himself to stop someone from going after what he wants.

One reason is that the person has always played it safe. He has followed all of the rules and rarely if ever has stepped outside of his comfort zone. He has lived an average and unfulfilling life. As a result, he believes that this is how life should be.

People forget about what they want and settle for less. Unfortunately, not everyone has that option. For one thing, there are circumstances that could occur that could make playing it safe impossible. This is why Marc Sparks is willing to help not only homeless people, but other entrepreneurs.

As a matter of fact, in helping the homeless, Marc Sparks could meet a ton of different types of homeless people. There are those that are actually trying everything they can to get back on their feet. Among the things they are doing is working on their own business.

One thing that an entrepreneur has no matter what walk of life he is in is passion. Marc Sparks admires that. In some cases, the person is going to have to be stubborn in order to succeed. Marc Sparks understands that all a person needs to succeed is a willingness to work.

How Nathaniel Ru Built Sweet Green


Starting up a company takes a lot of capital and hard work. Few people understand how hard business owners have to work to get things scaled up. Nathaniel Ru had a dream to start a healthy restaurant business. Over time, he has developed that concept into Sweet Green. This is a company that has experienced a lot of growth in recent years. Looking at how Nathaniel Ru developed this company can give valuable insight to new business owners.




One of the most important success factors of Sweet Green is that the company has no debt on the balance sheet. Not only does this help Nathaniel Ru concentrate on more important things in the business, but it creates more cash flow to invest back into the company. This is a huge advantage that the company has over its competition. Many companies today are drowning in debt, and this prevents the leadership from making the right decisions about the future. Sweet Green has the working capital needed to make major investments when the time is right.




Marketing is one of the most important aspects of running a business. A lot of people struggle in this area, even with all of the free tools that are available today. If you want to grow your business, you have to find a marketing strategy that works. Oftentimes, business owners are so busy that they never strategically think about how to market to customers. Not only is this a major mistake, it will cost the business a lot of long term sales and profits.


Future Plans


In the future, Nathaniel Ru plans to continue to grow Sweet Green. This company is a niche concept that will only work in certain markets. The desire to eat healthy is growing across the country, but there are still geographic areas where the concept simply would not work. He is hoping to franchise out the concept and earn residual income from people who take on the business. Over the next couple of years, he wants to invest as much time and money into the company as possible to maximize growth.