Rodrigo Terpins prominence in Rally Competitions

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known driver, a rider and a member of Bull Sertoes Rally team. He has participated in the various competition and won different titles in the main rally championships in Brazil. He is a competitor for the T1 prototype category where he became position 7 in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. The 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally comprised of a distance of 2,600 kilometers, seven stages and in 2 states. This competition was the largest off-road race in the entire Brazil. The rally was marked by very many challenges and adversities, and many of the competitors did not qualify for the top five.

Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini were among the competitors of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team as participants for the category Prototypes T1. Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini managed to be position eight overall in the ranking. The competition attracted 38 competitors both nationally and internationally. Rodrigo Terpins using the car number 326, has managed to achieve promising results in the matches. Rodrigo is so passionate, committed and dedicated to sports and has ventured in several completions in Brazil. His brother Mitchel Terpins is also a rally driver and has also participated in several championships in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins father, Jack Terpins, was also a renowned basketball player. He played for the Hebraica, and he is also an entrepreneur, reveals Rodrigo Terpins is a director for T5 Participacoes which is a Brazilian business. He held the position of Director of Operations at Lojas Marisa. Mr. Terpins is also passionate about science, technology, arts, children, and culture. He has a diverse set of interests and can combine all his achievements and team needs to set him as the leader of the pack. He understands the mechanics of racing and can endure the challenges posed with the challenge. His ability to drive through dirt and navigate courses without slowing down has made him be one of the most admired drivers by the fans. His ability to overcome different kind of setbacks, whether terrain related or vehicle issues, has made him maintain success in the journey. For more info, visit

Determinations of Michel Terpins as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins completed his 10th participation in the competition. He made his debut in the motorcycle category in 2002, then sailed for his brother Rodrigo Terpins in the cars and, in the last four years, made an evolution in his piloting with T-Rex. They had several types of terrain that first day, a lot of dirt and it was a demanding race, but without any problems, everything was normal. The car behaved well, they did overtake, but he did not want to force the suspension much. He preferred to have a little more caution and adapt to the equipment.

At his side is the navigator from Taubaté (SP) who has a decade of Sertões Rally in the curriculum and has already won four titles. “Maykel has a vast rally experience and gives me a lot of safety and our tuning is perfect,” says the rider, current leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototypes T1. It is worth mentioning that the first two stages of the rally add up to the national championship ranking.

The 25-year edition had 3,300.06 kilometers, of which 1,999.52 times. It had to pass through four cities in Goiás one in Mato Grosso and three in Mato Grosso do Sul. On another day, competitors of motorcycles, quadricycles, UTVs and cars competed for the Prologue time taken to define the starting order for the rally, in Alpha City Goiás, on a circuit of 6 kilometers.

A few years ago, the passion for speed and off-road took the brothers from São Paulo Rodrigo. Terpins and Michel Terpins formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team. With distinct off-road trajectories, Terpins and Justo formed the second team in the consecutive year in the T1 Prototype category, on board T-Rex which was developed by MEM Motorsport. His car went through some modifications that made it more powerful and competitive for this edition. Both drivers have been racing for four seasons on board the T-Rex, developed by MEM Motorsport, the Sertões Rally. At the same time, they participate in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and already accelerate also in the Mitsubishi Cup.



     The game of Racquetball started in the 1950’s and is also known as “paddle ball.” Besides the excellent health benefits acquired, practitioners of the sport testify that it can be extremely intense and satisfying.

Most never consider the possibility of turning pro. This article is for those who wish to make the transition from the casual player to professional.

What Does It Take To Become A Professional Racquetball Player?

In life, the formula to success is hard work and dedication. We’ve even broken this formula down into a more granular four point system for your benefit:

1.) It All Starts In The Mind

In order to be the best at anything you do you must first have the right mind frame for everything originates in the mind. Make sure you have the right mentality and attitude before you step foot on a racquetball court.

2.) Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Before setting out to conquer the racquetball world make sure to plot, plan and strategize so that you’ll ensure the best results. Give yourself short and long term goals and measure your progress. WIth your plan mapped out you are now ready to put it into motion.

3.) Build The Perfect Player

Picture the perfect player and build him. You must be in superior shape so exercise and incorporate the proper diet. Once you have created a routine and have incorporated it into your daily life find a coach.

4.) Building A Career Off Your Racquet

Now time to seek out sponsors and enter into every tournament you qualify for. As you progress sponsors will seek you out!

Who is Racquetball Pro Sawyer Howitt?

Since a young child, Sawyer Howitt had his eyes set on racquetball. He acquired an impressive record on his way to turning pro.

Much more than a sportsman Mr. Howitt is the project manager at the Meriwether Group with an impressive resume that includes RFID Checkout among others.

Overcoming pain to accomplish goals within difficulty builds character as well as muscle and this is how Sawyer Howitt has been successful on the racquetball court as well as the business world.

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Kari Heideck And Civil Litigation

In his article Career Spotlight: Litigation with Karl Heideck, Karl distinguishes between the various litigation attorneys. Though civil attorneys may litigate criminal cases, typically, they represent private interests. As such, a majority of these lawyers may practice in the private sector. On the other hand, other attorneys may practice as criminal lawyers or prosecutors.

Despite this distinction, all lawyers are responsible for some duties. To begin with, lawyers prepare necessary court documentation, negotiate settlements, file cases in a court of law, and handle a case’s discovery phase. During the discovery phase, attorneys are extremely busy people. They host pretrial press conferences, deliver depositions, and attend court processes related to a trial. In addition to that, if a judgment is reached, there could be an appeal. As a result, litigation attorneys may file complaints regarding issues that weren’t addressed adequately during the trial. In this capacity, a lawyer may engage the services of colleagues or legal experts to help strengthen an appeal.


About Karl Heideck

Mr Karl Heideck holds a law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University. Besides that, he also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College. As an attorney, Heideck is a specialist in risk management, compliance, and civil litigation. Karl currently practices with the Pennsylvania based law firm of Grant & Eisenhower. Karl Heideck is an associate at Conrad O’Brien besides previously working at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Karl’s extensive experience equips him with competency in civil litigation. For that reason, he has been influential in helping clients address complex legal matters. Since 2015, he is a listed member of the Hire Council. Though he specializes in risk management and compliance consulting, Karl is an all rounder. His diverse service portfolio includes corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, and employment proceedings. Also, Karl Heideck publishes a blog in which he discusses different legal topics, offers advice, and educates people on litigation related issues.

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Eric Pulier’s Journey to Technological Innovation

Inspiration comes for everyone in their lives at one point or another. The goal for most in life is to take that inspiration and turn it into something that can pay the bills. The old phrase, “If you enjoy what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” fully applies here. That is exactly the kind of thinking that took Eric Pulier from just a kid with a dream into one of the more successful investors, entrepreneurs, and tech innovators in all of Los Angeles. Let’s see where Eric Pulier started and how it brought him to be the man that he is today.

Humble Beginnings

Bill Gates started Microsoft in his garage. LeBron James was raised by a single mother who did her best just to pay the bills. Eric Pulier started as a little kid in a small New Jersey neighborhood with dreams of becoming the next big thing in Los Angeles. No matter where your dream starts, it is your passion that will carry you the rest of the way. Pulier knew early on in life that all he really wanted to do in the work force was operate with the changing technology. Growing up in the ’80s Pulier got to see how computers morphed and morphed, bringing about change and opportunity. In high school Pulier found his way to running his own computer database company and this was on the heels of his learning how to program while in grade school.

Eric Pulier would go to school at Harvard and he would move to Los Angeles in short order. His first huge enterprise as an entrepreneur in Los Angeles was Digital Evolution. Digital Evolution was his first foray into the tech world that led to huge success. Pulier had to work within different parameters back then. He had to rely on word of mouth and pounding the pavement in order to get people to pay attention to his work. This effort early on helped Pulier engineer the work ethic that he would lean on every year ever since, thus continually growing his brand and portfolio.

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Richard Mishaan Design Options

There are many people who want to take the look of their home to a new level. In a lot of cases, this can be accomplished with a few small changes to the design of the home. There are various websites that people can go to in order to get information on how to make these changes.

Other people would rather make sweeping changes to completely change the look and feel of their home. For people who are in this situation, working with Richard Mishaan is a great idea. Richard Mishaan design options are some of the best in the market today. With his track record and experience level, this is a great choice for anyone who wants to change their home in a positive way.

Starting Small

The great thing about owning a home is that you can change it in any way that you see fit. There are many people who just want to make small tweaks to their home to make it feel more inviting and comfortable for people to visit.

On the other hand, there are other people who want to make massive changes to their home. Some people want to invest in areas that are going to improve the value of the home. Richard Mishaan design options cover these choices as well. He has a lot of experience within the real estate industry. With this experience, he knows the best areas of the home to invest in.

Future Plans

Richard Mishaan design options are continuing to gain popularity. He is planning to grow his business more than ever before in the years ahead. With his track record of serving customers, this is a great opportunity for him to make a difference in the lives of other people throughout the country.

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From A Cafe Shop To The Biggest Mall In The City – Robert Santiago’s Story

Born in 1958, Robert Santiago stands for one of the most influential mall figures in Brazil nowadays. As an owner of the well-established “Manaira Shopping”, he runs one of the most visited attractions in Joao Pessoa.


Graduating from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in business administration, he soon started his first business by opening a cafe shop. The specialty of the business was providing products for decorations. Many years later, Santiago is now on top of the largest mall in this city that offers a movie theater, bowling, ballrooms, and many more features.


By merging innovation with his skills in business, this owner was able to modernize and grab a lot of the demand. A unique 3-D cinema, which is a rare commodity in the area, is what some visitors from surrounding cities come for. Furthermore, his mall has a large concert hall that can host thousands of people. This way, he is able to provide a venue for famous singers who generate income from the crowds.


Another aspect of the business that enabled Santiago to be so successful is his family-oriented offering. The mall hosts dozens of retail stores that target average families. Food that one can get at this mall is diverse and enables catering to almost everyone’s particular preference.


This individual has grabbed a portion of the market that is on the rise. This is further amplified by the fact that many renovations are happening, which helps Santiago give his mall the new and fresh look. The outer presentation of the mall he has is the main selling point that helps him get thousands of people to visit.


Very importantly, since this mall is the biggest of its kind in this area, and one of the biggest malls in Brazil overall, it serves the people as an employer. By offering retail shops, dining rooms, or maintenance jobs, hundreds of people have been able to make a living by being employees of Santiago. The growth he has had over the past decade means that more people are able to take part in his creating, and if the trend continues one can expect hundreds more people to take place.


Robert Santiago however, is not one specialty type of man. He has mastered the area of business, but he is also a fierce motocross competitor. Businessman will participate into a lot of championships in his spare time, thus giving his endeavors some versatility.


Ultimately, Santiago is a man whose idea paid off. Years later, after his modest cafe shop has turned into the biggest mall in his city, he stays loyal to the community. Providing state-of-art cinema, large concert hall, and dozens of job make him a valuable member of his community.


Dr. Cameron Clokie Revolutionizing Reconstructive Surgery

Dr. Cameron Clokie is an oral maxillofacial surgeon and a serial entrepreneur. Clokie has vast experience in the field oral maxillofacial surgery spanning decades. In addition, He has served in several senior positions in the healthcare industry including being a board member of various companies.

Dr. Cameron currently serves as the chief executive officer of Induce Biologics Inc. Induce Biologics specializes in regenerative science medicine where the company focuses on the provision of innovation and solutions in musculoskeletal reconstruction. Dr. Cameron apart from being a maxillofacial surgeon has also been involved in clinical practice and academic dentistry for close to thirty years.

Dr. Cameron beside practicing maxillofacial surgery has also taught in institutions of higher learning. One institution that he taught and left an indelible mark was the University of Toronto. At the university, Cameron achieved a lot and to honor his achievement the University named him the Professor of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery. Read more: Bros Don’t Let Bros Have Bad Breath: Toronto Oral Surgeon Cameron Clokie Helps You Make a Good First Impression

Dr. Cameron has made a lot of Contribution in the field of science and medicine. Among his contributions, he has authored many papers on regenerative medicine and bone reconstruction which have been published both nationally and internationally. Learn more about Cameron Clokie:

Moreover, Dr. Cameron has more than 25 patents to his name some of which are national to the US while others are international. All these patents are in the area where he has specialized and has been developed through partnerships with individuals and businesses.

Dr. Cameron has a vibrant educational background. He attended the University of McGill Montreal, Canada and graduated with a Diploma in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery, and later from the same University advanced and graduated with a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

According to Bloomberg, Dr. Cameron also holds a Doctor of Philosophy degree, has a host of certificates in medicine and has completed numerous fellowships among other academic achievements.

One of the major achievements that Dr. Cameron is popularly known for in the field of medicine is that he has been able to spearhead inventions that have revolutionized the reconstructive surgery.

Through his inventions of bone regeneration, a 60-year-old man Peter Russel who had a benign tumor on the jaw that resulted in him losing seven centimeters of his jaw bone was able to regrow what he had lost.

Troy McQuagge: The Champion Executive of USHealth Group

The Chief Executive Officer of USHealth Group, Troy McQuagge is known as a champion executive with a number of significant achievements throughout his career. He has more than three decades of experience in the insurance industry and collaborated with a number of insurance firms in the United States.

With significant expertise in the insurance sales, McQuagge understands the customer expectations better and develops various insurance plans that are addressing the concerns of the mass. His growth strategies and fine tuning for excellence helped McQuagge to be named as the Most Innovative Chief Executive of the Year by CEO World Awards® – 2016.

It should be noted that the award is given to the executives who display innovation, leadership, new products and services, organizational performance, and more.

In 2010, McQuagge joined as the CEO of USHEALTH Advisors, the sales arm of the firm. His experience in the insurance sales industry helped him to scale the profitability, and he improved sales through aggressive strategies.

Also, McQuagge reinvented the structure of the advisory arm and added better resources, compensation plan, innovative sales strategies, and more to ensure optimized results while providing world-class service to the customers. McQuagge’s achievements helped him to grab the position of the CEO of USHealth Group.

As the CEO, McQuagge worked on creating strategies for the long-term growth of the firm along with a focus on the company’s vision. He gave importance to individuals, small business groups, families and created plans that are appealing a wide variety of people.

His result-oriented approach is visible in the share price growth of USHealth Group in the last few years. Currently, the stock price of the firm stands at more than ten times of the price of 2010 – the time which Troy McQuagge assumed a role with USHealth Group.

It also registered highest sales growth combined with a record profit for the last four consecutive years. Under the leadership of McQuagge, the firm won the reputed One Planet℠ Awards – 2016 for its professional and business excellence.

McQuagge thinks that the customer experience has a significant importance in the long-term relationship with the customers and drives the best customer service and sales practices in the firm. It should be noted that the company won the Gold Stevie® Award – 2017 for customer service and sales.

Troy started his career with Allstate Insurance in the year 1983 and continued there for more than a decade. In 1995, he began working with HealthMarket and became its President and CEO. McQuagge led the firm to earn more than $1 billion revenue, and he left the company in 2010 for USHealth Group.

Troy completed his graduation in Legal Studies from the University of Central Florida before foraying into the insurance industry. He is known for his philanthropic efforts that are aiming to address community development.

McQuagge offered his contributions and services to many charity organizations, including Semper Fi Fund, HopeKids Dallas, Crisis Nursery Phoenix, Trinity Habitat for Humanity, and Phoenix of New Orleans. He was also the Gold Winner in the CEO World Awards – 2017 and named by the award committee as “The Leader.”

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Troy McQuagge Honored as Most Innovative CEO of the Year: Insurance in the Annual 2016 CEO World Awards

A New Way to do Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is an interactive player experience that allows sports fans to participate in a competitive game with other players utilizing real game statistics of professional athletes. Most of the major professional sport leagues have a complimentary fantasy system across different websites on the internet. This adds an additional competitive factor to watching and following professional sports. Players earn points for positive statistics that their roster players accumulate in games like points scored and game impact. Players that accumulate the most fantasy points within their league are crowned the winner for that respective season.

DRAFT offers a fantasy draft system that is not restricted by a salary cap for the fantasy roster. This allows fantasy players to assemble their teams without the stress of managing real life player contracts when adding them to their fantasy team. Players are able to spend more time tracking player statistics and watching their favorite sports. DRAFT provides a fantasy league for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and professional golf. The platform also has a smartphone application on the Apple app store and on Google play which helps players track their fantasy roster’s progress anywhere they go with their phone.