William Saito’s Word to Entrepreneurs and Business People

Nikkei named William H. Saito among the 100 top influential Japanese. Saito started to program software when he was still in elementary school, and by the time he was in high school, he had his own company. The time NASDAQ and Ernst & Young named Saito the entrepreneur of the year in 1998; he had grown to one of the best encryption, cybersecurity and biometric authentication leaders in the world. In 2005, he sold his firm and moved to Tokyo where he founded InTecur which is a venture capital and a consultancy firm. The firm helps to develop global talents, identify innovative technologies and also assist entrepreneurs to become successful.


At the beginning of the year 2012, Saito joined the commission of state approach and policy in Japan as an appointee. The council only reports all it’s finding to the prime minister of Japan. Since 2011, he has also been the CTO at Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Independent survey Commission. Saito is also a part of the Foundation board members at WEF. The Forum also named him as a youthful international Leader and a Global Agenda Council Member. He also advises some governments all across the world. William Saito teaches at many Universities and sits in several companies’ boards.

For William Saito, a typical day for him entails working with different people to know the nature of their problems and to come up with innovative solutions that people in the real world can use. Mr. Saito is excited by the fact that different technologies are changing the world for the better. According to William, when one understands “failure,” they can come up with the best innovations and especially when there is teamwork. The advice for the young people is that they should not rush at things and they need to follow their hearts and do what they are passionate about rather than what their parents want them to do. To the entrepreneurs, William Saito recommends them to be persistent in whatever they do no matter the mistakes they do until they become experts. For those who want to grow in business, the advice is that one needs to provide a product or a service that will make the customer come back for more again and again.