Things You Should Know About Securus Technologies

Securus Technologies is a Dallas inmate communication firm and was founded in 1986.Some of its regional offices are in Allen, Carrolton, and Atlanta. Securus has a 24 hr working both at technical support team and the call center. Its products and services have made it easy for the inmates to talk to their relatives more often. Securus offers crime prevention technology that makes it easy for the law enforcement agencies to catch the offenders easily.

Securus is a high-tech software that provides best criminal justice solutions. Securus software also provides the connection between inmates to technology, friends, and family of those incarcerated; it also connects the dots for investigating leads.

Securus Technologies helps in connecting the dots between loved ones, inmates, and correctional personnel in the country. In the United States, the company serves over 300 correctional facilities with unique approaches to solving the crime.

Securus Technologies is involved directly with the correctional agencies to solve the existing crimes and also plays a vital role in preventing the future occurrence of the crime. Recently the company has received positive reviews for the expertise in solving crimes within the law enforcement field.

The company provides critical information that enables the officials to solve cases and also help them obtain the search warrants that aid in gathering additional evidence. The company has a Phone Monitoring Software that assists the officials to get phone evidence in court against the defendant. Phone Monitoring Software helps in preventing crimes and fraudulent activities in future.

Besides getting the phone evidence from the Phone Monitoring Software, it also helps in solving drug-related cases. The software reduces the chances of inmates from obtaining the drugs from the outsiders and other prisoners.

Securus Technologies offers inmate monitoring services. The services are meant to monitor the inmates on a daily basis. In case of any suspicious activity, an investigation is conducted immediately.

Securus Technologies play a significant role in crime prevention. It has Securus software’s and security monitoring services that help in crime prevention.



How Our Prison Uses Securus Technologies Each Day

My job as a corrections officer is a very dangerous one, and each day I am putting my life on the line to keep the peace behind those prison walls. There are a number of inmates who would like nothing more than to take down an officer or rival gang member, at the expense of the safety of everyone else inside the facility. One of the biggest contributing factors with prison violence is drugs, and we have a number of ways we work to keep those drugs from getting to the hands of the inmates.


Even the most docile of inmates turns into an animal if they take the wrong drugs or too much, so we have to eliminate the threat any way we can. The most common way to score drugs in the jail is at the visitor center, and we do have a huge police presence in this center daily. Not only do we warn the visitors they could face jail time for bringing things to the jail, we do body checks of everyone before and after the interaction. Then we follow-up with cell inspections around the clock to see if anything got passed the guards.


Our newest resource in the fight against drugs in jail came by way of Securus Technologies. This company installed our new inmate call monitoring system, and it works much different than the older system. The LBS software will pick up on specific conversations from the inmates, then it alerts us to pay closer attention. Already we have picked up on calls where inmates were instructing family how to get drugs by the guards, where they hide those drugs, and who is bringing them to our jail. We have been making more arrests and slowing down the flow considerably since we began using this new resource.


Inmate Correctional Calling Threat Is Corrected By Customers

Do you feel like you’re missing out on the opportunity to talk to your love ones in a correctional facility because of a bad connection or expensive costs? Securus Technologies provides a secure network that is trusted by thousands of people around the nation. In fact, they have expanded their network with an certification 1 that allows them to reach a global network. They were once an inmate communication regulator under government mandate and now they are in fact, one of the largest growing network providers in the industry. They also recently received the Stevie Award for a high level of customer service excellence.


The customers at Securus know they have a large platform to give customer feedback and can talk to a friendly and knowledgeable representative 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Their customers were recently able to stop a corrupt staff member and stop an increase in customer fees. Customers were able to use their integrated surveillance and monitoring technology at Securus Technologies to spot the threat. Securus is always willing to receive information that can keep the general public safe by eliminating money laundering and other serious crimes. Securus still ensures the safety of the general public.


Securus Technologies Features


Inmate Voicemail


You can talk to the ones by leaving them a message for a small fee. You must be 18 years of age or older and have a valid checking or debit card to use this feature. It is now, available to inmates through their commissary.


Remote Visitation


You can pay a one time processing fee per video visit to talk to your loved ones over the internet. Get the advantage of a high definition video and optimum sound that gives you complete control.


You’re invited to become a part of Securus Technologies by visiting their secure website.