Meet Oren Frank: A Committed Chief Executive Officer

Oren Frank is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Talkspace. This is an online as well as mobile therapy firm situated in New York City. It was founded in the year 2012. The company has access to highly experienced therapists through mobile app on Android as well as iOS. Since it was first started, the company has been doing everything possible to provide its customers with all the services they need. Recently, it hired Neil Leibowitz, who works as the Chief Medical Officer.

The company decided to hire a chief medical officer because of the desire to improve its enterprise business. Although the company has been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, the platform enjoys more than one million users. This crystal clearly proves that the company is not only on move but also it has a bright future. Oren Frank, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer told the CNBC that they are actually generating millions of dollars as revenue. Check this article at Wikipedia

Now that the new Chief Medical Officer is in place, the Physicians at the firm will start prescribing medications to those who need them. The psychiatrists, who are usually independent consultants, will commence working using the video tool because of the state as well as the federal regulations. Leibowitz made it clear that the firm has not yet decided whether there are any drugs it should stop prescribing.

Oren Frank said that Leibowitz, who is an ex-insurance executive, will play an important role in helping the company get into its dreams. The company will be able to make huge sums of money through this talented guy. He revealed that many employers are actually taking mental health with the seriousness it deserves. He thinks this is happening due to the rise in depression as well as anxiety among millennials. He said that the company is working around the clock to partner with the right people to ensure all the goals and dreams are achieved.

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Talkspace: You Will Get Better

When someone is having mental health problems, it might seem, to them, like they will never get better. It might feel like an endless cycle of pain and misery. They might not see a light at the end of the tunnel. That is the thing about mental health issues: they really wear people down. They crush people and make them feel worthless. The fact of the matter is they are not worthless and they are just going through a hard time. There is nothing wrong with that and there is no shame in admitting that. As a matter of fact, I admire people that are brave, strong, and honest about what is going on with them.

They are the ones that are going to encourage others to come forward with their mental health problems and discuss them in a healthy way. One of the ways they can do that is through Talkspace, an app that allows people with mental health issues to talk to a professional therapist. You read that right: there is an app that allows people to talk to a professional therapist over the phone, through a text message, or even through video. The possibilities, quite frankly, are endless for someone out there.

That is why people are so amped up about Talkspace. They used to worry so much about how they were going to pay for therapy. Those days are long gone. This is affordable and works just as well if not better than the therapists with their plush and fancy offices. As a matter of fact, they get more of a personal touch here from people, and it really makes a difference in the long run for them. They can get the kind of access to mental care that has alluded them for a long time in their life.