Everything You Need To Know About Talkspace

Therapy can make all of us happier, but just like everything else therapy has some issues. Stigma and shame to name a couple. Therapy is costly, which is a nice word for outrageously expensive. Given those aspects, therapy is inaccessible to most. Luckily, therapy does not have to be this way.

Therapy can and should be anonymous, stigma free, affordable and comfortable. This is exactly what Talkspace is. When using Talkspace you receive unlimited access to top professional licensed Therapists for only $32 a week. The Therapists are available to you 24 hours a day. Depending on how much a consumer is willing to spend, there are other weekly packages offered such as: $39 a week for additional check-ins, and the $49 a week package that offers virtual check-ins and a live session.

Unlimited means not every interaction is a transaction, so you can have several sessions a day without waiting a week (or more) to talk to your Therapist. Your Therapist will always be with you. The sooner you get help, the more effective the service is. Hypothetically speaking, if something comes up you can deal with it immediately where ever that is, and where ever you are.

Some days you may be feeling down, maybe you can identify the reason, and maybe you cannot. Nonetheless, you may need to talk to someone. Depending on your circumstance, getting a hold to the right person or any person at all may be difficult. With a very simple download and small fee, your personal online Therapist is at your fingertips.

This text-based service minimizes face-to-face anxiety. It is also a very novel tool to those seeking help that may not have the insurance to cover in person interactions. Talkspace has been growing rapidly over the past year. The service has nearly 500,000 people interacting with over 1,000 professionals.