Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Sean Penn’s New Book Release

Sean Penn quit the movie business and dived into a new venture of book writing. Following this, he has authored a novel called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Over the years, he has been a writer, director, producer, and actor where he won most awards from Best Actor Academy. However, all that is history for now. Sean has unleashed a new novel for his first time in the writing industry with a thrilling title “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel captures a septic tank salesman and contractor killer in the United States government.

In an interview, he answers many questions regarding his latest transition that has left many in shock. He says that venturing into book writing instead of the screenplay is something that he loves for two reasons. One of the reasons is because he has to own it entirely and let people know that he was not enjoying doing the plays with other people. He wanted to have the freedom to do all sorts of things that he had in mind. The second thing is that the ideas and the outcome of them all lie between you and the publisher. Sean discloses that there is a lot more cooking regarding novels. He said that he is done with movie world and has nothing cooking behind the scenes for the movies. He says that he is not interested in making any films anymore. He wants to capitalize his time on writing books, and that will mean that all his energies will get there. In the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” there is the aspect of #MeToo that he says that it has different approaches deciding on how one will read the book. He shed light by saying that there is an encouragement of any movement in the book ready to create successful social equality.


The best thing as he encourages most readers is not to pick the book with an opinion already formed in their minds. He says if that happens then the chances are that the individual will choose the wrong book. There are so many different reactions arising from the people who read the book. However, Sean is not shaken by the responses from the reviews in any forum but instead concentrating on making a legacy with his writing. That is why he insists that reading the book with an already formed opinion will not make the reader understand it. It will only become meaningful if the readers can concentrate on understanding the issues that he tries to bring out in the novel. Sean is not stopping atone book but continues with his work. He affirms investing more of his time, money, and energy in seeing the work progressing and putting down whatever he think on paper.