IC Systems – A Company You Can Count On

IC’s Systems Humble Beginnings

IC Systems is a collection company that is located in Minnesota. IC has been in business for 50 years now and still growing strong. They are on the cutting edge when it comes to accounts receivables. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson, on the principles of true, reliable, and honest services to their clients.

IC System’s innovative staff and leaders were the first to use computers in the collection industry. The company takes initiatives, but still follow regulatory and compliance standards for their field. Security is the utmost importance for IC, they believe in not only giving good service; but protecting their clients privacy while doing so.

IC uses trust to build relationships with their clients and their clients customers. IC staff go through intensive training to guarantee that the client and customers are handled properly and with pride. IC is not only collecting for their clients, but maintaining the relationships that the clients have built with customers through trying times. By doing this they are able to satisfy the client as well as the customer.


Philosophy, Awards, and More!

IC was built on the following philosophy:

  • Respect and Dignity
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Pride in Our Work
  • We are Innovators

Because of IC’s philosophy and honesty, they have been recently nominated for the BBB Torch Award three times in a row. Within the walls of IC this philosophy continues with the employees. Morale boosters include nominating an employee that defines the philosophy of the company. IC leaders highlight the winners by recognition and awards.

The core values don’t stop there, IC System believes in giving back to the community as well. IC’s philanthropic project is E.C.H.O, an organization created to give employees an opportunity donates to charitable organizations. Some of the charities includes: Food Pantries, Toys for Tots and many more. In addition, employees are also assisted during times of distress via IC’s giving back plan.


IC’s Commitment to Security and Compliance

As mentioned previously, IC Systems believes in compliance and security. To make sure that they are in sync with guidelines; the company has frequent auditing of documents and finances. Staff is continuously updated, trained, and retrained to make sure that they are aware of all changes. Updated policy material is always dated and validated. In addition, third party auditors also audit IC Systems guidelines.

As for security, IC makes sure that their employee’s follow the HIPPA/HITECH policies regarding customers personal information. If payments are made by credit/debit cards PCI’s security standards are in place. There are many other security checks in place at IC Systems. As you can see security and compliance is a must. IC constantly checks and double checks all networks, as well as having third party auditors do the same. Because of these security checks, IC Systems is bonded and licensed. These security checks allow IC the ability to do business with customers that travel abroad. Truly this company goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients and customers needs.