Adam Milstein dedicated to active philanthropy

Over the years, Israeli-American Adam Milstein has become one of America’s most prominent pro-Israel philanthropists. Adam Milstein is all about Israel. Milstein was born and raised in Haifa, Israel. He also joined the Israeli Defense Force and served in the Yom Kippur War. He later moved to the United States in the 80’s with his wife. He continued his post-secondary education at the University of Southern California School of Business.

In America, Milstein became one of Los Angeles’ top real estate investment managers. Milstein launched the Milstein Family Foundation to provide support to a wide range of pro-Israel organizations that exist to aid the Jewish people, State of Israel, and the U.S. – Israel relationship. Milstein has become a leader on advocacy and philanthropy work. Over the years he has gained experience on consulting, partner development, and fundraising. Adam Milstein goes beyond financial giving, he created a hands-on approach to help organizations reach higher levels of efficiency and influence.

Adam Milstein is best known for his “active philanthropy.” Milstein’s foundation gives time and knowledge to every organization that they partner with. With Milstein’s active philanthropy, he is creating the opportunity for pro-Israel organizations to reach a bigger audience and leave a longer lasting impact that they previously could. After years of passionate work with his philanthropy, he has become a leader in the non-profit world.

He has begun offering his wisdom through a variety of platforms including a podcast, which offers insight from elected officials, artists, activists who are on the front-lines of pro-Israel communities. Milstein has managed to interview pro-Israel advocates including Dennis Prager, Haim Saban, and Yair Lapid. Milstein has had a strong impact on the American-Israeli life and strengthened the relationship between Israel and those who identify themselves as Jewish Americans. Adam Milstein continues his philanthropy work. Milstein has become one of the leading pro-Israel Americans in history and continues to spread the pro-Israel message and works to foster a relationship between pro-Israel organizations across the United States. This year, Milstein was named one of the 200 Most Influential Do-Gooders in the world. He has also become very influential with his social media influence.

Boraie Development Apartment Project Will Revive Atlantic City

A brand new 250-unit apartment product brings new hopes and dreams to a town that some people may have thought had sunk. Atlantic City had been seeing a recession for the past 10 years because of the new casinos that emerged in other states. Some of the AC casinos shut down, and real estate suffered somewhat because of it.

The Boraie Development group decided to invest in bringing Atlantic City back to life. Omar Boraie realized that although the casinos had suffered, the city still had a lot to offer. For example, projects like the Atlantic City Gateway project provided jobs to many people. There are more than 50,000 people who work in Atlantic City, and this new project can provide housing for a vast portion of those people.

The Boraie company is investing $81 million into this project, and it is going to consist of a massive structure that stands by several of Atlantic City’s most famous streets. New Jersey Avenue and Connecticut are two of the roads that will be involved. The structure will help to reclaim the strong reputation that Atlantic City had of beautiful buildings and positive dreams.

The developers plan to cater to the community’s needs when it puts together this project. Boraie’s vice president, Wasseem Boraie, hears the voices of the people and believes that this generation of renters has a firm grasp on what it wants for its community. Therefore, he decided to build the apartments with amenities such as fitness centers, social lounges and swimming pools. The project should bring some life to the city and raise the spirits of its residents. Atlantic City should once again become a place where people run when they want to have some fun. Visit Central Jersey Working Moms.

Boraie Development is a business that first got started in 1986 as an industrial warehouse. It’s located in New Brunswick, NJ and is the home of real estate development, property management and real estate sales and marketing. The company has a vast assortment of strong points, and one of them is the architects that they employ.

According to WSJ, Boraie’s architects are master craftsmen who not only have their visions, but they listen well to the clients’ desires and recreate their visions. Boraie services many of the large, big-name financial institutions, and they serve urban areas because they love the challenge, as well as the potential, to do things that have never before been done.

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Todd Lubar a Real Estate Mogul and a Financial Expert

The city of Baltimore is commonly regarded to as the Charm city which in recent times has witnessed an influx of young professionals from different parts of the United States. The older population is appearing to be reducing and as a result due to demographic changes several sectors are likely to be affected. Among the sectors that are going to be affected is the real estate industry. The rise of young population has created demand for Apartments. Whereas the demand for apartments has increased on the other hand the demand for permanent residential areas has reduced due to the fact that the older population is declining. Young people are looking for houses where they can operate from work and they haven’t yet settled down like the older generation. For this reason, real estate developers are refurbishing and renovating older buildings to create a larger number of apartments and condominium to meet the rising demand.

The demand is expected to rise higher than what is currently being experienced due to a number of factors. One the public transport sector is being expanded and improved, something that will attract more people to come and live in Baltimore. The second most important factor is that there is conducive environment to do business in Baltimore and a lot of business and startups that have already set camp in Baltimore are doing very well. The low cost of living in Baltimore as compared to Washington DC has also attracted a lot of the millennials. Lastly, Baltimore attracts many young people because it is a shopping and dining destination. There are a lot of restaurants and luxury shops that tend to attract lots of the younger generation. Check out Ideamensch for more info.

About Todd Lubar

Todd Lubar is currently the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC and also the Senior Vice President of Legendary Investments. Lubar has over twenty years worth of experience in the real estate industry and as an expert has helped thousands of people in fulfilling their dreams of owning a home.

Todd Lubar has also worked in the financial industry for quite some time and the combination of his expertise in real estate and finance has made him be one of the most sought-after real estate agents by many home buyers.

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A Look At The Investing And Art Of Entrepreneur Arthur Becker

Arthur Becker is a New York real estate and technology investor whose office also serves as an art studio. He has created art throughout his life and displays his work, such as painting and sculptures, at his work. His office is just down the street from the first luxury property development he is solely handling on his own on 465 Washington Street in the Soho district. This development, when completed, will have 8 residential units and an overall estimated value of $52.5 million. More details can be found on Crunchbase.

Becker made his fortune in both the tech and financial industries. He was a stockbroker for Bear Stearns for many years. He is also the former CEO of two tech firms, NaviSite and Zino, LLC. He made his fortune buying tech companies in the first half of the 2000’s and afterward shifted to investing in real estate in both New York and Miami. Up until his new development, he has preferred to stay in the background on his real estate investments and let others be the face of the project.

In an article on The Real Deal, another property that Arthur Becker recently invested in was a project with four luxury townhouses on Sullivan Street. In exchange for his interest in the condo building that was also part of the project, Becker now owns three of the townhouses. He is investing $20 million into one of them, which he plans to live in, and plans to either sell or lease the other two.

Arthur Becker used to be married to Vera Wang, the fashion designer, before they separated in 2012. He had two daughters with Vera, who are now in their early 20’s. He was also a long-time senior advisor to her, advising her on the operations of her fashion empire. He is also a collector of different assets including ancient currencies, origami money boards, Magic 8 Ball’s, Paperweights, and other items.

It is through Madison Partners, LLC, that Becker invests in real estate. He serves as the organization’s Managing Member. He leads overall operations as well as directs investments into real estate projects and puts venture capital into startup biotechnology companies.

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