A New Way to do Fantasy Sports

Fantasy sports is an interactive player experience that allows sports fans to participate in a competitive game with other players utilizing real game statistics of professional athletes. Most of the major professional sport leagues have a complimentary fantasy system across different websites on the internet. This adds an additional competitive factor to watching and following professional sports. Players earn points for positive statistics that their roster players accumulate in games like points scored and game impact. Players that accumulate the most fantasy points within their league are crowned the winner for that respective season.

DRAFT offers a fantasy draft system that is not restricted by a salary cap for the fantasy roster. This allows fantasy players to assemble their teams without the stress of managing real life player contracts when adding them to their fantasy team. Players are able to spend more time tracking player statistics and watching their favorite sports. DRAFT provides a fantasy league for the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB and professional golf. The platform also has a smartphone application on the Apple app store and on Google play which helps players track their fantasy roster’s progress anywhere they go with their phone.