Rocketship Education Students Promote Gratitude

Among calling out to our parents, saying thank you is one of the first things we learn to do. Gratitude is within all of us and has no preference in terms of race, sex, age or financial status. It is unfiltered and truly comes from the heart. Not only does showing others gratitude promote positive, it has a way of making us feel good as well.

At Rocketship Education, leaders are focused on more than education. Leaders, teachers, and staff work together to promote sharing and gratitude within the schools tight-knit community. Rocketship has four core values that are shared across the network of schools and ask each school to individually decide on a fifth. Students, or Rocketeers, recite these values daily, and are expected to practice them throughout their school day, and in their, every day lives.

In February, Rocketship United Academy announced their fifth core value: gratitude. Parents, students, and teachers say they picked this value because they believe it will help strengthen relationships both in and outside of the school. Using a bit of creativity, the staff at Rocketship United Academy came up with a great way to help students show their gratitude. Gratitude Grams, introduced by the schools Positive Behavioral Interventions and Support Team simple way for students to express themselves and show their appreciation to their peers.

For seven days, students were given a small piece of construction paper with a different students name each day. In short notes and pictures, Rocketship students showed their appreciation for one another and worked together to promote positivity and gratitude.

Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public charter schools for the early learner. Headquartered in Redwood City, California, the network currently operates sixteen schools in various cities across the US. Founded by John Danner and Preston Smith in 2007, the network of schools has experienced significant growth since their start in a San Jose church basement