Cotemar: The Number One Provider of Services in the Oil Industry

Cotemar is a Mexico-based company dedicated to providing services related to the oil industry. The company has more than 36 years of experience providing offshore oil related services to PEMEX, through specialized vessels. Some of their specializations include food and lodging, construction, air transportation, marine operation and maintenance, and maintenance and engineering. Cotemar participates in the offshore oil field by contributing to the manufacture of hydrocarbons, based on effective processes that are implemented with committed individuals and technology.

Our Services

At Cotemar, we strive to continuously evolve and broaden our services in the entire oil sector while integrating process equipment as well as useful indicators. We rely on highly skilled workers to maintain a high-performance business paragon.

We offer services through three tactical lines that combine highly unique services according to the below market segments: Construction, Maintenance, Modernization, and Engineering: Accommodation and Catering and Special Vessel and Maritime.

Construction, Maintenance, Modernization and Engineering

Cotemar specializes in the rehabilitation as well as the maintenance of platforms and oil processing centers of PEMEX offshore facilities. Our range of services includes commissioning of service lines and performing jobs from the prefab. These services are provided using a powerful positioning semi-submersible rig that is characterized by its flexibility to move from one place to the next.

Specialized, Maritime Support Vessels

The vessels at Cotemar have a dynamic positioning system that provides special services like offshore maintenance. These containers are also equipped with a saturation diving system that allows inspection procedures as well as seabed processing lines rehabilitation. The containers provide both personnel as well as lightweight material transportation services around the Campeche Bay.

Cotemar also has refrigerated cargo vessels that offer material and nourishment transportation.

Accommodation and Catering

One of the best things that set us apart from our competitors is the catering and accommodation we provide to both our clients and staffs working on board, to ensure the welfare of all employees.

Cotemar’s Sustainability Scheme
This is what we do to sustain the different areas of our business:

Business ethics

Cotemar is an entity that is shared by its people based on social, environmental and economic commitment. We, therefore, communicate the guidelines that support the values and transparency of our company.

Quality of life

Cotemar strives to encourage the fundamental development of its people as well as their families through industrial health, education, sports, safety and equity programs. They organize events that promote family integration and a sense of belonging.


To strengthen our company regarding social value, we create jobs for the community; promote sports, health, and culture by supporting social events and institutions.


Cotemar backs its sustainable operations scheme by raising awareness about environmental care through environmental preservation activities and good practices that lower the negative impact on the environment.