EOS Lip Balm Review- Search and Engage

While it’can be a fact true various brands and varieties of lip balm can have only so many differences, the variations that do exist will, in fact, make a dramatic change your lips appearance and feel. There are so many to choose from but a person needs the best quality for the money spent. EOS will provide that. EOS has a very noticeable egg shape that stands apart from all other brands. This unique shape allows for the product to be easily found while on the shelf, in your purse, or in your pockets. The egg shape container makes it where it will not stick in corners allowing it to melt and leave a nasty stain. At times lip gloss is too sticky for an in the rush application and cosmetic lip stain can be too formal. EOS lip balm provides the perfect alternative to those two options. This lip balm provides a good hydrating and moisturizing alternative to lip gloss and lipstick. EOS is a must have in the purses and cosmetic bags of ladies around the globe. Having dry skin is uncomfortable and unacceptable in today’s society. Having smooth lips to apply lipstick is a must for optimal beauty and to compliment ones facial features. EOS provides a lip balm that accomplishes that task.

Did EOS Outdo Themselves with Their Lip Balm Product?

EOS is now a brand that people look for when they need a reliable, fun lip balm. The brand is more popular than Chapstick, and sells more tubes of balms per-week than the once number one lip balm brand in the country. What makes the story more exciting is the length of time EOS has been around. They’ve accomplished great things in just seven short years’ time. It isn’t every day that you hear about a company that did so much in such a short span of time. EOS did great things, and they plan to continue that trend for a long time to come.

But, many wonder exactly how EOS lip balm could do something so great in this short time. It is hard to get your name out there in today’s massive beauty care industry, much less become a top-selling brand. EOS didn’t pull any strings or use tricks, but they did pay attention, and they did listen to consumers. They heard what these people wanted, and worked hard to create that product for them. They did pretty well, considering the position they’re at now.

EOS, short for Evolution of Smooth, created a lip balm that brought the change people were looking for. There are eight fun EOS flavors to choose from, each made with organic, all-natural ingredients. The low-cost orb shells are fun and trendy, and the balm works wonderfully, at a price of less than $4 on Walmart and Target. EOS outdid Chapstick, and may have even outdone them, too.