Robert Ivy Builds The Building World Through Advocacy

Robert Ivy is an instrumental part of the building world. The chief executive officer as well as the president of American Institute of Architects prides himself on being an admirable leader who utilizes advocacy, educative outreach and publicity to reach out to architects in different associations. Ivy is focused on helping clients as well as communities to enjoy the benefits of a revolutionary constructive world that comes with architectural designs.


As most organizations know, leadership defines the direction of the firm. That is why Ivy has been good at exercising excellent leadership at AIA. Under his guidance, the association has transformed into a service based provider for architectures in the current century. Being in charge of an influential organization, Ivy has set achievable yet aggressive goals to keep employees on toes when it comes to service delivery. His goals have strengthened public health awareness and heightened knowledge through creating awareness on the value as well as the relevance of having architects in the world.

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Ivy’s success is immeasurable. His achievements speak for his passion and input in the world or architecture. He has managed to streamline the organization by implementing policies that work for the good of the clients. Being a great decision maker, Ivy has built a new, advanced technological platform for easy operations. From initiating strong infrastructure to launching a universal campaign dubbed public awareness campaign, Robert Ivy is a leader to emulate. His focus is appended to shifting AIA to resourceful platforms. He is also moved by the need to nurture architects by preparing them for the business world. Ivy addresses critical issues that arise in architecture. From climate change, the effects of design to public health as well as human safety, he is bound to the bettering of the world.


Perhaps what defines Ivy’s ability to hold the architecture association together is his experience. Before joining AIA, he was the vice president as well as the editorial director for McGraw- Hill Construction. He also served as the chief editor of architectural record magazine. As a leader in the two organizations, Ivy was received several honors because of his input. The premier magazine journalism award is just one of the honors. He also bagged honors by The American Society of Magazine Editors. Ivy’s track record of performance indicates that he can be trusted with multiple executive positions. He is an excellent communicator, a leader and mentor to many.

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