Looking at George Soros’ Donation $18 Billion to Open Society Foundations

Born 87 years ago, George Soros has played a big part in the hedge fund business that has seen him accumulate his wealth. Over the years, George Soros has concentrated in philanthropy. He is a Hungarian where he survived the Second World War. Soros escaped to Britain in 1947 where he joined School of Economics and pursued a BSc and Master of Philosophy while working as railway porter and waiter. He started Open Society Foundations with the aim of fighting for democracy and bringing justice around the world.

Soros has continued to take part in active personal interest in the work of Open Society Foundation. The foundation is one of his establishments which he uses in steering democracies and fighting injustice issues and discrimination around the world. He has traveled extensively seeking for support of their operating and promotes for constructive policy transformations with leaders globally both privately and publicly. He has contributed over $ 32 billion as a person to fund their work globally. He has shown to be a real philanthropist with his numerous social foundations. He also established and is the main funder of the Central European University in Budapest which is a leader in offering social sciences studies in the region.

What has brought Soros to limelight recently is his contribution of $18 billion personal fortune to Open Society Foundations. This aims to support the foundation’s future work. The total amount he has donated Open Society over the years has summed up to $30 billion. His latest contribution has changed both the philanthropy he established and the investment firm supplying its wealth. The donation is one of the largest globally in non-profitable philanthropic work.

The Foundations has provided financial support to various programs globally like refugee relief and public health endeavors. The foundations mostly concentrate in advocating for the rights of immigrants, financing liberal causes and Roma children in Europe. This has seen its influence how political waves flow in some countries which have not gone well with some political parties.

The foundation expenditures sum up to approximately $ 14 billion over the years of its operation. Its existence has played a great in shaping how politics are run in some if not most of the countries globally. A perfect example is their support in political campaigns of the U.S politicians where Soros was supporting Hillary Clinton, the candidate for Democratic Party. He also financed in the war against hate crimes during that time with a donation of $10 million.

Most of the rich he has accumulated over time are known to go to Open Society at the end. This will not make a significant difference as he has been the chief financier of its operations through annual donations. The assets are valued to be more than $ 20 billion and will be transferred to the foundations during his lifetime or after death. His level of charity work is beyond any doubt another level and very commendable. He has proven to be one of a kind in how he runs things in striving to see justice in society.