The Amazing History of George Soros and His Philanthropy

George Soros is one of the largest donors to charity in the world. He started the Open Society Foundations around thirty years ago to help out the poor and the oppressed. The Open Society Foundations have done a tremendous job and have accomplished a lot of good work in the world. George Soros has been donating a lot of his own money to the Open Society Foundations. He has donated over thirty two billion dollars to them overall. He has been donating eight hundred million a year to the Open Society Foundations for a long time, but he has recently taken his donations to a whole new level. As part of his estate planning, George Soros donated the amazing sum of eighteen billion dollars to the Open Society Foundations for charity. This is an unprecedented donation, and donations by private individuals to charity have almost never been this large.

George Soros cares about the poor and oppressed. He wants to help them because he knows how they feel. He himself has been a victim of oppression. He lived in Hungary when it was occupied by the Nazis, and he only managed to escape the Nazis by hiding the fact he was Jewish by using false identity papers. His family did the same thing, and they helped other families use false papers as well.

After moving to London, where he worked at night to support his daytime studies at the London School of Economics, George Soros moved to New York. He got involved in Wall Street and became very successful. He started Soros Fund Management and became one of the most successful investors in the United States. He made a one billion dollar bet against the British pound in 1992 and made a large fortune for himself while doing so.

George Soros is actively involved in the Open Society Foundations. He is in contact with the management over there and the president of the foundation. He is involved in their decisions.

The Open Society Foundations have a goal, which is to promote an open and free society. They work against discrimination, hate crimes, abuses of power by police governments, and help support minorities and the LGBT communities. George Soros is against the way the war on drugs is being handled, and he does not believe that things are being done properly in a way that actually helps out the people who are victims of addiction. and more information click here

George Soros has donated money to many other foundations  charities that are not his own. Wherever George Soros decides his money should go to, there is one thing that remains the same about George Soros and his charitable donations. He always fights for the things he cares about, and he often fights for causes that other people would have thought hopeless and lost. George Soros is not afraid of what people say, as long as he makes sure to focus on what is right. He is independent because of his extreme success in the financial market.