Breaking into the Competitive Music Industry: Norka Martinez Luque

Breaking into the mainstream music scene is not an easy task. Here is a surprising fact that you might not be aware of: every year, upcoming musicians possessing exceptional musical talent forward demos, videos and other items to music companies. Sadly, an overwhelming majority of these musicians never hear back from the companies.

In fact, a good number of the materials are not even opened. Most of them end up in the trash. The tough reality is that musicians are left wondering why their efforts to venture into professional singing seem to go nowhere despite their musical talent. Even if you find yourself in such a scenario, Norka Martinez Luque is here to remind you that don’t give up.

Here is her secret to venturing into professional singing.

  1. Do music but find a secure job on the side

As an aspiring musician, it is often a good idea to find a secure job to keep you going before you build a steady music career. Before Ms. Martinez became an international star, she had a steady banking career in Monaco.

  1. Join a street band

Joining a band is perhaps the easiest way to create important connections in the music industry. As a team member, you will get an avenue to hand out promotional materials to potential fans, music producers and sponsors. In the case of Luque, she joined a rock group by the name Bad Moon Rising. She has repeatedly said in interviews that her time with this band helped a great deal. She says that this band provided her with a platform to meet professionals in the European music community.

  1. Find a mentor

Having a professional to turn to for advice is a great way to stay ahead in the competitive music industry. Through shows, you can get a mentor that will guide you to greatness. Ms. Norka Luque Martinez has a team of professionals backing her. Emilio Estefan Jr. discovered her and signed her to his record label, Crescent Moon Records. Other professionals such as Archie Pena, Luigi Giraldo, Hermanos Gaitán and Fito Blanko have also helped the 30-year-old singer with most of her songs.

Most of her fans find her story inspirational and motivational. Her international hit “Milagro” encourages anyone who is experiencing challenges in life. Her current release “Tomorrowland” also carries a message of encouragement that most people find appealing.