Plan And Grow With Agera Energy

Agera Energy’s mission and vision are simple, yet profound. The company’s concept and essence are to simplify energy supply and buying in the long run. It provides efficient and effective solutions that are implemented and supported by its experienced team and professionals. Agera focuses on customers focusing on their businesses and homes.

Efficiency Services

Agera Energy uses energy-efficient solutions that are best suitable for their retail energy supply products. Agera LED Lighting is one of their efficiency solutions that can is funded by the company itself and is charged on your monthly energy bill. It is proven to lower energy costs in the long run.

Achieve cost-effective solutions that are very simple to implement. The company has the ability to coordinate the installation of lights and install LED Lighting Solutions that help reduce energy and carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. It reduces the kWh used to power lights and approximately 20% of an energy’s monthly bill.

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply

If a state suddenly implemented laws that are deregulating the industry of energy and allows retail energy instead, the consumer will have full power and deeper understanding of it for they have the power to control it. Agera Energy makes will make it easier for you to choose from.

Agera Energy ensures that their customers save money on the energy used every day at home or in business. Its main priority is the customers’ energy needs and their products are uniquely designed to ensure that natural gas and energy costs are billed cost-effectively and lower than the usual.

Career Opportunities

Agera Energy is looking for innovative and driven professionals to be a part of their company. The jobs that are currently available are the following listed below:

1. Billing Analyst

2. Business Development Manager

3. Senior Business Development Manager.

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Talos Energy Has Reeled Off One Accomplishment After Another Over The Last Handful Of Years:

The recent merger between Stone Energy Corporation and Talos Energy LLC has come together to form a new Gulf of Mexico based oil and gas producer now operating under the name of Talos Energy Inc. This merger has allowed the new company to immediately go public due to the fact that Stone Energy Corporation was already the owner of a public listing which the new entity has been able to absorb. In the lead up to this major business merger, both companies report that they had made significant discoveries within the Gulf of Mexico region. Talos also made a huge announcement when it was made known that the company struck oil in Zama 1 field which is located in the shallow waters off of Mexico.

With the major involvement that Talos Energy has committed to the Gulf of Mexico region, the company is now working hard the develop this area in a responsible way. Company officials are committed to doing this in an intuitive manner. One of the factors that are currently acting in favor of the efforts that Talos Energy has been making is the fact that Mexico underwent massive reforms in its energy regulations during the 2014 calendar year. Mexico now has a nationalized oil market but it is one with a uniquely twenty-first-century spin on it that is paying off big for companies like Talos Energy.

Talos Energy became one of the first American oil companies to garner a contract into the Mexican sphere of influence regarding exploratory drilling. This was in 2015 and Talos Energy was awarded two of the fourteen available blocks that were being offered up for lease by the Mexican energy authority. 2017 was another landmark year as Talos Energy became the first private oil firm to drill a well offshore in Mexican territory. The Houston, Texas-based Talos Energy has demonstrated the benefit of the new approach that Mexico is taking in terms of energy regulation. Talos Energy President and Founder Tim Duncan has been very proud of the numerous accomplishments that his firm has enjoyed over the last handful of years.

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