Markus Rothkranz Enema

With what a regular American, our bodies get “clogged” up like a pipe in an old house. Even with the most nutritious diet your body can get “clogged”. Combining a healthy eating lifestyle and with a cleanse your body will feel more vitalized. Markus Rothkranz discusses his method for cleansing the body with an enema.

To begin, you will need a ½ gallon hot water bottle with a tube; wash water bottle a few times if new, to remove the plastic residue, and a ½ gallon of filtered spring or distilled water; do not use alkaline water. The best place to perform the enema is in the bathroom.
• Fill body temperature water into bottle with a funnel
• Screw hose onto the bottle
• Lubricate tip with something natural; olive oil or coconut oil
• Hang the bottle upside down about shoulder height; either on a towel rack or a cabinet doorknob
o Higher than the butt so gravity can pull the water down
• Kneel down on the floor naked with butt in the air and head on floor
• One hand holding the tip in place about 2 inches and the other hand holding the hose in case you need to squeeze and stop water flow
o If you have never performed an enema, you may experience an overwhelming desire to go to the bathroom, resist this urge. If necessary, squeeze the hose then continue.
• Continue filling yourself with the water until bottle is empty
• After bottle is empty, remove the bag and tube and place in the sink
• Get over to the toilet and prepare to be sitting for 20-30 minutes as your body releases all the crap inside you

Afterward, you will feel better and be surprised how much “crap” you had in you. You will also probably start feeling better than you have before; your headache could be gone or your sinuses cleared up.