Lincolnshire Management Bio

Since its founding in 1986, Lincolnshire Management has operated with a solid commitment to maintain exceptional standards for best practices in social, environmental and corporate governance while generating incredible profits for its investors. This successful and ethically-minded private equity firm is based in New York and maintains other offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and Lawrenceville, Georgia. Its focus has been centered on the acquisition of private, middle market companies. It also specializes in management buyouts, corporate divestiture, re-capitalization and growth equity in the public and private sector. The experienced team at Lincolnshire Management carefully analyzes all potential investments to minimize risk and to identify growth potential through strategic transformation.

For further diversification, Lincolnshire Management specializes in small and middle market private company mergers as well as mergers of closely-held public companies. The firm holds or has held interests across North America as well as throughout Asian and European countries. Its primary focus has been in the service, distribution and manufacturing industries, but it seeks to expand broadly into all sectors as investment opportunities are identified. Some of its profound success over the last three decades can be attributed to its experienced team of private equity investment experts and to its solid network of industry contacts.

Typically, Lincolnshire Management has co-invested with other private equity firms or investors, and it takes both majority and minority stakes depending on the unique factors at play. The firm has achieved great success in restructuring and improving its holdings dramatically within a relatively short period of time. Its Lincolnshire Equity Fund IV joins several other established and profitable funds, such as the Lincolnshire Funds II and III.

Some of its current holdings are in Allison Marine, Dalbo Holdings, Inc., Desch Plantpak, Latite, Nursery Supplies Inc. and True Temper Sports. Its realized investments include AMPORTS, Custom Alloy, Excelsior Radio Networks/ Triton Media, Credentials Services International and more. It most recently made news with the sale of Holley Performance Products. This sale transferred its ownership to Sentinel Capital Partners. Through the sale, Holley Performance Products has merged with Driven Performance Brands. Lincolnshire Management originally partnered with Holley Performance Products in 2013. Since that time, it has boldly improved its product line and processes. This has resulted in increased profitability and valuation.

The private equity firm also made news in April 2018 when it sold its interest in AMPORTS after four years. The sale was to a group of investors, including InstarAGE Asset Management in Canada. Throughout the acquisition period, AMPORTS has improved profitability and has expanded throughout North America. Prior to this, Lincolnshire Management received publicity when it exited Fabbri Group. The firm released its interest to Argos Soditic, another reputable private equity firm.

Looking forward, Lincolnshire Management strives to maintain its exceptional track record for success by actively looking for new investment opportunities with incredible upside potential. In addition to understanding the challenges that today’s private businesses face, the private equity firm also has the vast experience and incredible resources necessary to produce exceptional results for companies that may not currently be performing up to their full potential.

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Why Parents Need to Consider Hyland’s Teething Tablets

If your baby is currently teething, you need a product that you can trust and one that is going to provide them with the homeopathic care that they need. There is no better product on the market right now than Hyland’s Teething Tablets. When it comes to teething, Hyland’s Teething Tablets has you fully covered and helps to get rid of the discomfort and pain that your baby is experiencing. The most important part of using Hyland’s Teething Tablets is that they are easy to dissolve on the tongue and are ideal to give babies as young as one month old. The homeopathic ingredients are totally safe and gentle on even sensitive stomachs. Parents everywhere are using Hyland’s Teething Tablets because of how well the product works and because it has been used for years to treat teething pain and discomfort.

You can find Hyland’s Teething Tablets at virtually any pharmacy or drugstore in your area and they also create a wide range of other homeopathic care products geared for the entire family. Because of the wide range of products readily available, it has never been easier for you to make use of Hyland’s Teething Tablets and know that they are able to get you what you want and your baby the relief that they are going to need. You will finally be able to sleep through the night knowing that your child is getting pain relief and can feel good. You will find a wide range of reviews written about Hyland’s Teething Tablets and you will notice that a good majority of parents trust this product and brand for a lot of their family’s medical needs. You will also love the fact that the products are reasonably priced and can fit into just about any budget you have right now.

You will find that this particular option is right for your baby and is one of the easiest choices for you to make regarding their health. Be sure to speak with their doctor to make sure that your child is able to take these tablets with no ill effects.

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Article Title: An In-Depth Look At JD.Com’s Innovative Running Chicken Initiative

Article Text:

Most businesses often focus on pursuing their economic success and maximizing their value so much that they forget they should act in a manner that benefits society. however, is an exception as it has been going out of its way to benefit the community as a whole. It has been doing so by coming up with top innovative projects that benefit it as a business and the community as well.

For instance, as a way to improve the economic stability of Wuyi County, one of China’s most underprivileged counties, launched the Running Chicken initiative in 2016. Jingdong came up with the initiative as a way to improve the wellbeing of the residents through the provision of employment opportunities, in the 27-hectare piece of land that the over a million chickens would be reared on.

The running chicken initiative today

As noted, the project was launched in 2016. Three years later, reports that the project has been incredibly successful. Through the interest-free loans that Jingdong provides, over 500 families now have a stable source of income that they can use to improve their quality of life. works hand in hand with the locals by hiring professional breeders who skillfully tend to the chicken while the locals handle the rest such as maintaining the farms and growing veggies, grains, fruits and all that is required to feed the chicken.

How the project is different from conventional chicken initiatives

In most conventional chicken initiatives, these birds often spend all their lives caged up. They are also fed on GMO foods, and even though they may seem healthy, they tend to contain higher levels of harmful cholesterol and saturated fats making them unfit for human consumption. on the other hands aims at raising much healthier chickens. To achieve this, ensures that all the birds in its project take at least one million steps hence enabling each chicken to spend at least 50% of its time outdoors where there is sunshine and fresh air. As a result, through the project, can make chicken products of top quality that contain less harmful cholesterol and higher levels of omega-3 acids and other vital nutrients.

The upside of the project

The Running chicken project has been of immense benefit to the entire community. Apart from offering a source of income to the underprivileged families in the region, it has reinforced the economic stability of Wuyi County, thereby removing it from China’s nationally recognized disadvantaged counties. As for JD’s customers, they benefit from getting healthier, premium quality chicken products while has enjoys the massive sales generated from the project.

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Article Title: Richard Liu Qiangdong Talks About How They Increase Their Sales Over Time

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Achieving success in the e-commerce market is not as easy as it is already a saturated one. However, Richard Liu managed to enter the highly saturated e-commerce market and become one of the most successful e-commerce entrepreneurs in the world today. Richard Liu is the founder and executive chairman of JD, one of the largest e-commerce companies in the world and the second largest in China. JD has become the largest direct selling e-commerce company in China in recent times and has more than 300 million active users. One of the reasons why JD has achieved such success is due to its attentive and responsive customer service and highly expansive logistics network that covers the majority of the country.

Richard Liu has been able to grasp how the e-commerce market operates in his time heading JD. It is what has helped him devise marketing strategies accordingly to ensure that he catches the attention of target audience. Also, he likes to stay connected with the employees of the  company even at the ground level as well as the customers, which helps him know what is going on inside the company and what the consumers expect of JD. Richard Liu says that it is very important to stay grounded and understand not only what is going on at the top level of management, but also on the field. It is what helps in devising business strategies that are effective and would produce sustainable results.

Richard Liu Qiangdong believes that for e-commerce companies to be successful, they need to provide their customers with what they want. Jingdong has been able to provide customers with the top goods from leading brands. He feels that brands need to increase their awareness and partnering with Jingdong allow them access to far broader consumer market than they would otherwise. It is also cost effective for them and needs the least effort of their team. Jingdong can benefit from these brand associations and increase their sales. Thus, big brands are lining up to be a part of Jingdong, and Richard Liu is happy to oblige the brands that people are looking to buy from.

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Article Title: Opens Up Its Blockchain Framework To Businesses

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The leading Chinese e-commerce platform, just announced that it had opened its proprietary blockchain framework to businesses. This announcement follows JD’s launch of a new open blockchain technology platform, the JD Blockchain Open Platform. This state-of-the-art underlying blockchain framework gives businesses the ability to take advantage of prebuilt APIs for their operations. Companies now can build their solutions on this platform from the ground up. This solution building can be done easily as the underlying architecture has been designed to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. Even better, companies won’t have to rely on pre-built APIs.

Introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology

Through this platform, will be introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology to business which would otherwise not have access to it. In addition to this, the Chinese e-commerce giant also launched the JD Chain Open Source Community. This is a community of developers and users who will be dedicated to making the platform as a whole better. In this community, both users and developers of the blockchain framework will share ideas on how to make it better. Through the community, greater discussions can be held and also pooling of resources will be possible.

Empowering businesses management is very confident that this blockchain framework will go a long way in empowering businesses. With this technology, companies can become more efficient and flexible. The efficiency and flexibility are industry-leading as this framework can process more than 10,000 transactions per second. In addition to this, security has of late become a huge concern for businesses and this technology will guarantee that. Top level security is one of the guarantees of the technology.

About is one of the two biggest e-commerce platforms in China. The platform serves China and the surrounding Asian nations and has been very successful in recent years. has also been looking to expand globally, and the new blockchain framework seems like the right place for the company to start. Though the e-commerce platform is now a significant player in the sector, it was launched in 1998 by Richard Liu as a magneto-optical shop which prospered to become in 2004.

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Article Title: How Is Meeting The Needs Of Consumers

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In collaboration with Central Group, is engaged in continued expansion across Southeast Asia as it launches an e-commerce platform called JD CENTRAL. Jingdong already has a presence in the region that includes an investment in Tiki, and an online platform in Indonesia. With sales higher than projections, JD CENTRAL offers marketplace models and direct sales.

There are a wide variety of categories available on the website that include fashion, electronics, books, home appliances, and much more. There are even fast-moving consumer goods like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods and beverages, among others. In the category of fast moving consumer goods, the top sellers are fashion and mobile devices. There are several highly-regarded Chinese companies with brands that have become popular, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. leveraged the power of cutting-edge technology to become a worldwide retail operation that is a leader in logistics, with unmatched delivery speed offered to Thai consumers. Jingdong’s Warehouse Management System is used in warehouses located in Bangkok. In fact, they will soon offer same-day delivery and partner with local delivery services to provide nationwide coverage.

Vincent Yang, the CEO of JD CENTRAL, expressed delight over the company’s many successes, including their ability to serve customers located throughout Southeast Asia. Yang has spoken of their enthusiasm about offering Thai customers a quality e-commerce experience, with guaranteed product authenticity. The ultimate goal of is to become a brand that’s trusted in Thailand above any other brand. The company aims to unlock consumer potential and transform the local market.

Jingdong is working with top brands to expand their reach to Thai consumers. For instance, they have partnered with Vipshop, a top online Chinese apparel company that is already on the new platform. During a presentation at an event, Wu Zhengzhi, the General Marketing Manager of the Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division spoke of encouraging consumers to eat better and offering concepts that are win-win solutions. The goal is to offer a wider range of products to meet the needs of consumers. Jingdong Fresh has been preparing to expand its offerings on a more global scale.

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Article Title: Richard Liu

Article Text:

Richard Liu is the founder and the CEO of the company which is the largest Chinese e-commerce website. The website is a worldwide platform that is expanding at a rapid pace and started when the internet started to boom. The company though was just what Liu could afford to do for himself when he got out of college. At the time because it was online, he was able to run it while working another job until the website paid enough to take care of the bills he had. As time went on and he tried retail but thought that it wasn’t for him, he went back to the website to grow that and try to continue the site. After starting website full time, it took off and started to boom in a way that he had never expected. Now while he is in his thirties, he sees a bright long future ahead of him.

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Juenesse Global’s Nutritional Powerhouse Reserve

I have always been curious about the actual power of antioxidants. The claims sound too good to be true. Can they really reverse aging and cell damage? When I heard about Jeunesse Global’s antioxidant supplement drink Reserve, a powerhouse of fruit extracts with the famous antioxidant compound resveratrol as its engine, I decided to look a bit closer.

Reserve is a combination of five powerful superfruits: pomegranate, blueberry, dark cherry, acai and grape. These were selected for their high levels of antioxidants generally, and resveratrol specifically. This particular combination results in not only a great tasting product but also an outstanding nutritional profile. These antioxidant compounds have been the subject of scientific studies for decades, all hoping to find that elusive elixir, a fountain of youth encapsulated in a berry or a glass of wine. Resveratrol is the antioxidant compound that has gotten the most scientific “buzz” lately. It is most closely associated with the “French Paradox” and with good reason. It found in abundance in red wine, so closely associated with the classic French diet and thought to be part of the reason for the good health of the French population.

I think it’s perfectly normal to be a bit skeptical about how much of these antioxidants survive preparation and bottling and whether they can be effective. Fortunately, Reserve eased my mind on this front. Jeunesse Global, committed to answering the skeptics, tested Reserve’s actual impact on red blood cells. Their product offered over 25% more protection than another antioxidant, gallic acid. Pretty cool results, don’t you think? As for anything that might detract from this healthy fruity concoction, Reserve has not artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial preservatives. It really sounds like something I can feel good about putting into my body!

I guess we all feel a bit run down from time to time. Modern life is full of stresses and our environment frequently contains pollutants in our air and food. Maybe drinking a supplement filled with powerful potentially restorative antioxidants is one delicious way to counteract all of that.,-FL-jobs.html

Plan And Grow With Agera Energy

Agera Energy’s mission and vision are simple, yet profound. The company’s concept and essence are to simplify energy supply and buying in the long run. It provides efficient and effective solutions that are implemented and supported by its experienced team and professionals. Agera focuses on customers focusing on their businesses and homes.

Efficiency Services

Agera Energy uses energy-efficient solutions that are best suitable for their retail energy supply products. Agera LED Lighting is one of their efficiency solutions that can is funded by the company itself and is charged on your monthly energy bill. It is proven to lower energy costs in the long run.

Achieve cost-effective solutions that are very simple to implement. The company has the ability to coordinate the installation of lights and install LED Lighting Solutions that help reduce energy and carbon dioxide emissions from being released into the atmosphere. It reduces the kWh used to power lights and approximately 20% of an energy’s monthly bill.

Electricity & Natural Gas Supply

If a state suddenly implemented laws that are deregulating the industry of energy and allows retail energy instead, the consumer will have full power and deeper understanding of it for they have the power to control it. Agera Energy makes will make it easier for you to choose from.

Agera Energy ensures that their customers save money on the energy used every day at home or in business. Its main priority is the customers’ energy needs and their products are uniquely designed to ensure that natural gas and energy costs are billed cost-effectively and lower than the usual.

Career Opportunities

Agera Energy is looking for innovative and driven professionals to be a part of their company. The jobs that are currently available are the following listed below:

1. Billing Analyst

2. Business Development Manager

3. Senior Business Development Manager.

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Fortress Investment Group Acquired By SoftBank For $3.3 Billion

The company SoftBank has recently been involved in a major transaction. In August of 2018, the company acquired the asset management Fortress Investment Group for a sum of $3.3 billion. This transaction will enable the company to continue its worldwide expansion. The acquisition of Fortress Investment Group was unexpected despite there being rumors of a possible deal. With the acquisition of Fortress Investment Group, SoftBank will now be able to continue the next phase of its business development It will now look to become one of the largest and most reputable investment management firms in the world. While Fortress Investment Group may have been acquired by SoftBank, it will continue to operate as it has for the last 20 years. SoftBank will not have any management or oversight of Fortress Investment Group’s valuable assets.

The new acquisition will be beneficial for both Fortress and SoftBank. Since Fortress has been successful at dictating its own business direction and goals to pursue, SoftBank became very interested in this characteristic. For SoftBank, Fortress will remain anonymous when pursuing its goals and interests all over the world. Both Fortress and SoftBank will look to continue serving their customers as well as pursue their own unique goals in the future.

These two companies have been major entities in the business world since the beginning of the 1980’s. SoftBank was founded in 1981 and served as a wholesaler of PC software. By the 1990’s the company would branch out to holding computer trade shows as well as publishing computer magazines. In 1996, SoftBank had a change in its fortunes as it was able to acquire Yahoo. Once the company acquired Yahoo, it would branch out to other industries all over the world. Today, SoftBank has holdings in over 400 internet companies throughout the world and looks to continue its expansion.

Fortress is an alternative asset management firm that was founded in 1998. For the past twenty years, the firm has emerged as one of the leading investment firms that provide services to a wide range of businesses and industries. It was founded by its chief executive officer Randal Nardone as well as the co chairman Wesley Edens. The two founders have built the firm into one of the most successful investment firms in the world.

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