Oren Frank, Founder of Talkspace

Oren Frank is the CEO and also the Co-Founder of Talkspace, an online Psychotherapy platform for helping patients with medical problems. Talkspace has developed an unlimited messaging Therapy which has enabled outpatients with mental health disorders to access different services through directly communicating with a doctor without having to travel to see the doctor physically.

Taklkspace hires a New Chief Medical Officer.

Due to the increase in their number of online users and increase in demand from the clients, Talkspace, through Oren Frank, has hired a chief medical officer from the UnitedHealth who will help in building their enterprise business and also in medicine prescriptions to their clients through their online app.

With the help of Oren Frank, Talkspace have managed to offer different means of keeping in touch with their clients such as video chat therapy. Talkspace video therapy have seen an improvement as Talkspace is getting serious on giving their clients the best services possible and this has seen the recruitment of Neil Leibowitz, a senior medical director from UnitedHealth to Talkspace. Neil’s’ recruitment is as a result of Talkspace mulling a potential IPO and also to help in medicine prescriptions to their clients. Read more at talkspace.com by Oren Frank

Oren Frank Tweets

In his recent tweets, Oren Frank has had an interest in helping teens through the Talkspace initiative of Therapy for all. Oren has noted that most teens always see depression and anxiety among the teenagers have been on the rise, and they are supposed to be helped out of this situation and hence his initiative for Therapy for All.

Oren Frank has also been tweeting on the technology advancement in different fields. On a tweet on 13th of February, Oren retweeted leniency of tech lords using tools that were perfect for tagging friends in categorizing upcoming stories and products ranking through the building of technological blocks for efficient surveillance systems to help in increasing the productivity of businesses.

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Jojo Hedaya and the Founding of Unroll.me

ojo Hedaya’s and Josh Rosenwald’s journey to become co-founders of Unroll.me began in the early 2000s while they were both students pursuing higher education at different universities. Before then they both had some similar backgrounds being raised in Jewish private preparatory schools. It wasn’t until Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald signed up for a seminar at an Israel University and came into contact with a Rabbi who introduced them to one another.

First Projects

Both young men took the Rabbi at his word and became friends. Immediately Hedaya and Rosenwald found they had similar technology interest and abilities. After both had left their different universities and were searching for a common project they could both tackle they experienced a common frustration. While Jojo Hedaya attempted to contact Josh thru email he was frustrated why he was unable to make contact. They both realized that Josh’s email client was bottle-necked by the sheer amount of email it was trying to sort. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald decided to make it a common project.

Developing an Algorithm

After several days of deciding on a name for their project they decided upon Unroll as one they could both relate to in the frustration they were experiencing. Hedaya and Rosenwald issued several versions of their algorithm before they found a marketing team and thousands of subscribers who were interested in their app. Soon the Unroll.me app became one of the top 10 app’s in the Apple app store. In 2014, nearly three years after they founded Unroll.me, Retuken Intelligence approached Hedaya and Rosenwald to acquire Unroll.me. Today, Hedaya and Rosenwald, tell entrepreneurs who are seeking to become successful, to plan well and take every opportunity.

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Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of Unroll.me and today is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer for Unroll.me. Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York, where he lives with his wife and son. Hedaya attended New York University where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business between 2010-2012. Jojo Hedaya enjoys family time and sports and is an avid fan of the New York Knicks.


Meet Oren Frank: A Committed Chief Executive Officer

Oren Frank is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Talkspace. This is an online as well as mobile therapy firm situated in New York City. It was founded in the year 2012. The company has access to highly experienced therapists through mobile app on Android as well as iOS. Since it was first started, the company has been doing everything possible to provide its customers with all the services they need. Recently, it hired Neil Leibowitz, who works as the Chief Medical Officer.

The company decided to hire a chief medical officer because of the desire to improve its enterprise business. Although the company has been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, the platform enjoys more than one million users. This crystal clearly proves that the company is not only on move but also it has a bright future. Oren Frank, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer told the CNBC that they are actually generating millions of dollars as revenue. Check this article at Wikipedia

Now that the new Chief Medical Officer is in place, the Physicians at the firm will start prescribing medications to those who need them. The psychiatrists, who are usually independent consultants, will commence working using the video tool because of the state as well as the federal regulations. Leibowitz made it clear that the firm has not yet decided whether there are any drugs it should stop prescribing.

Oren Frank said that Leibowitz, who is an ex-insurance executive, will play an important role in helping the company get into its dreams. The company will be able to make huge sums of money through this talented guy. He revealed that many employers are actually taking mental health with the seriousness it deserves. He thinks this is happening due to the rise in depression as well as anxiety among millennials. He said that the company is working around the clock to partner with the right people to ensure all the goals and dreams are achieved.

Learn more: https://www.talkspace.com/online-therapy/reshaping-behavioral-health-2017/oren-frank-intro-presentation/


Bernardo Chua Is Providing Healthy Alternatives For People Across The Globe

Bernardo Chua is the founder and CEO fo rOrgano Gold, a network marketing firm that he started up more than 10 years ago today in British Columbia. Since the inception of OrganoGOld, the company has become much more than Bernardo ever expected. Not only is Organo selling products to people all over the world, but they have also expanded on their services and products a great deal in the past decade. Coffee has become a bigger aspect at Organo Gold thanks to Bernardo’s desire to bring a healthier cup of coffee to a potential market of hundreds of millions of coffee drinkers across the world. Ganoderma has been used throughout eastern countries for many centuries for its healing effects. Read more at thestreet.com

Organo Gold is a network marketing company at heart, but they have continued to add more products to the list over the years. These include teas, coffees, toothpaste, and nutritional mixes. Bernardo Chua is looking for ways to incorporate Ganoderma into nearly all of the products he offers at Organo Gold. He believes the health benefits can be extracted and be made beneficial through various different means. Traditional coffee is usually full of sugars and other additives that are bad for the body. The gourmet coffees at Organo Gold provide lasting energy and focus without the same generous amounts of sugar and creamers for taste.

Bernardo Chua has done well to innovate and bring new ideas to his business and various markets and he is still on the ball today. Rather than just selling their products, Organo Gold now offers to form business relationships with independent distributors and other individuals that can help both parties make more money. Organo Gold has many investors around the world backing them up today, which has allowed them to become more involved in the coffee industry in many different countries, including the United States.

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The Revered Randal Nardone

Also known as Randy, Mr. Randal nardone co-founded Fortress Investment Group in 1998 and has been its chief executive officer and principal since August 2013 and 1998 respectively. Currently holding position 557 on the Forbes billionaires list with a net worth of 1.8billion, Mr. Randal nardone earned a bachelor’s degree in biology and English from the University of Connecticut and is also a graduate of the Boston University of law.

Prior to Fortress, Randal nardone had experience working at the legal department as a partner at a law firm. After some time he joined a financial management firm as a principal he quit after some time and landed a demanding role as managing director at USB. After a year his experience in financial service industry made him co founding Fortress Investment Group.

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Great place to learn fast paced company, amazing leadership, serious productive place, is some of the virtues present in Fortress Investment Group according to the results of the survey conducted to the employees working at the investment group.

Randal nardone is considered a guru in the financial service because apart from his management skills not from his educational background but comes mainly from experience, he has many hats in different organizations.

For instance, he is the director of Eurocastle investment ltd, non executive director of Alea group holdings Bermuda ltd., director of Florida East Coast holdings, director of Springleaf finance Inc, co-founder, principal, director of Fortress credit cooperation’s. He is the vice president and the secretary of Newcastle investment holdings; he is also the president of Ncs1.

When Softbank, a Japanese based bank started asking about buying Fortress investments, Feeling confident with the skills he had, he jumped in to it and after the purchase was complete, the management team was kept. It continues to operate as an independent company with their continuity in specializing in private equity, hedge funds, railroads, real estate and credit fund.

He shares optimism about the purchase thinking that it will strengthen the Fortress Investment Group and that the company will now have increased sources for credit and faster growth.

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InnovaCare’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides creates affordable healthcare plans

InnovaCare Health Inc. is a healthcare organization in the United States. It offers healthcare services that are revolutionary and based on the quality that the people need. The company aims to provide patients with value-based healthcare services. The top leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides takes credit for all the work that has been carried on by this company. They have steered it in the right direction by making sure that the solutions they offer to the people are helpful. Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health, and Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO. Both of them boast of more than two decades in the management of the company.

Rick Shinto


Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist working in California. He transitioned into management later and managed various companies before joining InnovaCare Health between 2008 and 2012; he was the president and chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. While working with Aveta Inc. he won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his innovative ideas in the management of the organization.


Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides joined the leadership of InnovaCare Health in 2015 as the chief administrative officer of the company. Kokkinides possesses over 20 years in the management of healthcare programs. Ah has solid experience in the management of government-sponsored programs, a factor that makes her one of the instrumental people in the management of InnovaCare’s services. Her expertise has helped the company to increase the number of people accessing their services greatly.


While talking to IdeasMench, Penelope Kokkinides revealed what makes her and the company successful. She also shared some valuable tips on how entrepreneurs can become successful as she is. She describes her typical as very different every single day. What she does today does not have to be what she does tomorrow. She believes one of the reasons she is successful is the ability to plan the activities of the following day the night before. Such a schedule keeps her busy all the time and trying as much as possible to be productive.

Penelope Kokkinides believes that there is a need for entrepreneurs to be updated on what is happening in the industry they belong. For her, every minute she gets is utilized on gathering more knowledge about the healthcare sector. She believes it is the information she has gathered from that will keep her productive round the year.



Nick Vertucci Inspires People through His Book- Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate entrepreneur who has encountered many challenges before succeeding in life. His story is inspirational, and he shares it by writing a book titled Seven Figure Decisions. In the book, Vertucci acknowledges that the seven figure decisions propel your success in life and you emerge from becoming a middle-class individual to a millionaire. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must take a leap of faith and be ready to make the tough call of remaining persistent.

The Book

In the Seven Figure Decisions, Vertucci narrates about how he lost everything. Although he lost everything, he did not despair; he formulated a plan that later changed his life completely. After encountering many challenges in life, Vertucci will inspire you and encourage you to embrace positivity despite the obstacles that you may be going through. Vertucci’s journey as an entrepreneur dates back to when he had come up with a cash flow system. He managed the system through the help of his business partner. Vertucci and his partner would rehabilitate properties and later put renters in the foreclosures.

Vertucci made friends with a man who had a real estate training company. Fortunately, Nick Vertucci and his partner were offered slots as trainers at the training company since they were conversant with the cash flow systems. While teaching at the real estate training company, Nick Vertucci and his partner would also provide properties to the students. After reading through the Seven Figure Decisions, you will get a clear understanding that the real estate training company made Nick Vertucci into the man that he is today. As a student, working at the firm came in handy since he was experiencing some financial constraints.

Nick Vertucci Talks about Integrity

Vertucci was close to the owner of the real estate company. Although business seemed successful, there were challenges along the way. Since the firm’s name and brand weren’t protected, the company experienced a significant downfall. The student turn-up was on the lower end, and the company wasn’t gathering substantial amounts of revenue. While at the real estate training company, Vertucci and his partner amassed a significant amount of revenue by selling properties to students. They did not lose out completely even after the training company incurred losses. Eventually, life took a turn, and the owner of the real estate training company overthrew Vertucci from his cash flow system business with the help of his partner. Vertucci had to start his investment journey again. Despite the challenges he faced, he was persistent. Emerging entrepreneurs should emulate him.