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In collaboration with Central Group, is engaged in continued expansion across Southeast Asia as it launches an e-commerce platform called JD CENTRAL. Jingdong already has a presence in the region that includes an investment in Tiki, and an online platform in Indonesia. With sales higher than projections, JD CENTRAL offers marketplace models and direct sales.

There are a wide variety of categories available on the website that include fashion, electronics, books, home appliances, and much more. There are even fast-moving consumer goods like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods and beverages, among others. In the category of fast moving consumer goods, the top sellers are fashion and mobile devices. There are several highly-regarded Chinese companies with brands that have become popular, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. leveraged the power of cutting-edge technology to become a worldwide retail operation that is a leader in logistics, with unmatched delivery speed offered to Thai consumers. Jingdong’s Warehouse Management System is used in warehouses located in Bangkok. In fact, they will soon offer same-day delivery and partner with local delivery services to provide nationwide coverage.

Vincent Yang, the CEO of JD CENTRAL, expressed delight over the company’s many successes, including their ability to serve customers located throughout Southeast Asia. Yang has spoken of their enthusiasm about offering Thai customers a quality e-commerce experience, with guaranteed product authenticity. The ultimate goal of is to become a brand that’s trusted in Thailand above any other brand. The company aims to unlock consumer potential and transform the local market.

Jingdong is working with top brands to expand their reach to Thai consumers. For instance, they have partnered with Vipshop, a top online Chinese apparel company that is already on the new platform. During a presentation at an event, Wu Zhengzhi, the General Marketing Manager of the Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division spoke of encouraging consumers to eat better and offering concepts that are win-win solutions. The goal is to offer a wider range of products to meet the needs of consumers. Jingdong Fresh has been preparing to expand its offerings on a more global scale.

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Article Title: Richard Liu

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Richard Liu is the founder and the CEO of the company which is the largest Chinese e-commerce website. The website is a worldwide platform that is expanding at a rapid pace and started when the internet started to boom. The company though was just what Liu could afford to do for himself when he got out of college. At the time because it was online, he was able to run it while working another job until the website paid enough to take care of the bills he had. As time went on and he tried retail but thought that it wasn’t for him, he went back to the website to grow that and try to continue the site. After starting website full time, it took off and started to boom in a way that he had never expected. Now while he is in his thirties, he sees a bright long future ahead of him.

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Neurocore – Helping Companies Protect Mental Health of its Employees

Suffering from mental health disorders can ruin your life in many ways as you wouldn’t be able to focus on work professionally or stay happy in your personal life. Thanks to the advancement that has taken place in the field of medicine, there are therapies available that would help you get rid of mental health issues. In this regard, the brain training programs by Neurocore are highly advanced as well as effective and ensure that it gets your rid of the stress and sleep disorder issues with ease. To know more about the company click here.

Neurocore has helped many individuals through its brain training programs that use the qEEG technology backed by applied neurosciences. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have a total of nine locations in the United States. In a short period of time, Neurocore has become a leading name in the field of applied neurosciences. Experts at Neurocore feel that it is up to companies to take care of the mental health issues of their employees. With stress and competition increasing in the workplace, employees today are facing mental problems but do not want to talk about it. It is the reason why companies need to take proactive action and to provide the employees with training programs so that they are able to handle stress better.


Juenesse Global’s Nutritional Powerhouse Reserve

I have always been curious about the actual power of antioxidants. The claims sound too good to be true. Can they really reverse aging and cell damage? When I heard about Jeunesse Global’s antioxidant supplement drink Reserve, a powerhouse of fruit extracts with the famous antioxidant compound resveratrol as its engine, I decided to look a bit closer.

Reserve is a combination of five powerful superfruits: pomegranate, blueberry, dark cherry, acai and grape. These were selected for their high levels of antioxidants generally, and resveratrol specifically. This particular combination results in not only a great tasting product but also an outstanding nutritional profile. These antioxidant compounds have been the subject of scientific studies for decades, all hoping to find that elusive elixir, a fountain of youth encapsulated in a berry or a glass of wine. Resveratrol is the antioxidant compound that has gotten the most scientific “buzz” lately. It is most closely associated with the “French Paradox” and with good reason. It found in abundance in red wine, so closely associated with the classic French diet and thought to be part of the reason for the good health of the French population.

I think it’s perfectly normal to be a bit skeptical about how much of these antioxidants survive preparation and bottling and whether they can be effective. Fortunately, Reserve eased my mind on this front. Jeunesse Global, committed to answering the skeptics, tested Reserve’s actual impact on red blood cells. Their product offered over 25% more protection than another antioxidant, gallic acid. Pretty cool results, don’t you think? As for anything that might detract from this healthy fruity concoction, Reserve has not artificial flavors, no artificial colors and no artificial preservatives. It really sounds like something I can feel good about putting into my body!

I guess we all feel a bit run down from time to time. Modern life is full of stresses and our environment frequently contains pollutants in our air and food. Maybe drinking a supplement filled with powerful potentially restorative antioxidants is one delicious way to counteract all of that.,-FL-jobs.html

Neurocore Musle Tech

Neurocore by Muscle Tech is a pre workout supplement used by athletes such as weight lifters, body builders, gymnasts and others for an added energy boost, lasting endurance during workouts and peak muscle growth. Neurocore is engineered for a superior energy boost with flavors like Cherry Limeaid and Icy Blue Raspberry for an enjoyable taste.

The formula uses a special creatine called HCI, which when used at the suggested 3g dosage does not call for gradual loading, as many creatine supplements do. HCI allows for maximum and sustained energy throughout a workout and gives the user optimal muscle stimulation and growth. Neurocore has been lab tested for quality by third party companies and has been praised by consumers and scientific journals alike.

Many other pre workout supplements tend to give people negative side affects such as rapid heart beat, the jitters or a nasty crash. Many consumers reported not having these side affects with Neurocore, which most likely can be attributed to it’s premium formula. Muscle Tech suggests stacking Neurocore with a supplement containing sufficient BCAA’s for maximum recovery after a maximum pump. Testosterone boosters, taken by active men can also be beneficial when paired with Neurocore.

Information About Edwin Miranda

Edwin Miranda is the head and the founder of the agency that handle the matters of marketing. The name KOI IXS knows the comKOI IXSpany. The dedication that has been set in place by the head of the company, Edwin Miranda, has enabled the firm to achieve a lot within its niche of marketing. The primary objective of the company is to link different brands that exist in the market with the new clients and also help retain the old customers. The strategy that has been applied by KOI IXS agency in executing mission has made the organization achieved its goals within the time limit.

Many brands have worked with KOI IXS agency and have left positive reviews regarding the manner of operation of the firm. The company has pushed for the best means that allows the clients in the field to engage well with the rest of the brands in the market. The effort that has been delivered by the company has made the organization realized its goals and be one of the leading agencies in market. Different brands have supported the efforts and the time invested by the KOI IXS in promoting their brands. Able leaders within the management of the KOI IXS is also another factor that has made the company occupy the peak scene.

The head of the company, Edwin Miranda has the capability of predicting the challenges and creating a solution. Furthermore, he can read the trend in the market and advises the rest of the leaders of different on the step to take in matters of investment. The avenue that has been set by the KOI IXS agency has made a lot of companies penetrate the market and win the trust of the customers.

The success of the KOI IXS in the field of marketing has been associated with the excellent leadership of Edwin Miranda.

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Burnout According to James Rivers Capital

James Rivers Capital is an investment advisory plant that was established by Paul Saunders. James Rivers Capital is responsible for providing individuals with investment advice, investment management, and commodity trading. James Rivers Capital is a huge corporation that has managed to assist millions of people across the United States in investment.


When employees are faced with a lot of stress and pressure, it leads to burnout. Burnout affects many employees in the United States causing them to work inefficiently which affects the organization in the long run. Employers usually expect their employees to be available and motivated all the time when this is not the case. Employees face burnout because of the workloads and stress from the workplace and at home. Paul Saunders who has held managerial positions for years gives his two cents on workplace burnout.


Paul Saunders advice to other employers is to curb burnout as soon as the first symptoms start showing. The following are some of the effective ways that employees can do this:


  1. Loss of confidence


When employees start losing confidence in their work and their ability to perform tasks, this may be an early sign of workplace burnout. It may also be a person already experiencing burnout. Employees may begin second-guessing themselves because of a number of reasons. Employers need to offer support to their employees and identify what is causing the loss in confidence. A good way to boost the employees’ confidence is to set goals for them that they can achieve. This will greatly improve their work performance.


  1. Inflexible policies and structures


Many organizations have inflexible policies and structures that are put in place as a way to make the employees disciplined. This, however, may be the first step to burnout because the staff members often feel constricted and out of control. Employees also need to have a sense of control because it greatly improves their work efficiency and how they work in the office. Employers need to create schedules that allow employers to be creative while at the same time they can remain disciplined. This will eliminate burnout.


  1. Lack of goals


If your employees do not have any long term or short term goals that they have set, it can be an early sign of workplace burnout. These employees lack the motivation and attitude to accomplish tasks because they have no goals to achieve. Employers need to set short term goals with their staff that will encourage them to work and improve their confidence.




In this era where mobile devices have become rampant, workplace burnout is bound to occur. It is the responsibility of the employers to ensure that the situation is contained and controlled. Learn more:


Jojo Hedaya and the Founding of

ojo Hedaya’s and Josh Rosenwald’s journey to become co-founders of began in the early 2000s while they were both students pursuing higher education at different universities. Before then they both had some similar backgrounds being raised in Jewish private preparatory schools. It wasn’t until Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald signed up for a seminar at an Israel University and came into contact with a Rabbi who introduced them to one another.

First Projects

Both young men took the Rabbi at his word and became friends. Immediately Hedaya and Rosenwald found they had similar technology interest and abilities. After both had left their different universities and were searching for a common project they could both tackle they experienced a common frustration. While Jojo Hedaya attempted to contact Josh thru email he was frustrated why he was unable to make contact. They both realized that Josh’s email client was bottle-necked by the sheer amount of email it was trying to sort. Jojo Hedaya and Josh Rosenwald decided to make it a common project.

Developing an Algorithm

After several days of deciding on a name for their project they decided upon Unroll as one they could both relate to in the frustration they were experiencing. Hedaya and Rosenwald issued several versions of their algorithm before they found a marketing team and thousands of subscribers who were interested in their app. Soon the app became one of the top 10 app’s in the Apple app store. In 2014, nearly three years after they founded, Retuken Intelligence approached Hedaya and Rosenwald to acquire Today, Hedaya and Rosenwald, tell entrepreneurs who are seeking to become successful, to plan well and take every opportunity.

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Jojo Hedaya

Jojo Hedaya is one of the co-founders of and today is the Chief Product and Consumer Officer for Jojo Hedaya is a native of New York, where he lives with his wife and son. Hedaya attended New York University where he acquired degrees in Philosophy and Business between 2010-2012. Jojo Hedaya enjoys family time and sports and is an avid fan of the New York Knicks.

Meet Oren Frank: A Committed Chief Executive Officer

Oren Frank is the current Chief Executive Officer of the Talkspace. This is an online as well as mobile therapy firm situated in New York City. It was founded in the year 2012. The company has access to highly experienced therapists through mobile app on Android as well as iOS. Since it was first started, the company has been doing everything possible to provide its customers with all the services they need. Recently, it hired Neil Leibowitz, who works as the Chief Medical Officer.

The company decided to hire a chief medical officer because of the desire to improve its enterprise business. Although the company has been in the industry for a relatively short period of time, the platform enjoys more than one million users. This crystal clearly proves that the company is not only on move but also it has a bright future. Oren Frank, the Company’s Chief Executive Officer told the CNBC that they are actually generating millions of dollars as revenue. Check this article at Wikipedia

Now that the new Chief Medical Officer is in place, the Physicians at the firm will start prescribing medications to those who need them. The psychiatrists, who are usually independent consultants, will commence working using the video tool because of the state as well as the federal regulations. Leibowitz made it clear that the firm has not yet decided whether there are any drugs it should stop prescribing.

Oren Frank said that Leibowitz, who is an ex-insurance executive, will play an important role in helping the company get into its dreams. The company will be able to make huge sums of money through this talented guy. He revealed that many employers are actually taking mental health with the seriousness it deserves. He thinks this is happening due to the rise in depression as well as anxiety among millennials. He said that the company is working around the clock to partner with the right people to ensure all the goals and dreams are achieved.

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InnovaCare’s Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides creates affordable healthcare plans

InnovaCare Health Inc. is a healthcare organization in the United States. It offers healthcare services that are revolutionary and based on the quality that the people need. The company aims to provide patients with value-based healthcare services. The top leadership of Rick Shinto and Penelope Kokkinides takes credit for all the work that has been carried on by this company. They have steered it in the right direction by making sure that the solutions they offer to the people are helpful. Rick Shinto is the CEO of InnovaCare Health, and Penelope Kokkinides is the CAO. Both of them boast of more than two decades in the management of the company.

Rick Shinto


Rick Shinto started his career as a pulmonologist working in California. He transitioned into management later and managed various companies before joining InnovaCare Health between 2008 and 2012; he was the president and chief executive officer of Aveta Inc. While working with Aveta Inc. he won the Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his innovative ideas in the management of the organization.


Penelope Kokkinides


Penelope Kokkinides joined the leadership of InnovaCare Health in 2015 as the chief administrative officer of the company. Kokkinides possesses over 20 years in the management of healthcare programs. Ah has solid experience in the management of government-sponsored programs, a factor that makes her one of the instrumental people in the management of InnovaCare’s services. Her expertise has helped the company to increase the number of people accessing their services greatly.


While talking to IdeasMench, Penelope Kokkinides revealed what makes her and the company successful. She also shared some valuable tips on how entrepreneurs can become successful as she is. She describes her typical as very different every single day. What she does today does not have to be what she does tomorrow. She believes one of the reasons she is successful is the ability to plan the activities of the following day the night before. Such a schedule keeps her busy all the time and trying as much as possible to be productive.

Penelope Kokkinides believes that there is a need for entrepreneurs to be updated on what is happening in the industry they belong. For her, every minute she gets is utilized on gathering more knowledge about the healthcare sector. She believes it is the information she has gathered from that will keep her productive round the year.