Organo Gold is Dedicated to Producing Products with Exceptional Quality

Over the years, people have developed an insatiable need for quality coffee. Research showcases that coffee carries with it very many health benefits. Apart from being used as a beverage, coffee is also used as an ingredient in the manufacture of products such as shampoos. With that said, many manufacturers of coffee exist all around the world, but only a few are able to produce products with exceptional quality. Among the manufacturers who have been able to come up with quality coffee are such as Organo Gold.

Background Check

Organo Gold is a renowned company that deals in the manufacturer of products such as tea, coffee, and even energy drinks. The company has made their products available globally, and more consumers can get ahold of them. Since staying fit and health at all times is a priority for many, some people tend to supplement their regular diet with natural foods that are filled with antioxidants. Well, fruits are quite healthy, and there’s nothing wrong with consuming antioxidants through such. However, people who love taking coffee may not be conscious of the fact that the coffee they consume also has small bits of antioxidants. Antioxidants carry with them many health benefits such as reducing inflammation on body organs such as the skin. With that said, it is now evident that coffee consumption is very beneficial to the skin. That is why coffee has been used time and again as an ingredient in the manufacture of products such as face creams.


Since Organo Gold is known to produce quality coffee, the company uses a unique ingredient known as the Ganoderma Lucidum. The Ganoderma Lucidum is a unique component that is extracted from the Ganoderma mushrooms. Research reveals that the Ganoderma mushrooms have been used in regions such as Japan, and China for many years since they carry many health benefits. As a result, the Organo Gold coffee carries many health benefits thanks to the use of this specific mushroom as a primary ingredient during the manufacturing process.

Fortress Investment Group: A New Chapter in the Companys History

The Fortress Investment Group was recently purchased by a Japanese conglomerate called the Softbank Group, for a reported amount of $3.3 billion. The Softbank Group has been monitoring the performance of the Fortress Investment Group for years, and they are impressed about how the company managed to survive the recession in 2008 and ended up increasing their assets and investment. The Softbank Group initiated an acquisition, and the current principals working with the company – Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Peter Briger – agreed to the contract presented to them. They retained their positions as the company’s principal after the merger, and their roles and control over the company became more significant. Now that they are under the ownership of a foreign company, the principals stated that they will be working harder to show their clients that they are still focused on doing their jobs.

The Fortress Investment Group recently celebrated their 20th anniversary. The company was established in 1998 by Wesley Edens, Randal Nardone, and Rob Kauffman, who has already resigned. The three worked with several other financial institutions before they agreed on the idea of creating their own business. They thought about what kind of business they should establish, and after doing a little research, they realized that creating an investment firm has the highest chances of turning them into billionaires. After everyone agreed on the plan, the Fortress Investment Group was founded. At first, it was difficult for the founders to gain new clients, but because of their perseverance and hard work, the company managed to win new investors who have worked with them closely.

Initially, the company only has a handful of assets under their account, but within a few years, it rose to a million, then to a hundred million, under they breached the billion-dollar mark.The founders of the Fortress Investment Group stated that they are pleased knowing that they have reached success, and thanked everyone who helped them through their journey. The company continues to show impressive performance, as they were introduced to the stock market through the New York Stock Exchange, and 8% of their total value was given to the public for trading. The company is also remembered as being the partner of the city of Vancouver in prioritizing the creation of the Olympic Village. The Fortress Investment company shared some funds to the city of Vancouver to finish the project, and it was later on given to them as a gift. Learn More.


Stream Energy Cares About Their Community

Stream Energy’s Green plans are not the only way the company is making a difference in the world. While philanthropy has always been a strong root of the company, earlier this year they developed an entire charitable arm of their growing business. While corporate America has always been known for being generous, it is not very often that they take the initiative to create a whole different arm dedicated just to philanthropy. Stream Energy did just this earlier in 2018 to increase the charitable efforts that they have been involved in since the company started as a retail energy supplier.

Corporate giving has been an important part of almost every company for many years, $19 billion was donated by business within the United States in just 2016 alone. This statistic is not taking into account a wide variety of other types of charitable efforts made by businesses. Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross have had relationships with Stream Energy for years and through these organizations, they work hard to try to help the homeless population in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Stream Energy is based in Dallas, Texas but contributes to charitable efforts all around the United States. For Stream Energy, it is not just the company that helps their community, a large number of their independent associates also take time out of their schedules to help their communities in their own ways.

The subject of homelessness is one that is a cause that many people in the Stream family care deeply about. They have seen the homeless population in the Dallas and Houston areas go up a considerable amount immediately following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of families were displaced due to Hurricane Harvey and through the Hope Supply Co., they were able to help the children that lost their homes by giving them toiletries and personal items that would take care of their needs and provide them comfort on a daily basis. Stream Energy really does care about their community as well as the future of the environment.

William Saito’s Advice to Startup Companies

William Saito founded InTecur began his career with technology in high school. At ten years old, Saito began toying around with computers and by high school he was knowledgeable and skilled enough to successfully code software applications for a number of small-businesses. After high school, from his small dorm room, Saito and a partner began creating an information security platform, which was eventually acquired by Microsoft.


In 2005, William Saito moved to Tokyo. Once he was settled in Tokyo, he created InTecur, a company who works to help entrepreneur’s dreams come to life. Much to Saito’s dismay, there were a number of cultural and regulatory barriers that kept entrepreneurs from being successful. For example, being an entrepreneur isn’t seen as a worthy career choice which creates an array of problems. Nonetheless, Saito became the voice of entrepreneurship and was asked to speak around the country; which eventually lead him into Japanese public policy.

Despite his interest and passion for entrepreneurship, in 2011, after the Tohoku quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, Saito fell back into the cybersecurity industry. It was during this time that he discovered just how inadequate Japan’s information technology and cybersecurity was.


His current goal is to educate government and corporations about cybersecurity and how to most efficiently and effectively achieve it. Where his focus at one time was solely on Japan, now he is taking his focus to the global level.

William Saito recently provided advice for startup companies on how they can expand. The first step is to make marketing a priority. Being able to effectively reach the target audience is crucial to a company’s success. Second, in order to see success, you have to fill a niche, a problem to solve. This is key not only to attract potential customers, but also investors. Third, a startup has to be able to acquire capital. Instead of taking out business loans, the focus should be figuring out ways to grow with less upfront capital. Fourth, it is important for startups to create a culture. A company’s culture can have a long-term effect on the amount of success it sees. Fifth, a newly established company needs to be willing to take risks. Saito believes that success is often followed by failure. Sixth, William Saito believes that successful companies offer diversity. The last piece of advice Saito offers is that startup companies have to continually look for and make improvements.

José Auriemo Neto: How To Get Reliable Real Estate Advice

Are you planning to purchase investment properties in Brazil? Do you want to start your own real estate investment business and achieve financial success? Perhaps you have heard about José Auriemo Neto and the high quality services he provides to clients.

Real estate investing is a highly lucrative field but you need the right coach or mentor by your side. José Auriemo Neto is a highly successful entrepreneur and real estate professional. José Auriemo Neto is well known for providing services and coaching to clients and comes recommended in the industry. He guides and advises anyone who is serious about building a profitable real estate investing business and can help you reach your goal.

José Auriemo Neto has great expertise in purchasing commercial and residential properties in Brazil and has worked with numerous professionals. Perhaps you have read about JHSF – one of the top real estate development firms in Brazil. As the CEO and chairman of JHSF, José Auriemo Neto worked very hard to maintain the reputation of the firm. Under his leadership, JHSF completed numerous projects and achieved tremendous growth and increased revenue.

Getting into real estate investment or purchasing property for resale, requires careful planning and expert assistance. You need to consult an experienced real estate investor before closing a deal. That’s where an expert like José Auriemo Neto can help – to provide the top notch advice and high quality resources you need to become successful in your venture.

A a successful professional, José Auriemo Neto helps clients in many different ares of real estate, including getting access to the right funding sources for investment properties, making informed decisions and taking the right steps toward your goal. José Auriemo Neto can help you reduce costs, manage risk and enhance operational efficiencies and more

Drinking Waiakea water equals Saving the Environment for Future Generations

The water bottle company value around the world is estimated to be $100, with Italians leading in the consumption. It is a development that has helped boost the global economy. When the industry began, it seemed unrealistic, but with many embracing it, it is a very valid idea.

The advantages of the numerous water companies are that consumers have a variety to choose from, depending on their financial ability and preference. The manufacturers have a big task of convincing the customers why they need to choose their water brand.

The Disadvantages of the Water Bottled Company

There are very many cons that come with the industry. The greatest disadvantage is the destruction of the environment. The beaches are much littered with bottles lying all over the places. The beauty that was once there is long forgotten.

A research that was carried out by environmentalists released shocking findings. The USA consumed more than 50 billion water bottles last year. Well, this is very good for the economy. However, more than 38 billion bottles could not be accounted for during the recycling process. This shows the ignorance of people when it comes to disposing of the used bottles. The sad news is, the USA is not even among the top five countries that are held accountable for littering the oceans with water bottles.

If this continues, the future generation will have a very hard time.

How the Waiakea Water Bottle Company is solving the Problem

The Waiakea Company is based in Hawaii. Unlike the other bottled companies that are trying to capture the hearts of their customers with their catchphrases; the firm has differentiated itself making it the leading water bottle company.

Waiakea Company is a concern with the turn the water bottles are taking the environment. In response to the issue, the company is set to pack their water in plastic bottles that are organic.

The normal plastic bottles takes more than 1000 years to decay, hence the accumulation in the environment. The bottle that the firm will be using will take a maximum of 15 years to decay.

Drinking the Waiakea Water is saving the environment for the future generation

Shiraz Boghani: The Business Excellence That Shaped The Splendid Hospitality Group

The service excellence is the deciding factor in the hospitality industry, and the customer centricity decides the verdict of a venture in the sector. Not everyone understands this factor in the right sense, and people who know this create greater success in the industry. This is true in the case of Shiraz Boghani, the prominent entrepreneur based in the U.K., and the Chairman of the Splendid Hospitality Group.

With more than 30 years of expertise in the industry, his group holds 19 trading hotels in the U.K. Interestingly, he was one of the pioneers in the industry who introduced the novel concept of limited servicing-type branded hotels in the country as early as the 1990s.

Shiraz Boghani oversees the strategies and growth vision of the group with a clear focus on customer satisfaction. Some of the major hotels that are operated by the group include York-based Grand Hotel and Spa, Bankside-based Hilton London, Wembley-based Holiday Inn. Interestingly, Holiday Inn is a 336 room hotel, and Hilton London can accommodate people in 292 rooms. In the recent years, Shiraz acquired the New Ellington and Mercure Bristol Brigstow Hotel located in Leeds. The service excellence and vision of Shiraz Boghani gifted him many industrial accolades considering the unique offerings were given by him.

Read more: Hotelier Shiraz Boghani Shines At The Asian Business Awards 2016

He was chosen as the winner of the Hotelier of the Year for the year 2016 by the Asian Business Awards. The judging panel of the award identified that the Boghani, as the leader of the Splendid Hospitality Group, led a revolution in the industry with a novel concept of hospitality. Shiraz Boghani is also equally involved in many philanthropic activities. He is the main supporter and contributor of Aga Khan Foundation, a nonprofit group set up for addressing various issues of society including illiteracy, poverty, ill health, hunger, and other issues in poorest areas of South Asia, Central Asia, Western Africa, Eastern Africa, and the Middle East.

His philanthropic thoughts were highly visible when he helped to found Sussex Health Care, a senior living home founded in 1985. Boghani took it as an opportunity to serve people and make their lives happier through world-class senior living experience. Today, the Sussex Health Care network comprises 18 homes, and it accommodates nearly 500 people. Shiraz Boghani was born in Kenya, moved to the U.K. in the year 1969, and became a certified Chartered Accountant. He began with a small accounting firm and later moved to Thomson McLintock & Co, which is currently known as KPMG.

Ronald Fowlkes is offering support to law enforcement agencies

Ronald Fowlkes is one of the few individuals who have chosen to focus on bettering the lives of the professionals in the law enforcement industry. Ronald is known to many as a former police officer and military member. Because he has served in the law enforcement department for quite a long time, the businessman has become the ideal candidate to provide the individuals in the sector with the products they need. Several years ago, the successful military officer realized that the people in his profession required more than they were being given. At first, he discovered that a lot of work was required to make everything fall in place, especially concerning the products he was planning to sell.


To win the hearts of the law enforcement officials in the country, the businessman had to prove that he had the interest of his profession at heart. Ronald Fowlkes proved to the officials that most of the products he would be bringing to the market would help them to perform their work correctly. Although things were tough when the businessman was starting, he has managed to grow the business into a very successful emperor that has assisted so many people to deal with the hurdles they face in law enforcement.


In his line of work, Ronald interacts with numerous departments in law enforcement from the sheriff sector to the police. The American correctional facilities have also benefited from his great services and products. The businessman ensures that he has done everything under his power to make sure all the law enforcement officials located in all parts of the country have nothing to worry about. Although the business model has been very simple, people who have worked with him say that it has been very effective, and it has managed to change the lives of many people in the country.


To make the business successful, Ronald focuses solely on the customers who are looking for his services most. He makes these clients understand that they are in need of his products before he can offer the products. In the recent times, his company has grown significantly, and it has received the recognition of influential people in the society. As the managing partner of his Eagles firm, Ronald has been doing his best to ensure success. The market has become very unpredictable in the recent times. People are looking for numerous ways to make an extra income by embracing the modern technology. Ronald has not been left behind in this technique. The businessman has gone out of his way to introduce the technology in most of his operations to make sure that he reaches his goals. The officials at his company have assisted him too.


The Success Story Of Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is among those splendid personalities that nobody can overlook especially when it comes to technological issues. Every project that Pulier started, he did so with the objective of making the community a better place. Today, Pulier is a successful businessman, investor, philanthropist, and author of various books.

Pulier love and enthusiasm for innovation started to show while he was young. And while in fourth grade in elementary school, he began programming PCs. The adoration for computers saw him commence his first database firm while still studying in Teaneck secondary school.

He went to Harvard University, where he concentrated on English and literature. Pulier also attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology to improve his skills and aptitudes in technology. At Harvard, he was also an editor and columnist for the Harvard Crimson.

In the year 1988, he graduated from Harvard University Magna Cum Laude and applied the knowledge he acquired from school to the business world, both in public and private sector. After finishing his studies, he started People Doing Things in the year 1991. The technology company aimed at offering technological solutions in various sectors including education and health.

In 1994, Pulier established Digital Evolution which is an interactive organization. He didn’t stop there. He proceeded to establish and help establish numerous technological organizations that give solutions to different enterprises. As of now, Pulier is the owner of different organizations.

With the riches amassed from different endeavors, Pulier donates and contributes to different foundations. Mostly, he is engaged with charities that advocate for the needy people in the community especially kids who have suffered from illnesses.

He is proud of helping children who are affected by chronic illnesses. Pulier is proud to have commenced Starbright World a social platform that aids children affected by chronic illnesses. Using that media platform, the kids are capable of sharing their experiences enabling them to get help easily. Pulier is also part of the Painted Turtles board, a camp for kids experiencing chronic diseases.

Pulier has had a big influence on technology where his articles are published on well-known platforms. His first job as an entrepreneur began while working part-time while still in school. His future started shining after finishing Harvard University, and today many have benefited from his projects.

From A Cafe Shop To The Biggest Mall In The City – Robert Santiago’s Story

Born in 1958, Robert Santiago stands for one of the most influential mall figures in Brazil nowadays. As an owner of the well-established “Manaira Shopping”, he runs one of the most visited attractions in Joao Pessoa.


Graduating from the University Center of Joao Pessoa with a degree in business administration, he soon started his first business by opening a cafe shop. The specialty of the business was providing products for decorations. Many years later, Santiago is now on top of the largest mall in this city that offers a movie theater, bowling, ballrooms, and many more features.


By merging innovation with his skills in business, this owner was able to modernize and grab a lot of the demand. A unique 3-D cinema, which is a rare commodity in the area, is what some visitors from surrounding cities come for. Furthermore, his mall has a large concert hall that can host thousands of people. This way, he is able to provide a venue for famous singers who generate income from the crowds.


Another aspect of the business that enabled Santiago to be so successful is his family-oriented offering. The mall hosts dozens of retail stores that target average families. Food that one can get at this mall is diverse and enables catering to almost everyone’s particular preference.


This individual has grabbed a portion of the market that is on the rise. This is further amplified by the fact that many renovations are happening, which helps Santiago give his mall the new and fresh look. The outer presentation of the mall he has is the main selling point that helps him get thousands of people to visit.


Very importantly, since this mall is the biggest of its kind in this area, and one of the biggest malls in Brazil overall, it serves the people as an employer. By offering retail shops, dining rooms, or maintenance jobs, hundreds of people have been able to make a living by being employees of Santiago. The growth he has had over the past decade means that more people are able to take part in his creating, and if the trend continues one can expect hundreds more people to take place.


Robert Santiago however, is not one specialty type of man. He has mastered the area of business, but he is also a fierce motocross competitor. Businessman will participate into a lot of championships in his spare time, thus giving his endeavors some versatility.


Ultimately, Santiago is a man whose idea paid off. Years later, after his modest cafe shop has turned into the biggest mall in his city, he stays loyal to the community. Providing state-of-art cinema, large concert hall, and dozens of job make him a valuable member of his community.