Joining Magnises with Billy McFarland

Research has shown that the most successful people in life are those that follow their passion. While most people have passions, not all have succeeded in life. It requires some persistence, hard work, and knowledge.

This is the life that Billy McFarland has lived since dropping out of college. After a short spell at Bucknell University, Billy realized that education was not for him and he decided to follow his passion of being a tech entrepreneur.

Earlier on, he had established a venture called the Spling, a venture that proved quite successful. This acted as a source of confidence and ventured out on his own.

According to Forbes, Billy McFarland is from Short Hills, New Jersey. He has spent some of his life in New York City where he was born.

This acted as a stepping stone for him as he mastered the art of coding. At Bucknell University, Billy McFarland was specializing in computer engineering. During his first year at the University, he acted as the chief executive officer of the Spling Company. Spling specialized in changing the appearance of URLs.

He is credited with the establishment of the Magnises after leaving college. Magnises should not be confused with a credit or a debit card. Instead, the Billy creation is a card that allows its users to enjoy discounts at various joints such as hotels and restaurants.

Prior to its establishment, it would require a millennial over $500 to access a co-working space in New York City. Billy slashed this to just $99 a month. Also, the cost of spending a night at a hotel in New York was reduced from $500 to just $74 a night. To understand how amazing Magnises is, you would require only $65 to access the most exclusive clubs in New York for a month.

Magnises is a referral only club, and a new member has to be vetted like fraternities do. You would have to part with $ 250 annually to become a member.