Uniquely Lime Crime

In the cosmetic world China experienced a unique approach at selling and gaining public interest in the products of Lime Crime.

With any company there are always going to be highs and lows in it’s race for the top and Lime Crime is no exception. Selling cosmetics in China through wholesale has issues ranging from copies to logistics. One issue that made China stand out a bit from the crowd with its regulations and requirements is that China requires you to test on animals before the products can be sold to the public. Some companies might not see this as an issue but Lime crime is marketed as Vegan and does not test on animals. The way Lime Crime came up with to avoid this would to be to bypass the technicality of shipping from China and ship directly from the United States.

Unfortunately like with any loophole there are problems that come alongside them, in this case the logistics and having to keep track of taxes and handling returns as well as inquires or complaints from customers that spoke another language.

Lastly, counterfeits were numerous in Chinese marketplaces with some products being sold in the millions. As a solution Lime Crime decided to team up with Revolve which is based in Los Angeles and used social media outlets to gain a following by enticing them to visit Revolve’s e-commerce service so that is was understood among their client base that Revolves website was the only place to get legitimate Lime Crime products.