Professor Kamil Idris – The Industrious Arbitrator.

When it comes to being dedicated towards international cooperation, quite a few are more renowned due to their efforts like Professor Kamil Idris.

In fact, to acknowledge his efforts, Kamil idris is often called by big corporations to preside over vital Arbitration panels. He sits on the bench of The Permanent Court of Arbitration established in 1899.

The court tries to arbitrate issues and Kamil Idris has aligned his activities with the mandate of the court. Kamil Idris’s peace keeping efforts have seen him author a number of publications such as the piece he did on Intellectual Property rights. Here is a recap of the piece he did.

Chinese manufacturers have in recent past copied trade crafts from the Western world and manufactured similar products that sold for lower prices. This drove manufacturers, most of who were US based, out of work.

However, Donald Trump has recently sought to clamp on this by imposing tarrifs on Chinese goods. This move has elicited mixed reactions from analysts. There are those who are totally skeptical about this move and regard it as a threat to the relations between the two countries.

Then there are those who support this move. Some totally support the move while some support it with skepticism. They recognize that while the move is good, details and implementation among others threaten its success.

Prof. Kamil Idris says supporters say the move surprised Beijing and got them worried as they do not want a trade war. Skeptical supporters argue that while the move was smart, Washington is going about it in the wrong way.

They claim that Trump’s approach is a tough approach, not a smart one. However, this approach is being lauded in certain quarters who view it as a good one to combat Beijing’s stubbornness. Some say that there is too much empty talk from Trump’s administration.


Professor Kamil Idris concedes that progress is being made with regards to China having recognition for intellectual property right, he claims it is worth noting though that there are those who view it as not so much of a problem as some perceive.


However, recent lawsuits in China pitting Chinese companies have shown that Western world concerns are genuine. While today there are more and more legitimate goods, work still needs to be done prior to realizing there are no counterfeits.


It is also important to credit the Obama administration as it made significant strides towards China having IP rights. The work made towards IP rights has been partly successful as today, progress can be seen in comparison with previous years.