Dr. Dov Rand’s age management therapy

There are endless products in the market today that promise youth and miraculous weight loss. The only disadvantage with these products is that they temporarily fix the outside and neglect the inside. For instance, if someone used a product that makes the skin look younger, they will not feel younger because of their hormones. If someone used a magic weight loss pill, they are still in danger of weight related diseases like diabetes. They didn’t exercise and therefore still have bad cholesterol and calories.

Dr. Dov Rand, a specialist in age management medicine uses techniques that help the body regain youthfulness and achieve weight loss from the inside. His techniques involve hormone replacement, encouraging patients to exercise and nutrition (https://www.healthgrades.com/physician/dr-dov-rand-xjyfj).

The first part of Dr. Dov Rand’s therapy is educating his clients on how to eat. He teaches his clients to eat right and gives them nutritional supplements such as fish oil. Just by eating right, the body is able to keep off many age related diseases. It also helps improve the body’s functionality.

Emotions and some body activities are controlled by hormones. The body contains both bad and good hormones. When young, both types of hormones are balanced. As one ages, the good hormones decline thus giving dominance to the bad ones. To counter that effect, Dr. Dov Rand restores the good ones so his clients can enjoy the health benefits they did when younger.

In his hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Dov Rand uses bio-identical hormones, not synthetic ones. Synthetic hormones are medically proven to be dangerous. Bio-identical on the other hand have no side effects when introduced to the body.

The last part of his therapy is exercise. Dr. Rand encourages his clients to do exercises that increase their lung capacity and help cardiac functionality as well as those that strengthen the. He says that increasing ones lean body mass and decreasing fat gives a good chance to fighting age related diseases like diabetes.

Dr. Dov Rand is an expert in integrated medicine and is the president of Healthy Aging Medical Center in West Orange. His passion in healthy living is his motivation in helping his clients enjoy youthful and healthy lives.