The Leadership of Clay Siegall at Seattle Genetics

Seattle Genetics was co founded by Clay Siegall in 1998. He is the chief executive officer and the president of the company. He heads the board at the company as chairman. His leadership has, among other things, helped the company secure $1.2 billion through private financing. Public financing has also contributed to the capital raised.


Seattle Genetics


Seattle Genetics’ foundation is on rigorous research, scientific creativity, development of medicines and patient care. Owing to the strong foundation and good leadership, the company enjoys a leading role in the development of ‘antibody drug conjugates’ (ADCs). It has also secured FDA’s 2011 approval for its first product: ADCETRIS. The good partnership with Takeda Pharmaceuticals has ensured the brand has reached international status: now approved in 65 countries.


Prior Experience


Siegall worked at ‘Bristol- Myers Pharmaceutical Research Institute’. He worked there for six years from 1997. At the ‘National Institute of Health’ he worked for three years. He is on the Ultragenyx Pharmaceutical’s board of directors, Washington Roundtable and Alder BioPharmaceuticals.




Clay Siegall, owing to his scientific contribution, has been awarded severally. In 2013, he was awarded ‘University of Maryland Alumnus of the Year’ prize for computer and natural science. One year before, in 2012, he was the ‘Ernest & Young Entrepreneur of the Year’ award recipient for the Pacific Northwest. He holds 15 patents and has written over 70 publications.




Siegall went to the ‘University of Maryland’ for his bachelor’s degree in Zoology. His Ph.D is from ‘George Washington University’, where he studied Genetics.


Motivation for Seattle Genetics


Clay watched his father ail from cancer. He was just 19 years when the illness began, but at 24 his dad died. This was a major motivation for study according to Clay. The goal of Seattle Genetics is treating cancer patients.


Recommendation for Aspiring Entrepreneurs


Clay encourages aspiring entrepreneurs to interact with experienced individuals. He says the aspiring entrepreneur should always seek to add to what he/she knows.


Growth Strategy


Collaboration and working with other industry leaders is what Clay considers a good growth strategy. He says that collaborations with others for his ADC proved very successful.