How Rocketship Education Drives High Test Scores

Rocketship Education or R has been at the forefront of quality education ever since its inception in 2006. Founded by Preston Smith, Mateo Sheedy, and John Danner, the organization started off from San Jose, California. It has since gone on to hold multiple locations in several states and cities as one of the most popular entities of its kind.

Rocketship Education or R is a network of public charter schools, which means that it is able to establish its own coursework and curriculum for its students even while being a public school. This ensures that its teachers are providing the kind of education that is needed by their specific roster of students according to their strengths and weaknesses, instead of providing them with a one size fits all approach that might not be very helpful for them.

While this idea had been received with quite some critique from the start, Rocketship Education or R made sure that it lets its actions speak louder than words. With this thought in mind, it continued on providing custom curriculum-based classes, parent-teacher collaboration, and technological analysis of its education system to its students.

These efforts translated to more and more benefits for students, providing them with learning opportunities that hadn’t been explored for some of them before. Through these steps, Rocketship Education or R ensured that it was maintaining a high quality of education for its students, providing them with one-on-one attention if required through the parent-teacher collaboration program.

All of this gradually started to transcend into its students’ test scores, which actually deemed higher than most other public schools. This demonstrated that the unique approach taken by Rocketship Education or R was quite effective and result driven, which eventually caught the attention of parents, students and educators alike.

Since then, Rocketship Education or R has expanded its network of schools to multiple locations, including California, Tennessee, Wisconsin and Washington D.C. All of these locations operate on the notion of providing personalizing learning, which makes them stand out from other public schools in terms of efficacy, affordability, and overall efficiency in educational solutions.

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