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Most businesses often focus on pursuing their economic success and maximizing their value so much that they forget they should act in a manner that benefits society. however, is an exception as it has been going out of its way to benefit the community as a whole. It has been doing so by coming up with top innovative projects that benefit it as a business and the community as well.

For instance, as a way to improve the economic stability of Wuyi County, one of China’s most underprivileged counties, launched the Running Chicken initiative in 2016. Jingdong came up with the initiative as a way to improve the wellbeing of the residents through the provision of employment opportunities, in the 27-hectare piece of land that the over a million chickens would be reared on.

The running chicken initiative today

As noted, the project was launched in 2016. Three years later, reports that the project has been incredibly successful. Through the interest-free loans that Jingdong provides, over 500 families now have a stable source of income that they can use to improve their quality of life. works hand in hand with the locals by hiring professional breeders who skillfully tend to the chicken while the locals handle the rest such as maintaining the farms and growing veggies, grains, fruits and all that is required to feed the chicken.

How the project is different from conventional chicken initiatives

In most conventional chicken initiatives, these birds often spend all their lives caged up. They are also fed on GMO foods, and even though they may seem healthy, they tend to contain higher levels of harmful cholesterol and saturated fats making them unfit for human consumption. on the other hands aims at raising much healthier chickens. To achieve this, ensures that all the birds in its project take at least one million steps hence enabling each chicken to spend at least 50% of its time outdoors where there is sunshine and fresh air. As a result, through the project, can make chicken products of top quality that contain less harmful cholesterol and higher levels of omega-3 acids and other vital nutrients.

The upside of the project

The Running chicken project has been of immense benefit to the entire community. Apart from offering a source of income to the underprivileged families in the region, it has reinforced the economic stability of Wuyi County, thereby removing it from China’s nationally recognized disadvantaged counties. As for JD’s customers, they benefit from getting healthier, premium quality chicken products while has enjoys the massive sales generated from the project.

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