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The leading Chinese e-commerce platform, just announced that it had opened its proprietary blockchain framework to businesses. This announcement follows JD’s launch of a new open blockchain technology platform, the JD Blockchain Open Platform. This state-of-the-art underlying blockchain framework gives businesses the ability to take advantage of prebuilt APIs for their operations. Companies now can build their solutions on this platform from the ground up. This solution building can be done easily as the underlying architecture has been designed to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. Even better, companies won’t have to rely on pre-built APIs.

Introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology

Through this platform, will be introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology to business which would otherwise not have access to it. In addition to this, the Chinese e-commerce giant also launched the JD Chain Open Source Community. This is a community of developers and users who will be dedicated to making the platform as a whole better. In this community, both users and developers of the blockchain framework will share ideas on how to make it better. Through the community, greater discussions can be held and also pooling of resources will be possible.

Empowering businesses management is very confident that this blockchain framework will go a long way in empowering businesses. With this technology, companies can become more efficient and flexible. The efficiency and flexibility are industry-leading as this framework can process more than 10,000 transactions per second. In addition to this, security has of late become a huge concern for businesses and this technology will guarantee that. Top level security is one of the guarantees of the technology.

About is one of the two biggest e-commerce platforms in China. The platform serves China and the surrounding Asian nations and has been very successful in recent years. has also been looking to expand globally, and the new blockchain framework seems like the right place for the company to start. Though the e-commerce platform is now a significant player in the sector, it was launched in 1998 by Richard Liu as a magneto-optical shop which prospered to become in 2004.

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