Igor Cornelsen- Importance of investments for passive income

If you want to be wealthy and even generate sufficient resources to sustain your family for generations, then making investments should be a necessity. By making investments, you could be creating opportunities for the generation of passive income. According to Igor Cornelsen, passive income comes from strategic plans that will see individuals work less and generate more money. Some of the common ways of generating passive income include investing in bonds, real estate, business, and others. To succeed in these investment options, some require an individual to be aware of matters of economy.

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor who has achieved success by investing in the Brazilian financial market. For the past four decades, he has been helping individuals to make profits through profitable investments in Brazil. His experience and knowledge in financial matters enable him to guide others on what to do. Igor Cornelsen is a unique investor in Brazil because he has insight on almost every aspect of the Brazilian financial market from banking, stock market to business.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil in 1947. He attended the Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil. He enrolled for a highly coveted course in engineering. However, after two years at the university, Cornelsen shifted to economics. His interest was in numbers and statistics. After graduation, he was employed by an investment bank.

At an early age, Igor Cornelsen built a name as one of the brilliant investment bankers in the country. Although it took him time and effort, he does not regret pursuing investment banking as a career. In 1995, he decided to utilize the skills and experience gathered to build his own brand. He started Bainbridge Investment Inc to pursue his interest in funds management in the stock market. This company exist to date and has its main offices in the Bahamas.

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