Neurocore Musle Tech

Neurocore by Muscle Tech is a pre workout supplement used by athletes such as weight lifters, body builders, gymnasts and others for an added energy boost, lasting endurance during workouts and peak muscle growth. Neurocore is engineered for a superior energy boost with flavors like Cherry Limeaid and Icy Blue Raspberry for an enjoyable taste.

The formula uses a special creatine called HCI, which when used at the suggested 3g dosage does not call for gradual loading, as many creatine supplements do. HCI allows for maximum and sustained energy throughout a workout and gives the user optimal muscle stimulation and growth. Neurocore has been lab tested for quality by third party companies and has been praised by consumers and scientific journals alike.

Many other pre workout supplements tend to give people negative side affects such as rapid heart beat, the jitters or a nasty crash. Many consumers reported not having these side affects with Neurocore, which most likely can be attributed to it’s premium formula. Muscle Tech suggests stacking Neurocore with a supplement containing sufficient BCAA’s for maximum recovery after a maximum pump. Testosterone boosters, taken by active men can also be beneficial when paired with Neurocore.

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