Nick Vertucci Inspires People through His Book- Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate entrepreneur who has encountered many challenges before succeeding in life. His story is inspirational, and he shares it by writing a book titled Seven Figure Decisions. In the book, Vertucci acknowledges that the seven figure decisions propel your success in life and you emerge from becoming a middle-class individual to a millionaire. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must take a leap of faith and be ready to make the tough call of remaining persistent.

The Book

In the Seven Figure Decisions, Vertucci narrates about how he lost everything. Although he lost everything, he did not despair; he formulated a plan that later changed his life completely. After encountering many challenges in life, Vertucci will inspire you and encourage you to embrace positivity despite the obstacles that you may be going through. Vertucci’s journey as an entrepreneur dates back to when he had come up with a cash flow system. He managed the system through the help of his business partner. Vertucci and his partner would rehabilitate properties and later put renters in the foreclosures.

Vertucci made friends with a man who had a real estate training company. Fortunately, Nick Vertucci and his partner were offered slots as trainers at the training company since they were conversant with the cash flow systems. While teaching at the real estate training company, Nick Vertucci and his partner would also provide properties to the students. After reading through the Seven Figure Decisions, you will get a clear understanding that the real estate training company made Nick Vertucci into the man that he is today. As a student, working at the firm came in handy since he was experiencing some financial constraints.

Nick Vertucci Talks about Integrity

Vertucci was close to the owner of the real estate company. Although business seemed successful, there were challenges along the way. Since the firm’s name and brand weren’t protected, the company experienced a significant downfall. The student turn-up was on the lower end, and the company wasn’t gathering substantial amounts of revenue. While at the real estate training company, Vertucci and his partner amassed a significant amount of revenue by selling properties to students. They did not lose out completely even after the training company incurred losses. Eventually, life took a turn, and the owner of the real estate training company overthrew Vertucci from his cash flow system business with the help of his partner. Vertucci had to start his investment journey again. Despite the challenges he faced, he was persistent. Emerging entrepreneurs should emulate him.

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