The Unbelievable Accomplishments of Randal Nardone

Randal Alan Nardone is one of the founders of Fortress Investment Group LLC which was launched in 1998. Since August 2013, he has been serving as the chief executive officer of the company. When the company was initially founded, Randal became the Principle. Currently, he serves at the Fortress Credit Corporation as the principle. He has been bestowed with other roles such as being the chairperson and president of the ever-blooming Springleaf Financial Holdings. His hard-working character has seen him being trusted with two tasks at Newcastle Investment Holdings LLC. The company recognizes Mr. Randal as the vice-chairperson as well as the secretary. His roles do not stop at that. At RIC Co-investment Fund LP, Randal serves as the Portfolio Manager, Secretary, and Chief Operating Officer. All the stated companies are just a fraction of the multinational companies that Mr. Randal Nardone has been privileged to serve.

Randal was born and brought up in the United States of America. While growing up, he was interested in business. To sharpen his skills, Mr. Nardone had to attend school. He, therefore, enrolled at Boston University School of Law. He was also privileged to attend the University of Connecticut. The importance and power of family were cultivated into Randal since he was young. This serves to explain financial services why he holds his family in high regards. He is married and has one child. Together with his family, Randal lives in New York.

The partnership between Randal, Kauffman Robert, Wesley Edens, and Briger Peter has borne fruits. The four are the most recent billionaires. Nardone has earned approximately $100 million in cash payouts for the last thirteen years. As of 2007, the net worth of Randal stood at $1.8 billion. This qualified him to join the Forbes Magazine list of billionaires. Mudd, the previous Chief Executive of Fortress Investment Group, was replaced by Mr. Nardone. No one was better suited in this position than Randal. His extensive experience placed him ahead of his competitors.

Nardone has excellent management and leadership qualities that most companies want to engage him in their operations. Nardone is not only hard working but also dedicated to delivering quality performance. Randal Nardone has been fortunate enough to serve as a member of the board in eight organizations. Interestingly, Nardone has worked in more than 20 different industries. As a result, he has gained extensive experience in leadership and managing different types of companies.

Stream Energy Cares About Their Community

Stream Energy’s Green plans are not the only way the company is making a difference in the world. While philanthropy has always been a strong root of the company, earlier this year they developed an entire charitable arm of their growing business. While corporate America has always been known for being generous, it is not very often that they take the initiative to create a whole different arm dedicated just to philanthropy. Stream Energy did just this earlier in 2018 to increase the charitable efforts that they have been involved in since the company started as a retail energy supplier.

Corporate giving has been an important part of almost every company for many years, $19 billion was donated by business within the United States in just 2016 alone. This statistic is not taking into account a wide variety of other types of charitable efforts made by businesses. Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross have had relationships with Stream Energy for years and through these organizations, they work hard to try to help the homeless population in Dallas and the surrounding areas. Stream Energy is based in Dallas, Texas but contributes to charitable efforts all around the United States. For Stream Energy, it is not just the company that helps their community, a large number of their independent associates also take time out of their schedules to help their communities in their own ways.

The subject of homelessness is one that is a cause that many people in the Stream family care deeply about. They have seen the homeless population in the Dallas and Houston areas go up a considerable amount immediately following the devastation of Hurricane Harvey. Thousands of families were displaced due to Hurricane Harvey and through the Hope Supply Co., they were able to help the children that lost their homes by giving them toiletries and personal items that would take care of their needs and provide them comfort on a daily basis. Stream Energy really does care about their community as well as the future of the environment.

Agora Financial is For Your Investment

Let’s be honest. Everyone wants to put enough money aside so that they can one day retire comfortably. However, many young people today hate the thought of investing or even putting money aside for their future. This is a horrible idea. If you fear investing, you probably have a lack of understanding of what you are investing in. In this article, I’m going to be breaking down three simple things that you must do when investing.

  1. Set goals

You have to set both long-term and short-term goals when it comes to investing. Many people think investing is just 401ks and IRAs which is not the case at all. You need to make a monthly plan that states how much you are going to invest that month, what you are going to invest in, and how you are going to invest it. All in all, you should have a good understanding of these investments. You should invest in what you know, never invest in someones else’s opinion, and always have a detailed plan when it comes to investing. This will set you up for both long-term and short-term success.

  1. Short-term investing

A couple short-term investments would be reinvesting money back into your business, swing trading, or maybe even day trading. These activities provide cash flow relatively quick which you can then reinvest into long-term assets such as real estate and mutual funds. In general, these short-term investments will be high risk/high reward so it’s a good idea to have a full understanding of them.

  1. Long-term investing

Long-term investing is what will probably make or break your retirement. Two of my favorite financial vehicles for long-term investing include 401ks and Roth IRAs. With Roth IRAs, your investment grows tax-free for years and years, allowing your wealth to compound over time. With 401ks, your company will typically match your investment. These are great options for the passive investor looking to keep risk at a low while still growing their portfolio. Good growth stock mutual funds are also a great place to put your money as well as in a real estate investment trust.


Let’s be honest here. In the twenty-first century that we are currently living in, everyone needs a credit score. If you want to qualify for any quality loan out there, you are going to need a great credit score and that is a fact. In this article, I am going to be breaking down top tips to increase your credit score along with the company you should choose.

  1. Pay your bill every month

This step is pretty self-explanatory but how many people do you know who only make the minimum payment on their credit cards each month. This method kills their credit score and just pushes them farther and farther into debt. When you choose to use a credit card, only purchase things on it that you know for a fact you will be able to pay off later in the month.

  1. Check credit report

If you haven’t already checked your credit report, you might want to. In it contains all of your transactions and info. Sometimes, errors can occur that will negatively affect your credit score. However, don’t request to look at your credit report too much or it can negatively impact your credit score.

  1. Set payment reminders

This is a very useful tip. Make sure that you set payments reminders when deadlines for payments are due. By doing this, you won’t miss any important payments which will allow you to keep a great credit score.

If I was to go with any company for loans, I would definitely go with GreenSky Credit. GreenSky Credit is backed by more than 12,000 qualified merchants that are willing to help you out. GreenSky Credit has over $10 billion worth of loans funded and are looking to help out your business. GreenSky Credit uses enhanced technology to create a better user experience.

Another dominant figure within the financial industry is Sahm Adrangi. Sahm is the founder and CIO of Kerrisdale Capital Management LLC. He has contributed tremendously to the firm’s growth over the years. He also has a very great education to back it up graduating from the prestigious school of Yale University.

Professor Kamil Idris – The Industrious Arbitrator.

When it comes to being dedicated towards international cooperation, quite a few are more renowned due to their efforts like Professor Kamil Idris.

In fact, to acknowledge his efforts, Kamil idris is often called by big corporations to preside over vital Arbitration panels. He sits on the bench of The Permanent Court of Arbitration established in 1899.

The court tries to arbitrate issues and Kamil Idris has aligned his activities with the mandate of the court. Kamil Idris’s peace keeping efforts have seen him author a number of publications such as the piece he did on Intellectual Property rights. Here is a recap of the piece he did.

Chinese manufacturers have in recent past copied trade crafts from the Western world and manufactured similar products that sold for lower prices. This drove manufacturers, most of who were US based, out of work.

However, Donald Trump has recently sought to clamp on this by imposing tarrifs on Chinese goods. This move has elicited mixed reactions from analysts. There are those who are totally skeptical about this move and regard it as a threat to the relations between the two countries.

Then there are those who support this move. Some totally support the move while some support it with skepticism. They recognize that while the move is good, details and implementation among others threaten its success.

Prof. Kamil Idris says supporters say the move surprised Beijing and got them worried as they do not want a trade war. Skeptical supporters argue that while the move was smart, Washington is going about it in the wrong way.

They claim that Trump’s approach is a tough approach, not a smart one. However, this approach is being lauded in certain quarters who view it as a good one to combat Beijing’s stubbornness. Some say that there is too much empty talk from Trump’s administration.


Professor Kamil Idris concedes that progress is being made with regards to China having recognition for intellectual property right, he claims it is worth noting though that there are those who view it as not so much of a problem as some perceive.


However, recent lawsuits in China pitting Chinese companies have shown that Western world concerns are genuine. While today there are more and more legitimate goods, work still needs to be done prior to realizing there are no counterfeits.


It is also important to credit the Obama administration as it made significant strides towards China having IP rights. The work made towards IP rights has been partly successful as today, progress can be seen in comparison with previous years.


William Saito’s Advice to Startup Companies

William Saito founded InTecur began his career with technology in high school. At ten years old, Saito began toying around with computers and by high school he was knowledgeable and skilled enough to successfully code software applications for a number of small-businesses. After high school, from his small dorm room, Saito and a partner began creating an information security platform, which was eventually acquired by Microsoft.


In 2005, William Saito moved to Tokyo. Once he was settled in Tokyo, he created InTecur, a company who works to help entrepreneur’s dreams come to life. Much to Saito’s dismay, there were a number of cultural and regulatory barriers that kept entrepreneurs from being successful. For example, being an entrepreneur isn’t seen as a worthy career choice which creates an array of problems. Nonetheless, Saito became the voice of entrepreneurship and was asked to speak around the country; which eventually lead him into Japanese public policy.

Despite his interest and passion for entrepreneurship, in 2011, after the Tohoku quake, tsunami and nuclear disaster, Saito fell back into the cybersecurity industry. It was during this time that he discovered just how inadequate Japan’s information technology and cybersecurity was.


His current goal is to educate government and corporations about cybersecurity and how to most efficiently and effectively achieve it. Where his focus at one time was solely on Japan, now he is taking his focus to the global level.

William Saito recently provided advice for startup companies on how they can expand. The first step is to make marketing a priority. Being able to effectively reach the target audience is crucial to a company’s success. Second, in order to see success, you have to fill a niche, a problem to solve. This is key not only to attract potential customers, but also investors. Third, a startup has to be able to acquire capital. Instead of taking out business loans, the focus should be figuring out ways to grow with less upfront capital. Fourth, it is important for startups to create a culture. A company’s culture can have a long-term effect on the amount of success it sees. Fifth, a newly established company needs to be willing to take risks. Saito believes that success is often followed by failure. Sixth, William Saito believes that successful companies offer diversity. The last piece of advice Saito offers is that startup companies have to continually look for and make improvements.

Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff: Sean Penn’s New Book Release

Sean Penn quit the movie business and dived into a new venture of book writing. Following this, he has authored a novel called “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” Over the years, he has been a writer, director, producer, and actor where he won most awards from Best Actor Academy. However, all that is history for now. Sean has unleashed a new novel for his first time in the writing industry with a thrilling title “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff.” The novel captures a septic tank salesman and contractor killer in the United States government.

In an interview, he answers many questions regarding his latest transition that has left many in shock. He says that venturing into book writing instead of the screenplay is something that he loves for two reasons. One of the reasons is because he has to own it entirely and let people know that he was not enjoying doing the plays with other people. He wanted to have the freedom to do all sorts of things that he had in mind. The second thing is that the ideas and the outcome of them all lie between you and the publisher. Sean discloses that there is a lot more cooking regarding novels. He said that he is done with movie world and has nothing cooking behind the scenes for the movies. He says that he is not interested in making any films anymore. He wants to capitalize his time on writing books, and that will mean that all his energies will get there. In the book “Bob Honey Who Just Do Stuff” there is the aspect of #MeToo that he says that it has different approaches deciding on how one will read the book. He shed light by saying that there is an encouragement of any movement in the book ready to create successful social equality.


The best thing as he encourages most readers is not to pick the book with an opinion already formed in their minds. He says if that happens then the chances are that the individual will choose the wrong book. There are so many different reactions arising from the people who read the book. However, Sean is not shaken by the responses from the reviews in any forum but instead concentrating on making a legacy with his writing. That is why he insists that reading the book with an already formed opinion will not make the reader understand it. It will only become meaningful if the readers can concentrate on understanding the issues that he tries to bring out in the novel. Sean is not stopping atone book but continues with his work. He affirms investing more of his time, money, and energy in seeing the work progressing and putting down whatever he think on paper.

IC Systems – A Company You Can Count On

IC’s Systems Humble Beginnings

IC Systems is a collection company that is located in Minnesota. IC has been in business for 50 years now and still growing strong. They are on the cutting edge when it comes to accounts receivables. The company was founded by Ruth and Jack Erickson, on the principles of true, reliable, and honest services to their clients.

IC System’s innovative staff and leaders were the first to use computers in the collection industry. The company takes initiatives, but still follow regulatory and compliance standards for their field. Security is the utmost importance for IC, they believe in not only giving good service; but protecting their clients privacy while doing so.

IC uses trust to build relationships with their clients and their clients customers. IC staff go through intensive training to guarantee that the client and customers are handled properly and with pride. IC is not only collecting for their clients, but maintaining the relationships that the clients have built with customers through trying times. By doing this they are able to satisfy the client as well as the customer.


Philosophy, Awards, and More!

IC was built on the following philosophy:

  • Respect and Dignity
  • Do the Right Thing
  • Exceed Expectations
  • Pride in Our Work
  • We are Innovators

Because of IC’s philosophy and honesty, they have been recently nominated for the BBB Torch Award three times in a row. Within the walls of IC this philosophy continues with the employees. Morale boosters include nominating an employee that defines the philosophy of the company. IC leaders highlight the winners by recognition and awards.

The core values don’t stop there, IC System believes in giving back to the community as well. IC’s philanthropic project is E.C.H.O, an organization created to give employees an opportunity donates to charitable organizations. Some of the charities includes: Food Pantries, Toys for Tots and many more. In addition, employees are also assisted during times of distress via IC’s giving back plan.


IC’s Commitment to Security and Compliance

As mentioned previously, IC Systems believes in compliance and security. To make sure that they are in sync with guidelines; the company has frequent auditing of documents and finances. Staff is continuously updated, trained, and retrained to make sure that they are aware of all changes. Updated policy material is always dated and validated. In addition, third party auditors also audit IC Systems guidelines.

As for security, IC makes sure that their employee’s follow the HIPPA/HITECH policies regarding customers personal information. If payments are made by credit/debit cards PCI’s security standards are in place. There are many other security checks in place at IC Systems. As you can see security and compliance is a must. IC constantly checks and double checks all networks, as well as having third party auditors do the same. Because of these security checks, IC Systems is bonded and licensed. These security checks allow IC the ability to do business with customers that travel abroad. Truly this company goes above and beyond to satisfy their clients and customers needs.


Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Continue Helping Those in Need

As activists, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin knew there were things they could do that would help them through different situations. They also knew everything would get better as long as they could help people with the issues they faced. Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

The men liked looking at minorities as a way for them to help. They also liked the minorities to see how things would continue getting better as long as they did everything the right way. It was their goal to give back and their goal to make human rights relevant again. They felt people deserved human rights and deserved to feel like they were worth something.

Joe Arpaio is one of the many people who doesn’t agree with them. He sees them as a threat to his abuse of power. In fact, he was so threatened by them publishing information about him that he arrested them. When he chose to do that, he violated their constitutional rights.

As journalists, they have the freedom of the press to publish information about him. Nothing they said was slanderous and it was all accurate information. He just didn’t like that someone was saying something about him.

The men fought the arrest. They knew it was not anything that would hold up in court. Because Joe Arpaio also knew this, he settled. He chose to settle the case because it would give him a chance to get out of it. He didn’t want to continue fighting something he knew he’d lose. Read more: Jim Larkin | Facebook and Jim Larkin | Twitter

By settling, Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin got a huge amount of money. They knew exactly what they would do with the money. They planned to use it so other people wouldn’t have to deal with similar things without someone standing behind them to help them.

The solution they had to the problem was the Frontera Fund. With the Frontera Fund, people could see all the options they would use to make things better. They could get legal help and they could have someone who was helping them with different opportunities.

While the men knew what they had to do, they felt it was something they were working on for a long time. They also knew things would continue changing if they didn’t do everything the right way. The Frontera Fund needed them to help all the time as long as they did everything the right way.

While Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin worked on doing things right, they felt good about the experiences they had. They also felt that their help for minorities was the best way to be activists. They made a point of acknowledging all the opportunities they had. For the men, it was their way of helping people understand what they could do.

The industries around them changed and reflected all the options they had created for minorities. In fact, minorities saw how important it was to Michael and Jim to make sure they did everything the right way no matter the issues they had to deal with.

Southridge Capital: How to Start a New Business

Southridge Capital is a financial management company based in Connecticut. They are offering advisory and structure financial services to a lot of companies, and they are assisting them to become successful. Southridge Capital is also providing financial assistance to small startups to help them get a jumpstart. The dedication of Southridge Capital in helping the industry’s small players has gained a lot of positive feedback from the public. People praised the fact that Southridge Capital is after the welfare of smaller companies, providing them a variety of assistance for their clients which are from different industries. The financial firm has also received a lot of awards because of their actions, helping out smaller business players and contributing to the growth of the American economy.

Southridge Capital started as a small financial firm, with their primary mission of helping out small business players in the United States. They noticed that a lot of Americans are optimistic in starting their businesses, but they lack the actual finances to keep their business growing. Southridge Capital would lend these businesses the money that they needed and return it once they had enough. Soon, Southridge transformed to become an investment and financial management company. They offered services to increase the returns of a particular investment, and because of the positive reputation that they built, many people still gave in and invested. Since 1996, it is known that the company has a direct investment of $1.8 billion to support small business players around the world.

Southridge Capital knows what things the entrepreneurs need, and it is the reason why they are partnering with several companies across the country to provide better services to their customers and clients who might have been inconvenienced indirectly by the company. They are also known for establishing partnerships with some of the largest tech companies on the planet. One of the latest partnerships that they made is with the Elite Data Services Inc, and this move from Southridge Capital is forecasted by many experts in the field to bring further development on their end. Southridge Capital stated that they would keep on being an inspiration to those who wanted to start their businesses. You can visit their facebook and twitter account for more info.