Jeff Aronin Develops New Ways of Developing Medical Advances with Paragon and Ovation

Working as a physician is not necessarily the background one hears about when discussing a developer of pharmaceuticals but in Jeff Aronin there is a medical executive who has a positive background in healthcare and medical research. The graduate of Northern Illinois University and De Paul University developed his interest in healthcare research and pharmaceutical development when he was able to spare a child the need for a complex surgery to treat their seizures when he found a new drug was available which developed similar results (

Jeff Aronin is currently the president and CEO of Paragon Biosciences, a U.S.-based healthcare company with a range of companies developed to provide a link between the research and development field and the open marketplace. Paragon has been performing at a high level of success with its results matching those of much larger companies in the same industrial sector which is of little surprise after the success already achieved by Aronin in his establishment of Ovation Pharmaceuticals in 2000.

In just nine years, Ovation Pharmaceuticals became one of the world’s leading pharmaceuticals brands as the startup was led to success by entrepreneur Jeff Aronin and attracted the attention of much larger pharmaceutical and healthcare organizations; in 2009, Aronin presided over the sale of Ovation to the Danish healthcare group, Lundbeck for a staggering $900 million. The success of Jeff Aronin as a pharmaceutical executive and business leader saw him take on a major leadership role within Lundbeck to ensure the sale and merging of the Ovation group into its new Danish ownership organization.

The success achieved by Jeff Aronin at Ovation Pharmaceuticals and Lundbeck led directly to his decision to join Paragon Biosciences which shares many of the beliefs about access to medical assistance of Aronin himself. Acting as president and CEO of Paragon has allowed Jeff Aronin to develop a range of startups and connect them with investors and healthcare professionals with the ability to extend the reach of the company into different areas of the medical research and development industry.







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