Tony Petrello’s Pursuit Of An Excellent Life

Tony Petrello has always been a go-getter and everything that he puts his hand to in life. As CEO of Nabors Industries, LTD., he has the energy and drive to get the job done. But the same holds true in his philanthropic efforts as well.

One of the areas in which these charitable Endeavor start would be at his alma mater, Yale University. As a 19 year old math whiz with a thick New Jersey accent, Tony Petrello was impressed by his mathematics professor Serge Lang. In fact, the two were so impressed with each other that Lang eventually made Petrello his protege. Petrello never forgot about the influence as mathematics professor had on his life, and when he passed away he contributed $150,000 and established a scholarship in Professor Lang’s name.

Tony Petrello has also become well established in the community of Houston. As a community leader, he knew the ply everyone would face in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey. That is why he came to the rescue, with a donation of $175,000 that was matched to his employees’ efforts. He also created the neighbors Disaster Relief Fund, in order to funnel money to those threatened with natural disasters elsewhere.

Although it may seem that the world is Tony Petrello oyster, life has not always been easy for this successful businessman. when his daughter was born prematurely, and with a life-threatening disease, he could have gotten depressed about it. Instead, he stepped up to the plate yet again. He decided to donate 7 million dollars to the neurological wing of Texas Children’s Hospital to help other families that are less fortunate than his.

Finally, besides their charitable efforts, Tony and his wife love to entertain. They were pleased to host a dinner party with noted Broadway star and Houston native Tommy Tune along with 50 other noted guests. Truly, the generosity of the Petrellos knows no bounds. Perhaps this is one of the main reasons why Houston the so proud claim him as their very own.

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