Supporting Women’s Empowerment

Nexbank SSB, a branch of Nexbank Capital operating in Dallas has announced that it will sponsor the Dallas Women’s Foundation 32nd Annual Luncheon with a gift of $100,000. The foundation’s annual luncheon will be held on Friday, October 20th at Hilton Anatole Hotel in Dallas. The keynote speech of the event will be given by Dr. Hope Jahren, a best-selling an author, and scientist who was in TIME Magazine’s top 100 influential individuals. The speech will be live-streamed to over 10000 students and 20 schools in North Texas.

Dallas Women’s Foundation aims to support women’s leadership and foster economic security to women. The luncheon is held annually with more than 1300 business and community leaders attending. Dallas Women’s Foundation is the most prominent regional women’s fund and a well-known leader in advocating for women economic and social empowerment. Nexbank is proud to be associated with this excellent course of improving the livelihood of women.

Nexbank Capital Inc. is a financial service firm that provides an array of banking services to its clients. It is lead by a team of experienced professionals led by Chairman James Dondero who is also the president of Highland Capital Management. Nexbank main aim in serving customers is to provide them with top-notch financial services assistance to individual, institutions and corporate groups. Their primary areas of focus are mortgage banking, commercial banking, and institutional banking. In retail business Nexbank offers many lending and depository services that assist inventors, financial institutions and corporations to meet their monetary requirements.

Under mortgage banking, the group cuts affordable deals with for clients and other organizations while giving discounts to significant mortgage brokers. They provide client specific depository services for their asset managers, big businesses, and financial institutions to help meet their transactional requirements efficiently. These depository services assist in ensuring clients manage their cash well and still earn interest on deposits. In institutional banking Nexbank partners with institutions to support them in the best ways of raising and maintaining capital. They seek solutions for the institutions banking needs in a bid to help them expand and grow.

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