Karl Heideck Breaks Down the Salary History Law in Philadelphia

Philadelphia earned itself a space in the history books as it was the first municipality in the country to enact the Salary History Law. The controversial Law bans potential employers from inquiring into the salary history of a potential employee before they hire them. The law has been lauded by advocates for workers’ rights as a major step towards having a more transparent hiring process hence protecting particularly the traditionally marginalized groups since it limits the information an employer can gather about a potential new hire.

However, that’s not to say that the law has not had its fair share of challenges as Attorney Karl Heideck recently explained. There have been reports that some companies require job seekers applying for jobs disclose the salary they were being paid at their previous positions. The job applicant’s denial to give the information or give a green light to have their previous employers release the information basically meant that they won’t get the job. With this information, employers can decide on how much they are going to pay them hence creating a bias.

Karl Heideck said that the law was meant to reduce the salary earnings gap between male and female, by closing the loophole where men have been earning more than their women counterparts in the same salaried positions. Philadelphia’s lawmakers took an initiative of closing the gender pay gap by passing a law that will bar employers from inquiring about one’s salary history.

Having said that, Heideck is also quick to point out that not everyone is in agreement that the law is progressive and will bring equality to the workplace. One of the fiercest critics of legislation is The Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce who even went to court to have the implementation of the law delayed. Karl Heideck is however quick to mention that not all employers are opposed to the law.

Who is Karl Heideck?

Karl Heideck is a James E. Beasley School of Law at Temple University class of 2009 graduate. Being an expert in business law, Karl has been heavily involved in most legal developments. Heideck has authored several articles and blog posts in an effort to educate employers and the public at large on the need for compliance with the law and the major changes in business law. Karl Heideck currently practices in Pennsylvania as a legal advisor both to individuals and businesses.

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