Arizona Advocacy Group Expands Awareness for Migrant Rights Reinforced By Local Foundation

The Arizona Coalition for Migrant Rights (ACMR) is an advocacy group that seeks fairness, human decency, and the rule of law when it comes to immigrants who may receive any type of injustice within the Unites States. The statewide group has built a network of migrants, refugees and community leaders as well as human and civil rights organizations to stand with them to combat any form of discrimination.

Arizona has become a common point of entry into the United States for those who seek entry from the Mexico border. More than 50 percent of all immigration apprehensions occur within the dangerous terrain of the Arizona desert and causes hundreds of subsequent deaths.

The ACMR believes that due to fear and blatant intolerance of immigrants who are merely trying to better their families, the entry point made an untenable situation even worse.

Through the use of the DREAM Act; a legislative proposal that would give immigrants conditional refuge and residency in the United States, the ACMR believes it has a fighting chance to combat the problem facing immigrants, and U.S. citizens who are on the side of reform at all costs. It starts with an authentic awareness with the public and law-makers.

The Lacey and Larkin Foundation is based in Arizona and works with hundreds of advocacy groups within the state to educate communities and advance the rights of immigrants.

The foundation was founded by Michael Lacy and Jim Larkin, both journalists of the News Times in Phoenix, Arizona. They formed a coalition of advocacy groups to bring awareness and resources to migrants within the state as well as those citizens who are on the side of equal protection for all.

Since the Lacey and Larkin foundation was established in 2013, there have been alliances with some of the most-utilized advocacy groups within the state and throughout the country. The foundation is among the select-choices that are relied upon for the most up to date information, from laws and policy changes, to social changes that may affect immigrants civil and human rights. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Phoenix New Times | Wikipedia

It’s important for groups such as the ACMR to work alongside organizations that are closely monitoring the policies and procedures that have captivated the country with pressures to reform immigration laws and changes to immigration system.

The immigration changes have not been as high on the agenda of the government since World War II. During the post-war era more than 50 percent of immigrants were from Europe, which continued for two decades. In today’s society, with the increase of unstable nations that are rampant with terrorism and dictatorships, the United States has become a safe-haven.

The ACMR created an advocacy group to not only assist migrants through the process to protect their rights, but also to advocate on their behalf for compassionate immigration policies and laws, as well as expanding existing immigration rights. Within this process, the ACMR has brought an unquestionable truth to what America believes in, and the history that the country has been built upon since its founding.

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