Skincare Beauty Hacks

Wengie reveals some of her beauty hacks in one of the latest skincare videos that she has released. These are ideal for those who don’t have a lot of time to get ready in the morning or those who are so tired after a long day that they don’t take the time to properly care for the skin in the evening.


One of the things that Wengie enjoys is tea. She will use the same tea bag many times instead of wasting the product. You can make a pot of green tea, water it down, pour it into a spray bottle, and use the green tea to freshen the skin. It is refreshing during the day and is full of antioxidants. Place tea bags in the refrigerator, putting them on the eyes to decrease bags that might occur and to give a bit of freshness to the area of the face.


A large bottle of toner can be added to a spritz bottle so that you aren’t wasting the product. When you spray perfume onto the hair, it might be a little too strong. Spray a light amount of perfume onto a hairbrush to get the right amount onto the hair. Another option is to add essential oils to the brush. The oils will also moisturize a natural-bristle brush. Oils will also make the hair smooth and shiny. Hair spray on a bobby pin will keep it in place while in the hair. Also, remember that the curvy side of the pin goes toward the scalp.

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