Is Beneful the Best Brand for Treats?

Beneful is a well-known brand throughout dog owners that was named one of the top five dog food brands in 2012. There are several types of dog treats including crunchy or tender and even the flavor choices between chicken and beef. Your dog’s preference matters! While they are made with quality, wholesome ingredients that make it a healthier option, their calorie count can range anywhere from 19-28 calories per treat. All dogs can enjoy Beneful dog treats and dental chews because they range in size as well. Puppies will love the variety known as “Beneful Incredibites minis” that come in a smaller, more enjoyable size. As well as great ingredients and a huge selection of choices, these treats can are easily accessible and can be found at any local stores, such as Walmart or Target, for an average of $5. Coupons are also readily available for printing on their website.

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1 thought on “Is Beneful the Best Brand for Treats?”

  1. Its the concern for pet owners to provide feeds for their pets just as they do for their own consumption and sometime i feel for them. Using reviews, i think with Beneful feeds pet owners most especially dog owners can have the belief that their dogs will have the best food, because they are a brand with such quality in the preparation of dog foods.

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