Flooded Squaw Valley Drinking Water Systems No Threat To Life?

Efforts to restore upper mountain of Squaw Valley water quality have made headway, Sierra Sun reported. News about contamination in systems serving Squaw Valley broke early last month. Placer County environmentalists conducted thorough testing and detected multiple water-borne contaminants. Since then, they’ve removed high traces of E.coli while coliform remains a contained threat. The region’s environmental health department received an official report about the issue on November 8th. The team has been extremely vigilant in containing this urgent disaster and remains optimistic about returning drinking water to healthy levels.

Not long ago, Gold Coast and High Camp systems underwent an upgrade which was identified as the source of the problem. Environmentalists reported no evidence of a threat to surrounding drinking water reservoirs. Nonetheless, they’re assessing the problem meticulously to prevent any escalation. Furthermore, no public-related contamination has been reported since the incident. With ongoing water treatment, Placer County Environmental Health director, Wesley Nicks, confirmed relayed positive feedback about improvements. In fact, he confirmed that three of four drinking water systems are almost bacteria-free.

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Health officials and environmentalists will exhaust every effort to restore drinking water quality. The region’s ski resort still welcomes visitors and locals, although upper mountain restaurants remain closed. Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows PR director, Liesl Kenney has promised a smooth transition as health officials and environmentalists carry out safe water treatment. During an interview with the local media, Sierra Sun, Kenney assured the public that the problems are contained. She emphatically stated that coliform remains a low-level threat and ongoing treatment should rectify the problem.

As the water treatment project continues, Gold Coast and High Camp guests will continue enjoying facility services. This includes safe drinking and public facilities. Kenney also assured the public in a statement released by Sierra Sun that customer health and safety is a priority. While systems outside Gold Coast and High Camp remains unaffected, health officials are exercising extreme caution to guarantee safety. News about any development is forthcoming until water safety officials release further updates.

Olympic Valley has long been admired for its exquisite ski resort topography, particularly Alpine Meadows and Squaw Valley. It caters to a rich guests population annually because of its iconic ski terrain. Certainly, this unpredictable event has not stalled the region’s gain from tourism as guests flock the district to enjoy ski resort life.

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