What Does Beneful Mean?

Beneful sells a quality product line of dog food that is among the industry’s best in terms of quality, affordability, and variety. Beneful has created many different high quality dog foods for customers to choose from and they can cater their selections based on the age, size, and breed of their dog.

Beneful Definition concentrates on high quality ingredients including whole grains, fresh vegetables, and real meats. The combination results in a balanced diet for your dog that can meet the dietary needs of your pet without the need for other supplements for their diet.

When Beneful was first founded their parent company, Nestle, tried to find a name that summarizes the commitment to quality that the brand had. They settled on Beneful dog food which means full of goodness. The name turned out to be apropos given the high quality dog food that Beneful sells as well as their commitment to safety and excellence.


How The Reputation of Madison Street Capital Has Changed

Madison Street Capital is famed for being one of the most successful investment companies in the United States. Since it was introduced into the competitive market in the year 2001, the company has grown so much, and it is currently found in several countries.

The institution is headquartered in Dallas, and it has offices in several continents. Since its establishment, the international company has managed to close several deals. In the year 2015, the international firm announced that it had managed to close forty-two deals.

The success of all the transactions is attributed to the individuals working at the company. These professionals have been working day and night just to make sure that the customer gets the services they deserve. Madison Street Capital reputation has been increasing in the international platform. The kind of achievements in the investment company cannot be found elsewhere. This has made the global company one of the leaders in the financial department.

Madison Street Capital is led by professionals who have a lot of expertise in the financial world.The company deals with various activities.Some of these include funding, mergers and acquisitions, financial advice and much more.

The companies that are looking for financial help can get the assistance they need from the company. The Chicago based institution focuses on making sure that the needs of the customers are not neglected at any time. Learn more about Madison Street Capital: http://www.benzinga.com/pressreleases/16/08/r8401008/madison-street-capital-announced-as-finalist-for-the-15th-annual-m-a-ad

Thanks to its numerous accomplishments in the modern market, the investment company has won the hearts of so many individuals who need financial service. According to some of the company clients, Madison Street Capital is experienced in whatever it does. The professionals working at the company are very cooperative, and they do not disappoint their customers. Read more: Madison Street Capital | Pitch Engine

The professional team is led by one of the most influential personalities in the investment world, known as Charles Botchway. As the president of the successful company, Botchaway has done a lot to make sure that the international company achieves its goals.

Just recently, Charles announced that his company had won several awards. According to him, the company was named as the international boutique firm of the year due to its accomplishments in the acquisition of an international firm.

The company leader said that the whole transaction was complicated because it involved two nations. However, this did not hinder the success of the deal. The two teams worked hard to make sure that everyone was satisfied at the end of the day.

The company was very excited about winning the prestigious award. While speaking to the public, the businesswoman said that his company was looking forward to transforming the lives of the people around them. The company has done so much in the past to donate its money to needy families.

Sheldon Lavin, an Honorable Man

There is much honor in a selfless man. Sheldon Lavin is an American citizen renowned for playing a huge role that has guaranteed OSI Groups its success for a very long time. As the CEO and Chairman of OSI Group, Lavin has taken the corporation from one glory to another helping the organization grow and expand above and beyond.

Since 1970, Sheldon Lavin has proven to be a dependable corporate head, well tuned with all the tools of his trade. In the 70s, Sheldon began his career as a financial advisor helping an institution like Otto & Sons gain a footing in an already clogged market. After much growth, Otto & Sons later transitioned into what is today renowned as OSI Group.

After helping the franchise grow and expand, Sheldon Lavin developed an interest in the food and processing industry, something that saw him buy the company in its entirety. Ever since the acquisition, productivity at OSI Group has more than improved with the corporation now enjoying constant successes annually.

Today, Sheldon is proud of the man he has become. With little to no experience, he was able to acquire a company he had no idea how to run at the time but has since converted the institution into one that many people want to get associated. Thanks to the hard work and determination that Sheldon has shown through the years, he has been able to receive numerous awards for his good deeds with the most recent one being the Global Visionary ward that got issued in 2016.

Presently, OSI Group enjoys a presence in more than sixty countries, a hallmark of Lavin’s unbeaten streak at the food processing company. Under Sheldon’s watch, the corporation has been able to receive numerous accords that center on environmental sustainability. As one of the most successful individuals of the 21st Century, Sheldon Lavin keeps on encouraging the young tucks to follow in his footsteps, by helping young businesses to grow just like he did more than three decades ago.

Apart from attending to business matters, Lavin is a devoted philanthropist helping people through charities. In his lifetime, Sheldon Lavin has been able to support three children with the aid of his wife, raising them in a way that prepares for adult life. In a nutshell, Sheldon Lavin is a man with the interests of the world at heart. It might have taken Sheldon a lifetime to commit to OSI Group, but his efforts were never in vain.

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Ricardo Tosto Uses Blockchain

Ricardo Tosto – Ricardo Tosto is Prepared?

That’s right: You’ve probably heard of Brazil’s Ricardo Tosto. Ricardo Tosto is a special man who practices law and has many clients. What you may not know is that Ricardo Tosto loves using blockchain for his contracts as it offers him more security and peace of mind.

On His Site

On his main site and legal blog, he has listed several samples of pieces he wrote, which were purchased by past clients for their firms as well. You may browse through some or all, but may I point out the “Justicia en Brasil, Ley Legal, and Google Legal” ones as they are more technical in nature and may perhaps be more of what new legal clients seek? I could not find any in blockchain specifically though the topic sounds like something he may have written on before. His hired writers have also written dozens of orders on VPN, cloud security and mobility, IT and similar ones for a client that has bought them; he did not keep copies of these but will consider doing so and adding these to his portfolio – and for situations like this one and more

From what Tosto understands about blockchain, it involves an agreed-upon ledger for use by all parties, one that involves a chain of transactions – or “blocks” – that are conveniently open and accessible by all parties in the ledger. Thus, anyone in the network can see the ledger and make changes to it. It’s truly the future! One can even build a blockchain in less than 15 minutes, starting from scratch – or Genesis – and moving forward. One can validate transactions and add them to the ledger quite quickly. Legal Blockchain is not Bitcoin though it is a form of crypto currency that is made to resemble a few similarities; blockchain is better, and I’m not just saying that. One can do more with it!

Smart contracts use blockchain; ledgers can synchronize across an entire permissible network and anyone in it can publish, edit, etc. Follow Ricardo on social media today. Read his articles.


Robert Ivy Builds The Building World Through Advocacy

Robert Ivy is an instrumental part of the building world. The chief executive officer as well as the president of American Institute of Architects prides himself on being an admirable leader who utilizes advocacy, educative outreach and publicity to reach out to architects in different associations. Ivy is focused on helping clients as well as communities to enjoy the benefits of a revolutionary constructive world that comes with architectural designs.


As most organizations know, leadership defines the direction of the firm. That is why Ivy has been good at exercising excellent leadership at AIA. Under his guidance, the association has transformed into a service based provider for architectures in the current century. Being in charge of an influential organization, Ivy has set achievable yet aggressive goals to keep employees on toes when it comes to service delivery. His goals have strengthened public health awareness and heightened knowledge through creating awareness on the value as well as the relevance of having architects in the world.

Follow Robert Ivy on LinkedIn


Ivy’s success is immeasurable. His achievements speak for his passion and input in the world or architecture. He has managed to streamline the organization by implementing policies that work for the good of the clients. Being a great decision maker, Ivy has built a new, advanced technological platform for easy operations. From initiating strong infrastructure to launching a universal campaign dubbed public awareness campaign, Robert Ivy is a leader to emulate. His focus is appended to shifting AIA to resourceful platforms. He is also moved by the need to nurture architects by preparing them for the business world. Ivy addresses critical issues that arise in architecture. From climate change, the effects of design to public health as well as human safety, he is bound to the bettering of the world.


Perhaps what defines Ivy’s ability to hold the architecture association together is his experience. Before joining AIA, he was the vice president as well as the editorial director for McGraw- Hill Construction. He also served as the chief editor of architectural record magazine. As a leader in the two organizations, Ivy was received several honors because of his input. The premier magazine journalism award is just one of the honors. He also bagged honors by The American Society of Magazine Editors. Ivy’s track record of performance indicates that he can be trusted with multiple executive positions. He is an excellent communicator, a leader and mentor to many.

Search more about Robert Ivy: https://www.clintonfoundation.org/blog/authors/robert-ivy-0

How Whitney Wolfe Uses Technology to Create Networks among the Women

Whitney Wolfe is the founder and chief executive of Bumble and the co-founder of a dating app known as Tinder. Whitney Wolfe is an American entrepreneur who resides in Austin, Texas. She was on the list of women under the age of 30 in Technology by Business Insiders in 2014. Besides, she emerged as one of Elle’s Women in Tech in 2016 and among the Forbes 30 Under 30 in 2017.

Whitney Wolfe attended the Southern Methodist University where she studied International Studies. After her graduation, she traveled to work with the orphanages in the Southeast Asia. Whitney Wolfe later launched Bumble in 2014, a dating platform with over eleven million subscribers. Bumble has since launched into new verticals like BumbleBFF used for finding friends and BumbleBIZZ. The company is approximated to be valued over 500 US dollars.

About Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF is application that makes women be the hunters instead of being the hunted. The application gives ladies the chance to make the first move such that a conversation will automatically vanish if a woman does not say something in the connections within 24 hours. Bumble BFF gives the option to make the initial communication with a potential date to women only.

How the Bubble BFF Works

It is possible to communicate in both ways using a Bumble BFF App. Bumble BFF gives women a limited amount of time to connect through messaging. Unlike in Bumble where same-sex dating has a communication platform that is identical, Bumble BFF extension allows women to view profiles of other women interested in platonic friends. Bumble BFF users are first required to download the Bumble App and fill in their bio information then sign using individual Facebook accounts. Subscribers are then required to click on the settings tab which is on the Bumble app to switch to BFF mode.

Goals of Bumble BFF

Bumble BFF came as a result of gender discrimination that Whitney Wolfe had experienced from her co-founders of Tinder dating platform. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe decided to create an app that would give women an option to make their decision independently. As a result, she created the Bumble BFF extension that aimed at empowering women connections. Bumble BFF has since given women the power and ability to create a network full of supportive individuals.

Learn More: www.brides.com/story/bumble-app-ceo-whitney-wolfe-is-married

Rodrigo Terpins prominence in Rally Competitions

Rodrigo Terpins is a well-known driver, a rider and a member of Bull Sertoes Rally team. He has participated in the various competition and won different titles in the main rally championships in Brazil. He is a competitor for the T1 prototype category where he became position 7 in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally. The 22nd edition of the Sertoes rally comprised of a distance of 2,600 kilometers, seven stages and in 2 states. This competition was the largest off-road race in the entire Brazil. The rally was marked by very many challenges and adversities, and many of the competitors did not qualify for the top five.

Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini were among the competitors of the Bull Sertoes Rally Team as participants for the category Prototypes T1. Rodrigo Terpins and Fabricio Bianchini managed to be position eight overall in the ranking. The competition attracted 38 competitors both nationally and internationally. Rodrigo Terpins using the car number 326, has managed to achieve promising results in the matches. Rodrigo is so passionate, committed and dedicated to sports and has ventured in several completions in Brazil. His brother Mitchel Terpins is also a rally driver and has also participated in several championships in Brazil.

Rodrigo Terpins father, Jack Terpins, was also a renowned basketball player. He played for the Hebraica, and he is also an entrepreneur, reveals terra.com. Rodrigo Terpins is a director for T5 Participacoes which is a Brazilian business. He held the position of Director of Operations at Lojas Marisa. Mr. Terpins is also passionate about science, technology, arts, children, and culture. He has a diverse set of interests and can combine all his achievements and team needs to set him as the leader of the pack. He understands the mechanics of racing and can endure the challenges posed with the challenge. His ability to drive through dirt and navigate courses without slowing down has made him be one of the most admired drivers by the fans. His ability to overcome different kind of setbacks, whether terrain related or vehicle issues, has made him maintain success in the journey. For more info, visit terpins.com.br.

Determinations of Michel Terpins as a Rally Driver

Michel Terpins completed his 10th participation in the competition. He made his debut in the motorcycle category in 2002, then sailed for his brother Rodrigo Terpins in the cars and, in the last four years, made an evolution in his piloting with T-Rex. They had several types of terrain that first day, a lot of dirt and it was a demanding race, but without any problems, everything was normal. The car behaved well, they did overtake, but he did not want to force the suspension much. He preferred to have a little more caution and adapt to the equipment.

At his side is the navigator from Taubaté (SP) who has a decade of Sertões Rally in the curriculum and has already won four titles. “Maykel has a vast rally experience and gives me a lot of safety and our tuning is perfect,” says the rider, current leader of the Brazilian Cross Country Rally Championship in Prototypes T1. It is worth mentioning that the first two stages of the rally add up to the national championship ranking.

The 25-year edition had 3,300.06 kilometers, of which 1,999.52 times. It had to pass through four cities in Goiás one in Mato Grosso and three in Mato Grosso do Sul. On another day, competitors of motorcycles, quadricycles, UTVs and cars competed for the Prologue time taken to define the starting order for the rally, in Alpha City Goiás, on a circuit of 6 kilometers.

A few years ago, the passion for speed and off-road took the brothers from São Paulo Rodrigo. Terpins and Michel Terpins formed the Bull Sertões Rally Team. With distinct off-road trajectories, Terpins and Justo formed the second team in the consecutive year in the T1 Prototype category, on board T-Rex which was developed by MEM Motorsport. His car went through some modifications that made it more powerful and competitive for this edition. Both drivers have been racing for four seasons on board the T-Rex, developed by MEM Motorsport, the Sertões Rally. At the same time, they participate in the Brazilian Championship of Cross Country Rally and already accelerate also in the Mitsubishi Cup.



     The game of Racquetball started in the 1950’s and is also known as “paddle ball.” Besides the excellent health benefits acquired, practitioners of the sport testify that it can be extremely intense and satisfying.

Most never consider the possibility of turning pro. This article is for those who wish to make the transition from the casual player to professional.

What Does It Take To Become A Professional Racquetball Player?

In life, the formula to success is hard work and dedication. We’ve even broken this formula down into a more granular four point system for your benefit:

1.) It All Starts In The Mind

In order to be the best at anything you do you must first have the right mind frame for everything originates in the mind. Make sure you have the right mentality and attitude before you step foot on a racquetball court.

2.) Plan Your Work & Work Your Plan

Before setting out to conquer the racquetball world make sure to plot, plan and strategize so that you’ll ensure the best results. Give yourself short and long term goals and measure your progress. WIth your plan mapped out you are now ready to put it into motion.

3.) Build The Perfect Player

Picture the perfect player and build him. You must be in superior shape so exercise and incorporate the proper diet. Once you have created a routine and have incorporated it into your daily life find a coach.

4.) Building A Career Off Your Racquet

Now time to seek out sponsors and enter into every tournament you qualify for. As you progress sponsors will seek you out!

Who is Racquetball Pro Sawyer Howitt?

Since a young child, Sawyer Howitt had his eyes set on racquetball. He acquired an impressive record on his way to turning pro.

Much more than a sportsman Mr. Howitt is the project manager at the Meriwether Group with an impressive resume that includes RFID Checkout among others.

Overcoming pain to accomplish goals within difficulty builds character as well as muscle and this is how Sawyer Howitt has been successful on the racquetball court as well as the business world.

For more, please see https://affiliatedork.com/better-your-business-skills-with-these-tips-from-entrepreneur-sawyer-howitt.


Kari Heideck And Civil Litigation

In his article Career Spotlight: Litigation with Karl Heideck, Karl distinguishes between the various litigation attorneys. Though civil attorneys may litigate criminal cases, typically, they represent private interests. As such, a majority of these lawyers may practice in the private sector. On the other hand, other attorneys may practice as criminal lawyers or prosecutors.

Despite this distinction, all lawyers are responsible for some duties. To begin with, lawyers prepare necessary court documentation, negotiate settlements, file cases in a court of law, and handle a case’s discovery phase. During the discovery phase, attorneys are extremely busy people. They host pretrial press conferences, deliver depositions, and attend court processes related to a trial. In addition to that, if a judgment is reached, there could be an appeal. As a result, litigation attorneys may file complaints regarding issues that weren’t addressed adequately during the trial. In this capacity, a lawyer may engage the services of colleagues or legal experts to help strengthen an appeal.

Read more on thereisnoconsensus.com.

About Karl Heideck

Mr Karl Heideck holds a law degree from the James E. Beasley School of Law, Temple University. Besides that, he also holds a Bachelor of Arts from Swarthmore College. As an attorney, Heideck is a specialist in risk management, compliance, and civil litigation. Karl currently practices with the Pennsylvania based law firm of Grant & Eisenhower. Karl Heideck is an associate at Conrad O’Brien besides previously working at Pepper Hamilton LLP.

Karl’s extensive experience equips him with competency in civil litigation. For that reason, he has been influential in helping clients address complex legal matters. Since 2015, he is a listed member of the Hire Council. Though he specializes in risk management and compliance consulting, Karl is an all rounder. His diverse service portfolio includes corporate law, product liability, commercial litigation, and employment proceedings. Also, Karl Heideck publishes a blog in which he discusses different legal topics, offers advice, and educates people on litigation related issues.

Find more about Karl Heideck: https://gazetteday.com/2017/08/new-car-seat-law-goes-in-effect-in-pennsylvania-karl-heideck-explains/