Article Title: Opens Up Its Blockchain Framework To Businesses

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The leading Chinese e-commerce platform, just announced that it had opened its proprietary blockchain framework to businesses. This announcement follows JD’s launch of a new open blockchain technology platform, the JD Blockchain Open Platform. This state-of-the-art underlying blockchain framework gives businesses the ability to take advantage of prebuilt APIs for their operations. Companies now can build their solutions on this platform from the ground up. This solution building can be done easily as the underlying architecture has been designed to meet the unique needs of individual businesses. Even better, companies won’t have to rely on pre-built APIs.

Introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology

Through this platform, will be introducing cutting-edge blockchain technology to business which would otherwise not have access to it. In addition to this, the Chinese e-commerce giant also launched the JD Chain Open Source Community. This is a community of developers and users who will be dedicated to making the platform as a whole better. In this community, both users and developers of the blockchain framework will share ideas on how to make it better. Through the community, greater discussions can be held and also pooling of resources will be possible.

Empowering businesses management is very confident that this blockchain framework will go a long way in empowering businesses. With this technology, companies can become more efficient and flexible. The efficiency and flexibility are industry-leading as this framework can process more than 10,000 transactions per second. In addition to this, security has of late become a huge concern for businesses and this technology will guarantee that. Top level security is one of the guarantees of the technology.

About is one of the two biggest e-commerce platforms in China. The platform serves China and the surrounding Asian nations and has been very successful in recent years. has also been looking to expand globally, and the new blockchain framework seems like the right place for the company to start. Though the e-commerce platform is now a significant player in the sector, it was launched in 1998 by Richard Liu as a magneto-optical shop which prospered to become in 2004.

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Should You Give Newswire Services a Try? Know When is the Right Time to Use

This demonstrates how successful they have actually been in distributing stories in numerous locations.

What’s it like in attaching best press release distribution web sites?

Cord services are costly. The price differs on the high qualities and also the quantity of supply that you would like to acquire.

Here are points that You Should not get out of supply services:

There is no promise that reporters will certainly create your story.

Do not expect it to improve your seo worth.

There is no certain manner in which each of the press reporters under their system can recognize your story.

It holds true. Distribution suppliers do not guarantee media protection. They simply put your tale onto their web site in addition to other locations, so that it obtains exposed to their area of associates and information outlets. If they release your info, it is officially live online.

If you wish to experiment with wire services, you have to select trusted ones, for example, PR Wire service, Service Cable, Newswire and even Marketwire.

If you’re expecting wonders on your seo ranking, do not feel a paid assistance can attain this for you. It is no more vital considering that Google altered its calculations in 2013.

Since that time, consisting of a great deal of links can harm your SEO. Google specifically will see to your site as”spammy” to your web links that are suspicious.

What are the differences in between the distribution sites?
Utilizing circulation sites differ in characteristics, price, as well as benefits.

You might choose whether to utilize a paid supply or an entirely cost-free firm, based upon your targets as well as PR spending plan. Evaluate your purposes, and just how much you are prepared to spend to achieve your objectives.

Do you wish to boost your reach, conversion prices, earnings or market brand awareness? This should be clear prior to starting any type of Public Relations initiative. You need to make sure that you have a service which offers the best return-on-investment.

If you elect for paid websites, inspect meticulously which could supply among the maximum benefits. Do not simply base your choice on their rates. Expensively paid sites do not constantly assure that the best end results.

Free supply internet sites look appealing? Yet before leaping in their services, assess whether you will gain from it.

Why do you think that they are liberated? It is maybe because they do not supply you some features, as well as they do not offer the benefits that paid web sites can give.

Are wire services effective?

Previously, the concern is still a significant concern. Nevertheless, recognizing the method they operate can assist you identify if you are going to give it a go or otherwise.

One regular error is to believe supply websites can execute all of the benefit companies. Keep in mind they release your information, so it gets in the hands of several publications and also colleagues. They are not offering you with ensured positioning in the paper or a publication.

The truth is, most senior citizens use wire services to obtain details or to validate realities that they can use in their story. It cuts time that they utilize to construct quotes or advice about a new or their goods.

Journalism thinks that supply internet sites provide an usual place to see. As an instance, the links to photos, data, and infographics provide them immediate accessibility to such particulars. As opposed to visiting private websites, a news releases reduces the time that they commit for crafting a narrative.

If you believe with a newswire agency is the very best method to visit make attention it is not. Employing a site does not suggest your information becomes seen by their network of colleagues.

Straight talking, reporters who do not subscribe to the feeds can’t see your media release. Throwing remains the best way to get media coverage. It can be a very long haul, however it also includes a greater chance of landing a plan.

When is the perfect time to use supply support?

This is particularly effective if you’re a major company.

If it concerns smaller sized type of tales, like product launches, trade convention or charity functions, it’s optimal to target individual influencers, reporters as well as bloggers. Supply unique tales to unfamiliar people that have a greater prospect of getting advertising and marketing.

Article Title: How Is Meeting The Needs Of Consumers

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In collaboration with Central Group, is engaged in continued expansion across Southeast Asia as it launches an e-commerce platform called JD CENTRAL. Jingdong already has a presence in the region that includes an investment in Tiki, and an online platform in Indonesia. With sales higher than projections, JD CENTRAL offers marketplace models and direct sales.

There are a wide variety of categories available on the website that include fashion, electronics, books, home appliances, and much more. There are even fast-moving consumer goods like toiletries, cosmetics, processed foods and beverages, among others. In the category of fast moving consumer goods, the top sellers are fashion and mobile devices. There are several highly-regarded Chinese companies with brands that have become popular, such as OnePlus, Xiaomi, Lenovo and Huawei. leveraged the power of cutting-edge technology to become a worldwide retail operation that is a leader in logistics, with unmatched delivery speed offered to Thai consumers. Jingdong’s Warehouse Management System is used in warehouses located in Bangkok. In fact, they will soon offer same-day delivery and partner with local delivery services to provide nationwide coverage.

Vincent Yang, the CEO of JD CENTRAL, expressed delight over the company’s many successes, including their ability to serve customers located throughout Southeast Asia. Yang has spoken of their enthusiasm about offering Thai customers a quality e-commerce experience, with guaranteed product authenticity. The ultimate goal of is to become a brand that’s trusted in Thailand above any other brand. The company aims to unlock consumer potential and transform the local market.

Jingdong is working with top brands to expand their reach to Thai consumers. For instance, they have partnered with Vipshop, a top online Chinese apparel company that is already on the new platform. During a presentation at an event, Wu Zhengzhi, the General Marketing Manager of the Jingdong Mall Fresh Food Division spoke of encouraging consumers to eat better and offering concepts that are win-win solutions. The goal is to offer a wider range of products to meet the needs of consumers. Jingdong Fresh has been preparing to expand its offerings on a more global scale.

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Mark Holyoake: A Highly Reputable Businessman

Mark Holyoake is reputable and reliable. Mark is well recognized in the business sector and he has been serving on the advisory board at Iceland Seafood International.

Mark Holyoake is well respected by peers and clients and he has advised many entrepreneurs and professionals. Mr. Mark Holyoake helped many entrepreneurs and investors to achieve great success in their endeavors and is highly recognized in the industry.

Mark is about to resign from Iceland Seafood International. His position as an executive member of the advisory board needs to be filled as soon as possible and the company is looking for the right candidate.

Benedikt Sveinsson, who served as the former CEO of the company, will be stepping down as well. Like Mark Holyoake, Benedikt has provided outstanding service to Iceland Seafood International.

An important meeting will take place on February 2, in Reykjavik to fill these spots. Several reputable executives and entrepreneurs have been nominated.

Choosing executives to serve on the advisory board of a well-established company is not an easy task. It is crucial to perform the necessary research and ensure that the right candidates are selected.

The nominees for these positions have achieved tremendous success in their respective industries and have a thorough knowledge of how to manage a large company. The nominees include Magnus Bjarnason, Liv Bergthorsdottir, Jakob Valgeir Flosason, and Ingunn Agnes Kro.

Mark Holyoake is a highly successful entrepreneur and he has been involved in many different ventures over the years. Mark is passionate about real estate and he has a prominent firm in the UK.

His real estate firm, Oakvest, is a leading firm in property development and is based in London. Oakvest focuses on developing commercial and residential properties.

Real estate is a lucrative industry and countless people have created great wealth in this field. Mark Holyoake has access to excellent resources and real estate professionals.

Like any other type of investment or entrepreneur endeavor, there are things to watch out for. Mark Holyoake has a good understanding of the real estate investment field and can provide the guidance you need to succeed.

About Mark Holyoake:

Jason Hope Fights for Biotechnology Rejuvenation by Donation to SENS Foundation

Jason Hope is an online entrepreneur that has pioneered many designs in marketing and online sales. As many people struggle to maintain their youthful looks, the science community is increasingly becoming aware of the growing market for rejuvenating products. A sector that is growing parallel to the latter is the market for drugs that address age-related diseases such as arthritis. Jason announced that he will be making a donation of over 500 thousand dollars to SENS foundation. The SENS foundation works with the aim of improving the biotechnology that deals with age-related diseases. Jason Hope says that he had great faith in the work that Dr. Aubrey de Grey in partnership with the SENS foundation were doing.

Jason affirmed that he has been closely monitoring the foundation’s progress and is sure that the results will be life changing for patients around the world. The announcement was made at an event that was hosted by the Thiel Foundation dabbed ‘Breakthrough Philanthropy.’ Jason expressed certainty that the rejuvenation biotechnology research was the future of science. The fight against aging is one that all of the stakeholders of biotechnology research should be engaged in. Jason Hope pledged to fight against degenerative diseases such as Alzheimer’s disease which cause the patient to lose basic memory and lose the ability to create short term memories.

More on Jason Hope

Jason is an accomplished businessman as well as a philanthropist. He was born in Arizona in a small town known as Tempe. He pursued a degree in finance from Arizona State University which he achieved with flying colors. To earn his MBA after graduating, Jason Hope attended W.P Carey School of business. He was quick to establish himself in the business world. He was recognized world over for his achievements.

Many students and entrepreneurs seek his investment advice as well as tutoring in matters concerning business. Jason currently resides in Arizona and spends most of his time contacting business transactions as well as overseeing other activities. He has lately been interested in the automation of business transactions as a result of the advancements made in smart technology. This is one of the areas of interest that he is currently focusing his interest in.


Article Title: Richard Liu

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Richard Liu is the founder and the CEO of the company which is the largest Chinese e-commerce website. The website is a worldwide platform that is expanding at a rapid pace and started when the internet started to boom. The company though was just what Liu could afford to do for himself when he got out of college. At the time because it was online, he was able to run it while working another job until the website paid enough to take care of the bills he had. As time went on and he tried retail but thought that it wasn’t for him, he went back to the website to grow that and try to continue the site. After starting website full time, it took off and started to boom in a way that he had never expected. Now while he is in his thirties, he sees a bright long future ahead of him.

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Richard Liu Qiangdong Sheds Light on His Entrepreneurial Journey

In 2018, the World Economic Forum invited Richard Liu Qiangdong to its annual meeting, an event that unites global leaders, successful entrepreneurs, policymakers, and thought leaders to discuss critical economic agendas.

During the event, Richard Liu Qiangdong, a successful entrepreneur in the world’s e-commerce industry shed light on how he started and grew his company, as well as its future goals.

How did he start

Richard Liu Qiangdong started, also known as Jingdong in 1998, two years after completing his undergraduate studies from Renmin University of China. At that time, Jingdong was a brick and mortar store selling computer parts. Richard managed to open over 12 computer shops in different parts of Beijing within five years.

In 2004, China was hit by SARS, an airborne disease that forced people to remain indoors. As a result, Richard Liu’s computer accessory shop ran short of customers, and its sales started declining.

Unlike many business people that were forced out of business, Mr. Qiangdong closed down his 12 shops, and he launched, an online platform that could supply electronics, home appliances, foodstuff, clothes, cosmetics, and many more consumer products.

How did Qiangdong grow his e-commerce store?

Mr. Qiangdong employed two strategies to grow his e-commerce. First, he supplied authentic goods at a reasonable price. The tactic helped him to outwit his competitors who sold fake products at an exaggerated price.
Secondly, delivered customer orders within the shortest time possible. Most customers could receive their orders within the same day. Today, Jingdong is the largest e-commerce store in Asia and other parts of the world.

What are Liu Qiangdong’s future plans?

During the World Economic Forum event, Liu Qiangdong disclosed that his company was planning to start serving the entire global e-commerce market. Already, has launched e-commerce platforms that serve the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Europe.’s: Youtube.

Igor Cornelsen- Importance of investments for passive income

If you want to be wealthy and even generate sufficient resources to sustain your family for generations, then making investments should be a necessity. By making investments, you could be creating opportunities for the generation of passive income. According to Igor Cornelsen, passive income comes from strategic plans that will see individuals work less and generate more money. Some of the common ways of generating passive income include investing in bonds, real estate, business, and others. To succeed in these investment options, some require an individual to be aware of matters of economy.

Igor Cornelsen is a successful investor who has achieved success by investing in the Brazilian financial market. For the past four decades, he has been helping individuals to make profits through profitable investments in Brazil. His experience and knowledge in financial matters enable him to guide others on what to do. Igor Cornelsen is a unique investor in Brazil because he has insight on almost every aspect of the Brazilian financial market from banking, stock market to business.

Igor Cornelsen was born in Brazil in 1947. He attended the Federal University of Parana in Curitiba, Brazil. He enrolled for a highly coveted course in engineering. However, after two years at the university, Cornelsen shifted to economics. His interest was in numbers and statistics. After graduation, he was employed by an investment bank.

At an early age, Igor Cornelsen built a name as one of the brilliant investment bankers in the country. Although it took him time and effort, he does not regret pursuing investment banking as a career. In 1995, he decided to utilize the skills and experience gathered to build his own brand. He started Bainbridge Investment Inc to pursue his interest in funds management in the stock market. This company exist to date and has its main offices in the Bahamas.

Mike Nierenberg has excelled tremendously in all of his endeavors

Mr. Michael Nierenberg currently holds the title of being the Chairman, in addition to being the President & Chief Executive Officer of a company called New Residential Investment Corp. He has been in the top position for this company since 2013, until present. Furthermore, he is also the Chairman of Samuel Waxman Cancer Research Foundation.

His corporation is headquartered in New York, New York. In the past Mr. Michael Nierenberg was in charge of being the managing director at Fortress Investment Group LLC. Through all of his years of experience and efforts, he has excelled tremendously in all of his endeavors. He is affiliated with Merrill Lynch & Co., Inc. as well as J.P. Morgan Securities LLC.

Mr. Michael Nierenberg, at 55 years old has gained several assets during his lifetime. He continues to pass down any assistance in order to ensure his team flourishes. Mr. Nierenberg thrives on grasping all he can, in regards to investment strategies and ways that he can implement techniques to improve himself.

Mr. Michael Nierenberg diligently served as the managing director and head of Global Mortgages and Securitized Products at Bank of America Merrill Lynch, while upholding the vital responsibility for collecting and analyzing all sales and trading activities which were taking place in the division.

Certainly, Mr. Michael Nierenberg has a prolific role within his company, and having joined Bank of America Merrill Lynch in November 2008 from JP Morgan, gave him an impeccable edge, to always strive to obtain his greatest achievements.

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Neurocore – Helping Companies Protect Mental Health of its Employees

Suffering from mental health disorders can ruin your life in many ways as you wouldn’t be able to focus on work professionally or stay happy in your personal life. Thanks to the advancement that has taken place in the field of medicine, there are therapies available that would help you get rid of mental health issues. In this regard, the brain training programs by Neurocore are highly advanced as well as effective and ensure that it gets your rid of the stress and sleep disorder issues with ease. To know more about the company click here.

Neurocore has helped many individuals through its brain training programs that use the qEEG technology backed by applied neurosciences. Neurocore Brain Performance Centers have a total of nine locations in the United States. In a short period of time, Neurocore has become a leading name in the field of applied neurosciences. Experts at Neurocore feel that it is up to companies to take care of the mental health issues of their employees. With stress and competition increasing in the workplace, employees today are facing mental problems but do not want to talk about it. It is the reason why companies need to take proactive action and to provide the employees with training programs so that they are able to handle stress better.