Freedom Checks Continue To Pay Off Big For Smart Investors

Freedom Checks have been hitting the news lately, and while many people are making a good profit from them, many others are convinced they are a scam. Matt Badiali has been working hard to help the public get a better understanding of them. The reason why it is so important that he is promoting them is because of his legitimacy in the field of natural resource investing. Badiali is a scientist turned natural resource investor who is always on top of the latest news in the investing world. He works with Banyan Hill Publishing and where he writes for the Real Wealth Strategist.As Matt Badiali has talked about, time-and-time-again, Freedom Checks are really called Master Limited Partnerships.

Because of the way they are set up, they allow companies to pass on a lot of their profit to investors. They are a real investment, which has helped to boost the energy sector in the United States. There are hundreds of MLPs, and, combined, they will pay out over $34 billion to investors in just one year.For companies to be able to qualify to send out about Freedom Checks to their investors, they must be an American energy company that earns 90% of its profits from the production, transportation, or exploration of natural gas and oil. Some of the companies who are enrolled in the MLP program are the same ones who find new gas well and oil wells. Some of them help to transport these resources across the United States.

Others are companies that refine oil and gas, and some do all of these things.Freedom Checks were actually created in 1981, and the benefit of them is a tax free company. Many investors have been raking in up to 10% profit on a yearly basis by investing in MLPs. Luckily, they are considered a low-risk investment because this means that people can invest in them and know that their money is safe. Freedom Checks have been mailed out to people for many years, and while many people are just finding out about them, they have been a great investment opportunity for countless years, now.

Organo Gold and The Wonder Mushroom Ganoderma

Coffee has been around for so many centuries that one would think nothing new can come of it. Not so, says the folks behind Organo Gold.For a coffee company, Organo Gold sure seems diverse in its product line. Besides to the typical coffees and teas found at other companies serving coffee products, they offer a wide range of organic health products such as grapeseed oil, mycelium, beauty bars and nutritional shakes. Organic farming and all-natural ingredients are company standards.

They take almost an holistic approach to coffee consumption, aiming at more than just a surge of energy.The ingredient that separates Organo Gold from other java juices is Ganoderma. The herb is much more common in the Asian world, but that is starting to change in the West thanks to this unique coffee company. Ganoderma is an ingredient found in mushrooms, and Organo Gold has tapped into this ancient power-herb to help consumers build a strong immune system by supporting the growth of your body’s immune system cells.

A suite of antioxidants is used through the combination of Ganoderma, mycelium and spores which aim at fighting free radicals which cause damage at the cellular level. The Ganoderma mushroom, which is almost mythic looking in itself, has been used since the Ming Dynasty in China by Dr. Shi-Jean Lee, who suggested eating the mushroom in his book Great Pharmaxodoeia.Organo takes care when harvesting the mushroom, avoiding the use of plastic containers which keep the spores from becoming as potent as they should.

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It’s pumpkin season! Now that it’s time to show your carving skills, there’s no reason to let any part of your pumpkin go to waste! Here’s a delicious Pumpkin Spice Bars that you can make as a snack! Ingredients: 1 scoop OGX FENIX™ Vanilla ¾ cup raw pecans ½ cup raw almonds ¼ cup roasted pumpkin seeds 1 cup pumpkin puree 1/2 tsp pumpkin pie spice 1 pinch sea salt -Process the pecans, seeds, and almonds in a blender until no large pieces remain. -Place in a bowl. Add pumpkin puree to the nut mix along with the scoop of OGX FENIX™ and sea salt. -Process until the mix starts to clump together. -Line up a loaf pan with wax paper or a plastic wrap. Pour in the mixture and press down firmly. -Refrigerate for 30 minutes and cut into 16 slices. Enjoy! #X4ever

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Nick Vertucci Inspires People through His Book- Seven Figure Decisions

Nick Vertucci is a prominent real estate entrepreneur who has encountered many challenges before succeeding in life. His story is inspirational, and he shares it by writing a book titled Seven Figure Decisions. In the book, Vertucci acknowledges that the seven figure decisions propel your success in life and you emerge from becoming a middle-class individual to a millionaire. To succeed as an entrepreneur, you must take a leap of faith and be ready to make the tough call of remaining persistent.

The Book

In the Seven Figure Decisions, Vertucci narrates about how he lost everything. Although he lost everything, he did not despair; he formulated a plan that later changed his life completely. After encountering many challenges in life, Vertucci will inspire you and encourage you to embrace positivity despite the obstacles that you may be going through. Vertucci’s journey as an entrepreneur dates back to when he had come up with a cash flow system. He managed the system through the help of his business partner. Vertucci and his partner would rehabilitate properties and later put renters in the foreclosures.

Vertucci made friends with a man who had a real estate training company. Fortunately, Nick Vertucci and his partner were offered slots as trainers at the training company since they were conversant with the cash flow systems. While teaching at the real estate training company, Nick Vertucci and his partner would also provide properties to the students. After reading through the Seven Figure Decisions, you will get a clear understanding that the real estate training company made Nick Vertucci into the man that he is today. As a student, working at the firm came in handy since he was experiencing some financial constraints.

Nick Vertucci Talks about Integrity

Vertucci was close to the owner of the real estate company. Although business seemed successful, there were challenges along the way. Since the firm’s name and brand weren’t protected, the company experienced a significant downfall. The student turn-up was on the lower end, and the company wasn’t gathering substantial amounts of revenue. While at the real estate training company, Vertucci and his partner amassed a significant amount of revenue by selling properties to students. They did not lose out completely even after the training company incurred losses. Eventually, life took a turn, and the owner of the real estate training company overthrew Vertucci from his cash flow system business with the help of his partner. Vertucci had to start his investment journey again. Despite the challenges he faced, he was persistent. Emerging entrepreneurs should emulate him.

Alastair Borthwick: Journalist, Broadcaster And Author Remembered For His Classic Work

From small newspaper to radio and television, Alastair Borthwick lived his craft to the fullest. He remains particularly known for his 1939 work Always a Little Further, and the 1946 publication titled Sans Peur, The History of the 5th (Caithness and Sutherland) Battalion, the Seaforth Highlanders; also known as Battalion: a British infantry un hit’s actions from El Alamein to the Elbe, 1942-1945.

The journalist, author, and broadcaster was born in Rutherglen, a town in South Lanarkshire, Scotland. Attending Glasgow High School until the age of 16, he quicky entered the working world with his first job at the Glasgow Herald. He began transcribing copy through correspondence by phone, moving his way up to editor of featured content.

His expositions on the growing number of working class people from Clydebank and Glasgow traveling into the countryside to participate in climbing and hillwalking.

By the time 1935 rolled around, Alastair Borthwick found his way to Fleet Street’s Daily Mirror, but ultimately found his way back to the BBC. Fabers, the publisher of his first book, was skeptical regarding the profitability of his provocative yet unconventional style of writing. However, with the influence of T.S. Eliot, one of the 20th Centuries greatest writers, they published the book and its been in print continously ever since.

When World War 2 arrived, he became an intelligence officer in the 5th Battalion of the Seaforth Highlanders of the Caithness and Sutherland. Sans Peur was the result of his experiences in Germany, France, Belgium, Holland, North Africa, and Italy. The critcally acclimed book on Battalion history has becone an integral account in war history and lore.

By the end of wartime, Alastair Borthwick and his wife Anne returned to Glasgow from Islay. By the 1960s, he was fully committed to television, going on to produce over 150 half-hour programs on different subjects.

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OSI Group Core Supplier Of McDonald’s

OSI Group is a food processing enterprise that supplies food products globally to food retailers and business all over the world. The company was formed in 1909, and its main headquarters are in Illinois. OSI Group supplies food products such as meat patties, sandwiches, hot-dogs, pizzas as well as vegetables. Most of their products are selected from the best vendors all around the globe. These products are inspected and vetted before the sale to ensure that they reach customer satisfaction. OSI Group has made millions of dollars by being the main food supply chain for very many famous food brand retailers such as McDonald’s. OSI Group McDonalds is one of the major partnerships that OSI has made over the years. OSI Group supplies food products to McDonald’s chains, and this partnership has been effective since 1955. Visit their website at

The first McDonald’s restaurant was opened in 1995 by Ray Kroc who was just a franchise agent for Maurice and Richard McDonald. Before opening the franchise, Arthur and Harry who were sons to Otto Kolschowsky (founder of OSI) had a handshake agreement with Kroy to supply ground beef to McDonald’s. This marked the birth of OSI Group McDonalds. A few years later Kroy purchased the franchise and became the CEO and OSI became a joint venture at McDonald’s. OSI Group became part of the growing McDonald’s franchise that kept opening spots in different areas in the country. One of the main agenda of McDonald’s was to provide each restaurant they owned with a consistent product. At the time, the main product was hamburgers which OSI had to supply. OSI Group McDonalds had to deliver consistent products that were fresh and could withstand the long distances to the range of McDonald restaurants.

There was a technological advancement in the 1960’s and OSI Group McDonalds was able to utilize flash freezing to provide fresh meat to the McDonald franchise. With flash freezing, it made the task easier and convenient. With time, OSI Group became the main supplier of food products to McDonalds and still to date they are. OSI Group McDonalds is a partnership that keeps growing strong.



Good Leadership Techniques with James River Capital Corp

Many people start their businesses with the hope of success and achieving their goals. However, they are many things that affect business growth. Among the leading factors is leadership. You have to be able to deal with your team members to ensure you are all working towards one goal.

James River Capital Corp educates you on how to become an excellent leader to boost sales in your company. James River Capital Corp is a firm that offers advisory services to USA investors. They offer services like investment advisory, commodity trading, advisory, and other related services.

Here are three changes to make to improve your leadership style;

Support Your Team Instead of Leading Them

Many Facebook leaders get a very great reception from their members because they support them contrary to many leaders. This explains the difference a simple change can make if well implemented. Viewing your leadership in this perspective may change the way you approach your role and how you interact with your employees.

Encourage Free Flow of Communication

Leaders make strategies and employees implement them, most of the times the faults of the plans can only be discovered during implementation. However, due to the communication barrier and fear of employees to their leaders, many team members are afraid of speaking up when they foresee something going wrong.

Encouraging communication and being sensitive about how you react to criticism and bad news may save you from a lot of trouble. A recent study proved that 85% of employees hold information that is very crucial from their employers.

It is, therefore, critical that you see that you create “psychological safety” which means ensuring that your team members can share concerns with you without any fear.

They are two methods of creating “psychological safety.” The first one is showing appreciation when an employee raises any concerns, and the other one is to see that every member gets a chance to talk during meetings. Follow James River Capital on LinkedIn

Make It Clear that Everyone’s Opinion Matter

As explained in the first point, you want to make sure that you support and not lead your employees. Also, you want to see that there is a free flow of communication by ensuring all team members get to talk during the meetings. How do you make that happen? To begin with, make a list of all the members who are attending the meeting. Ensure you put a checkmark every time a member talks. By so doing, you observe the members who are silent and those who participate a lot. You do not want to give your employees pressure, but you want them to participate, therefore, gently ask for the opinion of the silent members. Learn more:


The Career Of OSI Group Executive David McDonald

David McDonald is and executive who works for the company known as OSI Group. During his career, he has had a lot of success at many different positions. His success in the field is due to his extensive knowledge of the meat processing industry. Another key to the success of David McDonald is his experience in international business. With his experience in international business and an extensive knowledge of meat processing, David McDonald OSI Group has been able to get promoted to a number of positions throughout his career. David McDonald OSI Group has therefore been able to provide solid leadership and major contributions to his company.

The educational background of David McDonald OSI Group includes an undergraduate degree. He attended Iowa State University and completed a bachelor’s degree in Animal Science. With this credential, David then moved on to pursue opportunities in the agriculture and meat processing industry. His educational background helped him possess key qualifications to eventually get appointed as the chairman of the North American Meat Institute. As well as being the chairman of this organization, McDonald is also a member of its Board of Directors.

Three decades ago, David McDonald joined OSI Group. While he wasn’t present when the company was first founded, he noticed that it had a strong commitment for growth. According to David McDonald OSI Group, the company still strives to have consistent growth. The company’s intention to grow and improve is a major part of its culture. David McDonald OSI Group has said that the company aims to become the premier global food provider to leading branded companies.

McDonald has also mentioned that OSI Group has an expectation to go above and beyond to meet the needs of its many customers. In order to achieve this goal, OSI Group looks to come up with creative solutions to different challenges that come up. David has also said that this process requires the involvement of customers. Therefore, flexibility, patients and trust must be established between both the company and its customers to provide satisfaction. This approach has been essential for OSI Group to build its business according to David McDonald OSI Group.

Read more: Q&A with Dave McDonald, President & COO, OSI Group

Matt Badiali Looks at Investment Ideas

Matt Badiali is not only an expert in fiance, but he is well versed in the sciences. Up to until 2004, he was well on his way to becoming a well respected scientist. He had acquired several degrees and was in the middle of a program at UNC Chapel. However, a fiend introduced him to an idea of how science can benefit the financial industry. This encounter forever changed the course of his life. Presently, he creates the Real Wealth Strategist newspaper. In this publication he shares all the newest investment ideas with consumers. Matt Badiali expands on career in a recent Ideamensch article.

The newsletter was born from Matt Badiali’s unique skill set. His science background gives him unmatched insight into the potential of natural resources and its cycle up and down the market. One of his most recent ventures has been Freedom Checks. The inspiration for his ideas comes from his personal experiences. He has traveled across the world from Papua New Guinea, Hong Kong, and to Switzerland during his science studies.

A typical day for Matt Badiali begins at the crack of dawn at 6:30am. First he will catch up on the news headlines of the day and then get his daughter of to school. By 8:00am, he has arrived in his office and begun writing for the day. Throughout the day, he will divide up time for a variety of tasks. He finds that focusing on one tasks at a time is the best for productivity. Looking ahead, he sees real potential in the energy sector. Developing countries are active users, while the western world continues to find new uses for energy technology.

In the modern economic climate, an individual needs a wealth of information to be able to navigate the scene. Matt Badiali is one of those financial experts who shares their knowledge with the public. His academic background in the sciences gives his writing perspective that isn’t found anywhere else. The clients who read his newsletter have given nothing but positive feedback.

Making the Team with Yanni Hufnagel

There’s a lot of unseen work that goes on behind the scenes of any team. For collegiate sports, this rings especially true for their college athletes. The team is made up of student-athletes juggling class, financial aid, traveling, being away from home, and everything else that comes along with being an average college student in addition to the pressure of performing on the court or field. Holding it all together is the coach that brings these athletes together and inspires them to bring their best to every game. Before the players and coach ever get to their first game, they have to arrive at the college of their choice. The extremely competitive world of college recruiting is an equal match for any sports competition. When it comes to recruiting top basketball players, coach and recruiter Yanni Hufnagel have constantly been voted and reviewed as one of the best in the game.


No stranger to big-name colleges, Yanni Hufnagel attended both Penn State University as well as Cornell University before graduating with his Bachelor of Science. He then went onto the University of Oklahoma where he became the graduate assistant coach, coming up alongside and developing all-star player Blake Griffin. Joining Harvard’s men’s basketball program in 2009, Hufnagel’s successful recruiting approach was quickly noticed; he was voted in 2011 as “Most Likely to Make it Big Time” on account of his skills in recruiting. Credited with the development of future stars Jeremy Lin and Saunders while at Harvard, Hufnagel’s ability to recruit top players away from larger schools in favor of Harvard was widely noted.


Hufnagel parted ways with Harvard, joining Vanderbilt in 2013. His hugely successful recruiting while at Vanderbilt led to a first-round draft pick for the school and is still considered one of the strongest recruiting classes for Vanderbilt’s program. Hufnagel’s ability to weigh the options of each recruit and see the longterm investment in the individual player has made him a successful recruiter and coach with a record to match.

Paul Mampilly Says Robotic Future Tech Offers Exhilarating Investment Opportunities

Robots are being introduced, with increasing frequency in the workplace, and analyst, Paul Mampilly says robotics make exciting investments.

Undoubtedly, automation continues to increase. Producing robots have become cheaper and easier than ever before. That’s why they are now found in almost every area of industry. In fact, robots are heavily used in agriculture, medicine and manufacturing every day. And as Paul Mampilly points out, the rapid progress of automation offers investors some exhilarating opportunities.

Just take a look at Adidas. Their German and American “speedfactories” have automated many of the manufacturing techniques, used to build their athletic shoes, with goals of making its shoe development 90 times faster. And Mampilly says Nike also uses robots on assembly lines.

Having robotic workers means being able to increase productivity, scrupulously following the guidelines set by the company. Labor is cheaper, there are fewer mistakes, and of course, that means overhead is reduced, which could all translate into a better product and perhaps, at reduced costs. And according to Paul Mampilly, unprecedented precision is so attractive that robots will lead to technological advances in every industry, and now is the time to take advantage of investment opportunities.

Manufacturing Moving Back To US?

Company heads have decided that China has become too expensive for manufacturing products, and the revolution, says Paul Mampilly is robots. Manufacturing hubs like Speedfactory was built as a pilot project in 2015, creating limited edition shoes by a large orange robotic arm. Fast forward to today, and Adidas is has the American-based Speedfactory 2, in Atlanta.

Adidas started with the development of performance shoes, and the next step will be the production of clothing, which they have already tested, says Mampilly. Soon, they’ll be no need for producing apparel and shoes overseas because robots are technically feasible to work anywhere in the US, which is cost efficient and saves production time. And according to Paul Mampilly, robotic technology is one of the most lucrative investment opportunities that everyone should take advantage.